Selamat mengerjakan ibadah puasa to all my muslim friends out there...

I'm just grateful that I get another chance to see Ramadhan- unlike poor Teacher Nurmardhiah! Goes to show you really should work to increase your afterlife bank account eh? You never know when it's your turn! went to the cemetery yesterday and met her family - they're Indian and it was heartwarming to see the ustaz and ustazahs salam and giving their condolensces to them despite the difference in religion. She was Stella before. Well. this is true national unity.

You all sahur apa semalam? We all masak nasi je.. nasib baik lah tak terbabas...tidor sedaaap after spending a couple of hours at KLCC- Nadine wanted a posh dinner and we went to Chillis but then the queue was too long so we went to California Pizza but then halfway there we had to pass the foodcourt so we ate there instead. Lapar siuttttt....!

Bukak puasa apa hari ni? Maybe macaroni bakar. I will try to avoid pasar ramadhan as I can never resist the goodies that you only see during this month! Karang membazir and anyway I am losing weight far far too slowly.

Yeah the training will go on..from 5.30 to 6.30 pm. We shall see if we can do it. I have no tummy muscle or arm muscle and my triceps have not seen half the action they are seing now and complain everytime I lift things. But we can do more than we could before, so that's good.

Ok ..selamat berbuka puasa dan mengerjakan ibadah....


Madam Tai Tai said…
Hi Shila,

Salam Ramadan from Dhaka.

Wow...you still persevering with the 'getting fit' thing, hah? Bagus tu.. Daily life should change just because it's Ramadan.

I sure hope to see a slimmer you in December!

not sure abt whether i will be slimmer - makan sedappp...

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