The Tonsils are At it again

Boy,tonsillitis at 40 is noooo joke. Dulu doctor suruh buang, but mom was against it (thank god). Hubby could not believe that adults get tonsilitis ..until he saw the 2 red thingy that sat nicely in the throat.

I am feeling soooo much better than yesterday and the day before. The day before, I was shivering, joints were aching, slightly sore throat . Yesterday, I was sleeping 20 hours, incredibly sore throat, felt like I swallowed a barbed wire ball, and threw up several times. I even missed the klang division Sudin family break fast (I'm the Deputy VP and special advisor) - the buka puasa I had at my house was for the Ampang division heh heh. Sorry guys.

As I was in bed 247, my kids took turns hugging me, and Sophia said I was the best thing that happened in her life and please don't pass away (!). Awwww. She made me milo (and she was fasting).

Hubby refused to take me to the clinic, but instead bought me superduper expensive antibiotics which is not available in GH and all because I am allergic to penicillin. I insisted that he kept me company (bila lagi nak ngada ngada)- which is bad of me as now HE is complaining of aching joints.

Mom and Dad came over too ! Boy if only I was not too miserable to enjoy the attention. I don't get this sick often you see, last time was a year ago. Normal demam biasa lah, but seriously "I can't be bothered to live" kind of demam- rarely. Last time dad even massaged my foot in an effort to alleviate the headache the natural way. See, my dad is wonderful underneath his roughness (he is the "DO it because I am your dad and I'm telling you" kind of dad) . You just got to be weak and very sick to see it. heheheheheh...

Ok now that I am better, (although I still have that barbed wire thingy stuck in my throat disguised as a tonsil) I can get cracking at the new instruction we got! Makes it all worthwhile , all this marketing thingy, when you actually get a chance to prove yourself. The only snag is we need to work tomorrow and Monday- takpa takpa... ni dugaan...

Byee and have a Selamat Hari raya....


MrsNordin said…
Sorry to hear that you're unwell. Makan ice cream banyak banyak, it'll help to sooth the pain (that's what Nabila said, coz dia selalu kena tonsillitis dulu)

I hope you'll get better soon. We postpone our coffee to another time. I was dead tired also the past few nights, that's why I didn't call you.

Selamat Hari Raya, my dear friend, Maaf Zahir Batin!
Madam Tai Tai said…
Hi Shila,

Ala..kesian nya. Didn't know you got it that bad. Hope it'll get better over the course of these two days...nanti the Sudin clan of the Ampang division tak boleh beraya lak!

Selamat Hari Raya Shila! Maaf zahir dan batin atas segala salah dan silap selama ini.
hi BJ

Alah.orang tua sakit teroknye lebih...takda apa..and Im liking the icecream idea!Dah ok dah tapi, but I'll still take the icecream ! :-)
MTT- hughug! Selamat Hari Raya to you and sama lah kita...if ever I tersinggungkan hati you...mintak maaf ye....

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