Ho Hum....

Takda mood kerja kan...

Kids liat betul nak bangun this morning. Johan pun teary, which is a sure fire way of getting my husband annoyed with him. Nadine of course was the last to leave the house- APA BENDA yang dia buat dalam bilik tu haaa??

The maid went about her work the usual way as if she did not come back at 2 in the morning, grappling with the huge loads of clothes that we have washed and hung over the weekend - tak kering kering- perhaps time to get a dryer, eh.

I cooked macaroni stew before I left for work-

(I dumped jintan manis and cinnamon and one can of tomato puree and a dash of barbecue sauce, and pepper, poured in the macaroni and chicken and left it to stew, with a prayer).

Every weekend this month is going to be full with visiting...every day ada at least 4 invites. So nice to see old friends again but we have to put the sedara and opahs/atoks first I'm afraid. Next week pulak, my cousin is getting married. Pink purple theme..The end of the month another cousin is getting married. Apple Green. Takda baju baru ..pakai je lah apa yang ada..

I called the adoption place...terperanjat gak dia to hear that I have 5 kids and looking for one more. I don't suppose they get a lot of those types of calls. Anyway she said the baby boy has been taken but she will keep us in mind although she said priority will be given to the childless couples lah. She asked- confirmed you are interested? I said- yes confirmed (god help me)

Ho hum...boring.


Anonymous said…

Allah bless you and family..My friend from school already had 8 of her own when she adopted another baby. Love at first sight she said, beza umur 2 mths je so she ended up breastfeeding both. Recently she gave birth to her 9th biological child..And here I am always complaining with the noise made by my four kids..


I tell you ..only she and her famiy can tell you what life is like for them..mesti meriah though. raya sure sakit....or nak naik sekolah....adoiiiii
Madam Tai Tai said…

Tak pe lah..maybe it's not time for you and Jab to adopt one just yet. Still kudos to your niat yang teramat baik itu.
Eh..i nak kasi u adopt my second child la.hahhaha..eh taknak la..tak meriah la if ada dua je..for me, 3 cukupla..all boys pulak tu..ehheh..u sure ke nak adopt?Tabik spring la..tapi kan, ambik anak angkat memang teramat byk pahala....buat sembahyang istikarahla to see if ur decision is a good one (only if you uncertain kan..tapi looks like u dah certain)...amazing!
tireless mom said…
Dear Shila

I think most of the people yang have to start school or start work today memang share the same feelings like you and your kids. Now that you have made up your mind on the adoption albeit later, go for it girl. Consider that as the blessings from All Mighty on your wonderful family.
MrsNordin said…

We've spoken. God will help you. Don't worry... If your children seemed ok with the idea, then go for it.
Madam Tai Tai

Insyallah - if its meant to be , it will be- or , ada lah rezeki tu

you taknakk ke sorang lagi heheheheh
Royal Shopping Arcade-memang bila kids not around, rasa sunyi kan, esp if used to so kecoh. -i rasa quite sure but its mad kan..hidup baruuu nak senang sikit..
Hi Yatt

Hi BJ- the kids are SO for the idea! Jab wants mor e kids just not for me to get pregnant....

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