Friday, September 05, 2008

The mystery of the missing tudung

Last week one of my daughters came home reporting that someone took her scarf (tudung)- which she took off to take her ablutions (wuduk) . This happened twice. Yesterday she told me the culprit had been turned out that after my daughter, her classmate Ms A also lost her scarf - five times. They reported it to the prefect who did some investigative work and suspected this newcomer girl (B). Ms B had the opportunity. I am hard pressed to think of the motive!

Anyway the five girls of my daughter's class, my baby included, all became suspects in the "Tudung Thefts" case. The prefect checked Ms B's bag . (Check bags?? without a teacher???)and Ms A, whose tudung was also taken, did her check on Ms B's bag too. Lo and behold, she found one of her tudung in Ms B's bag. They were taken to a special room where they were counselled and asked to confess if guilty. Ms B cried at the unfairness of it all (I'd lodge a complaint girl!) This is the month to improve your self and do good deeds, they were told. Then they were asked to write on a piece of paper if they were guilty. Of course no one confessed.

The case was resolved the next day though , because one of the prefects saw a tudung being discarded out of a window!

The culprit was duly asked about it, and confessed...

My daughter knows the culprit ..but refused to tell me why the culprit did it, but apparently everyone has forgiven her and treats her normally. Even Ms B the wrongly accused, has forgiven the culprit (who it turned out was one of their classmates)

I think it was just a ploy to get attention. HUbby said this is sick but I think its sad. Cannot of course be condoned and must be punished but have to get to the root of it as to why she felt she had to do this !

Tu lah, misteri sekejap.

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