Friday, October 24, 2008

Been BZ

Well...its been a bz kind of couple of days.

Although I did go AWOL on Wednesday- met an old friend who was whizzing through KL on the way to her home in Dhaka. I am so sorry for being worried about work ok friend , and for smsing and calling ppl relating to the work thingy. I get anxious ler.. and guilty.

Today I found that one doc which is supposed to have been included in the pile of docs is not's my fault for not checking properly as I assume it was there...assume is a way to make an ass out of a you and me. (get it?). This kind of slackness irritates the heck out of me but nak marah sapa, its my fault in the end. I need a checklist and/or a very good secretary. Sigh.looks like the checklist is going to be the one. :-)

If I had stayed in the UK, agaknye I kerja ke? It never crossed my mind you know, to apply for a job there. I did work at maybank , and then with a lawyer , but once I got Nadine, it was housewife life for me. I loved it though, and did not hanker to go to work. Looking back how was it that I was not bored??? I found loads of ways to keep myself entertained:

1- I took Nadine to playgroups, and I joined the local Mother and Toddler group. every wednesday is coffee morning- pi have coffee at one of the mothers' house. Borak borak kosong while our kids terrorise that poor woman's house.

2- I took Nadine to Tumbling Tots.

3- I was in charge of our domestic affairs- had loads of fights with the local manager of properties for overcharging us rent/electricity etc. Wrote letters to various council or other about this and that.

4- I went shopping with my friends - in Chelmsford it was nivi and weiling- a malaysian nurse married to a hongkong doctor- we were the broke ones while she had money.

5- I lepak with my friends. I called my husband a lot.

6- I managed our finances which at that time meant switching one credit card to another cheaper one... hehehe .

7- I planned our holidays - we managed to go to Madrid, Malaga, Tenerife, Istanbul, Washington and NY, hmmm tu je lah kot. Semua murah murah maaahhh

8- I took up sewing! favourite hobby is to buy kain murah murah from LauraAshley (2 pound je per metre) and also loads of remnants - but sad to say I suck at sewing.

But mainly--- I got pregnant!!!

And that, was a full time job ok.

So 7 years flew , really!

Hubby kept buying me suits at Sales you know, penuh harapan that I get a job. Although I don't think he minded being the traditional breadwinner and me the wife, mom and general cook . Well now that Im working at LAST, I kind of miss gak sometimes the surirumahtangga tau, handle the kids 247 and you have full control. But penat lah. I always tell ppl I go to work to rest.

Anyway I better go to do that work I tell you I have...! Tata!!

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