Better parenting needed

Help! Am having family over for a lunch tomorrow. Don't know what to cook. Is raya food still ok? Or should I go with nasi ayam/briani/lemak ?? Ms Hart do you CATER????

This morning am determined to do some family stuff. Semalam dapat complaint from Johan- youdont do anything. Tak habis habis budaktu lah! Dia ni belajar daripada mana ye? And Nadine said there is no difference in my coming home since I joined Uncle Haq PON!! Yah, Nadine but I leave at 10 in the morning I can't jolly well come home early TOO. That would fall under the category of having your cake and eating it too. And we DO do work and NOT chat all day long.

BUT! I take note of the comments. Come to think of it, these past few weeks we have not had any family activities like say...picnic ke or museum ke. It's been go to work come home nag homework/pray/mandi , and crash out at 9!! Seriously! No wonder depa memberontak.

So..before today's round of events start- and there are 3 of ours and 2 invites for the girls , we will go swimming or cycling.

Camana nak adopt ni..yang ada pun dok complaint je :-)


tireless mom said…

No wonder you are a superwoman. Good luck dear. Take it easy and enjoyssssss the busy and tunggang terbalik moments.
ms hart said…
ha ha ha SW, I baru telan anti-inflammation pill ni...nak terpatah tulang dah ni!! Hey, tuan doktor you kan rajin masak?!! And you ARE a superwoman I know...saje je low profile!!
Helena said…
Hey take a break dear.... I'm in a relaxing mood at the moment. Do join the club ... hehe
Hi tireless mom

Dah selesai..phew! IT was fun as always. We enjoyed ourselves.
hi ms Hart- boy we could really have used you hehehe- as it was tuan doktor pi pasar and then dumped everything to his wife 2hours before org datang, sekarang wife terpaksa lah rajin masak. walaupun ada insiden nasi jadik jelantah last2 ok...he said it was tasty so kira ok lah kot..phew!
Hi Helena- relaxing does that work exactly heheheheh...
fifi said…
Shila, Thanks so much for having us last Sunday. It was so nice seing you all. Food was brilliant BTW. Adam and Farah had a blast meeting up with cousins /aunts/uncles/toks. Please tell Epi we have got him something tapi lupa nak bawa hari tu. It is with my Mom (Shah Alam). Probably Mom will bring it along when Jun has her Abd US in mid Dec unless she bumps into Epi sooner.

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