Monday, October 20, 2008

(Alamak!!.lupa nak pergi rembau this week , every week kena put chlorine in the pool! This week the Kasim family- I passed to my brother to do, as I have ppl coming over...he came over to get the key and his daughter (who was with us) last Friday tapi he came very very late...I dah berdengkur dah kat atas and he left without the key ) - Phew- I called him - Nasib baik he managed to get key from someone else.

Anyway today is exam day for the kids. If you talk to Daya and Sophia, they only have exams in ART, Semalam lepas orang datang I had to go round 5 shops , in the rain, looking for

1. POster paint
2. Marker
3. Magic Ink
4. Paper

Bapak dia beli water colour,daaaah nangis si Dahlia sebab CIKGU THE ALL POWERFUL AND ALWAYS RIGHT , suruh beli POSTER kaler.

Naik HANGIN gak when I found out that the Art exams will not take place until like end of the exams and that their first subject is BM. Semua buat DONTKNOW je...semalam seronoknye tengok tv and main ps 2. Yesterday Johan said "I hope the exams will be easy". And I said of course it will cause you studied REALLY hard for it, kan????. Sigh...Sarcasm - it's lost on a 6 year old.

None of them have the sense to be panicky or to freak out ! Sara casually flicked through her BM tatabahasa book while drinking her milo. Heeeee apa nak jadi girls. I think I cannot just leter must GET A ROTAN. And sit there in front of them.

nadine pulak sekarang tak nak ikut pi jalan. She has tonnes of research to do. Boarding school looks like the best option for you lah Nadine...since kat rumah pun macam dah boarding ie, I don't see you. You are in the room 247 and reading or beranganing. kalau nak lepak dalam bilik might as well lipat baju or something. Ada gak gunanya. A generous relative offered to help get Nadine into boarding school. Dad and I are mulling it over. There is another local school which we heard is quite good- Lembah Keramat. Apparently they only have 40 5As kids ie 2 classes and they concentrate on these kids.

Tak leh lalai sikit lah dengan the kids ni, they take advantage of your slackness. No insight or self discipline. Not yet anyway.

But i think now we will lie low on the entertainment / going out side lah. Apa nak buat, raya kan. We take them to visit our friends etc. But I have to admit that their routine goes haywire ler. Tidor lambat, makan lambat etc. Of course they LOVE seing their cousins etc But time to settle down now.

What do we want them to be?? I want them to be intelligent kids with self awareness and self discipline and awareness of the less fortunate.. how? One idea is to get them to join clubs . or take them to orphanage. Also want them to be less conscious of race. I had a lot of friends who were chinese/indian and the fact that they were indian/chinese were "by the way" .

Actually banyak pulak idea once dah start thinking about it....


Royalshoppingarcade said...

just to let you know I'm reading you just no time to comment, now ada a breather sikit. I totally get you.Memang takleh lax sikit anak2 skrg..dah cakap pegang rotan baru dgr and YES i ada rotan, and I piat diarg kat kaki if diaorg tak dgr coz usually they are adorable and answer nicely even after I dah jerit2 suruh tutup lampu bilik air for the 10th time!and I'm bz too with open hses..EZPZ lagi doing well, alhamdulilah..I want a non-live in maid..cleaner ke..haiyo!ponek!

MrsNordin said...

Eh, I thought Lembah Keramat has worse disciplinary problem than Melawati? (but on the other hand, sekolah mana yang tak de disciplinary problem, kan...?)

On Nadine, she's going through a phase, and she thinks it's her RIGHT to do that. Hee.. hee... don't let her get on your nerve!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...