Monday, October 06, 2008

How to help

Someone I love very much is facing marital troubles. She is facing it alone and will not confide in anyone and neither will her family. As far as the world is concerned, everything is hunky dory. She has never acted in any other way but as the perfect wife and mom and daughter in law. However the husband is acting as if he is mr bachelor of 2008. and sometimes we hear "news" from other third parties as to their status- eeee seboknye . We always defend and say the truth which is- ntah? tak tau??? (What to do thats the truth) I hear the big D being mentioned by those who think they are in the "know". Everytime I hear that I get all defensive and say - eh leave it alone mate, how you know.

Whatever it is I hope this person finds her happiness soon - such a nice and pretty person deserves years of rainbow and not melancholy. Don't lah waste any more of your youth if its not meant to be ok. If it is, well that is for you to judge and no one else. Tak berani nak offer my shoulder but it's here if you need it.


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