Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Corruption- must we accept it??

Have you seen NST's headline today?

Money politics is allready darah daging in UMNO.

It is a widely held belief that Malaysians are corrupt. We are not alone, the perceptions out there also say that Indonesians are totally corrupt, and so are the Thais. Singaporean are also corrupt but just have better PR hahaha. The best thing about a blog is I don't need to verify anything and anyway I said it was perception and as such highly subjective he he.

Anyway the exact degree of corruption is up for discussion. We know bribery is wrong. We know it is haram. We know of ACA.

But in Malaysia it is never bribery. It is always "gift". or "Commission" . or "Incentive". The person asking has no shame because it is not a bribe. The person offering has no compulsion as he needs his work done/approved etc.

In Malaysia I think a lot of transactions can still be done without having to grease anyone's palm. However, to hurry things up, sometimes we give "incentives". I have never had to do that myself but I have seen with my own eyes, "incentives" being given in exchange for speedier issuance of this or that.

The recipient buat muka dono...and is happy to have some "duit raya". Like I said, its never bribery.

If the above was a gift, how about "Commissions"? Commission charged for giving you preference over others, for getting you contracts/works etc. Officers in a position of power , who has to do that job anyway, will do the job or make sure the approval/contract goes to you - at a commission! Land price goes slightly up because it incorporates commission-Cost of building incorporate duit kopi - and it goes to the department to be shared .

What do you think of the above practice. It's wrong. But we participate in the game because if we don't others will. because if we don't the project gets delayed, or terbengkalai. It is expensive to maintain your ethics and integrity.

Malaysia, Malaysia. can we not emulate others in this? can we get rid of this cancer? Can we make the thought of corruption so abhorrent that you feel very geli if you take it and your tongue feels very heavy to offer it? Can we?


Madam Tai Tai said...

Greed is one of the deadliest sins to be committed by humans. Tu pasal lah ugama melarang kita dari tamak haloba..tapi disebabkan kita ni manusia hence lemah dan senang digoda, kita akan naturally terpesong ke arah itu.

Will we be able to get rid of corruption globally? Yes, if we kill all the human beings in the world. That is a bit drastic lah.

We can try to curb it thru teachings of religion and moral studies. This must be done masa kecil2 and it has to start at home. Schools can only do so much.

Superwomanwannabe said...

madam tai tai...i agree that it should be taught at home and at an early stage..i think enforcement is also important,punish those taking or giving commissions adn bribes severely.

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