Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Divali & Raya

How was your 3 day weekend..? And Deepavali celebrations?

I am happy to report that I have quite a number of hindu friends. Sometimes, we don't realise that our social circle do not include other races. I think its important to know abt the way other people live ..but then I memang kepochi pun...heheh

Yesterday only one invite. The rest are being held next week and the week after. Yesterday we went to Uncle's house. We became close when I was at the old firm and he drove me around for meetings. Pinjam je lah, he was working for Big Boss. Uncle very generous, so many helpings he pushed on us . There was a goodnatured fight with Low the IT guy , over the delish fried fish that Auntie just cooked. Hot and crunchy. My friend Nivi used to serve that too and I can never replicate the crunchiness. Apa rahsia?

Anyway I admire this Uncle because he has 4 kids all in or have been in, Uni. Semua "menjadi" lah orang kata. This is amazing to me especially because he was the sole bread winner, he was not one of those earning 5 figure income, and he worked long hours. He told me his secret is his wife was not working. Alamak..I thinkwe can also do it, tinggal lagi a bit harder. Plus anak kita kena NAK belajar. Sometimes we send them to tuition etc but they think its for us so they do it sambil lewa. How to make them feel its for their own future ye? I told my kids you need to take care of us so make sure you get good jobs and one of you had better be a doctor ok! Teruk ke I ?

Then, a Hari Raya visit pulak..to my late opah's sister. Opah Chu. Stayed soo long chatting to them about our past.Atok chu said arwah onyang I yang selama ni I ingat from Pakistan, was from AGRA?? YE ke??? And his name was LAL MOHD bin MAHAGURU SHEIKH KASIM and he was sent to Tg Malim to spread the religion as a "Da'i" but then he went to the roti business pulak. And my late onyang perempuan pulak, came from Jawa(before married LalMohd ni)(oh Aku Jawa rupanye!!!) and her father's name was Mbak Mentow and he was very berilmu, kalau kita naik kereta , saing dengan dia jalan kaki, dia sampai dulu dengan terompah je, punye lah magic. (Ok you can imagine my darling skeptic husband's face. I told him,this was a different time, jin and orang halus is very biasa, not used for black magic but for work and they are simply another community within us, just that we cannot see them. Nothing supernatural at all. He he!)

My kids mengaruk boring. Ish ish.. kids kan. Dah tua macam I ni baru appreciate .

Balik- penat. TIDO....


tireless mom said...


Still not late to wish Happy Deeparaya. The beautiful and muhibbah Malaysia.

MrsNordin said...

Jawa campur Agra! Ok lah tu!! No wonder you are so chun!!! (as in cute, ok?)

We spent the long weekend lazing at home. Malas nak keluar coz it was so hot. Only went to 3 open houses (when we had 6 invites altogether), all at night.

Saturday night nak pegi karaoke tapi open house habis lambat sangat, tak jadi.... Frust!

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