Korean Drama

I love Korean dramas- hehehe

Am watching Sweet 18, right now. Premise- a marriage was arranged between two men to marry their granddaughter and grandson to each other and therefore merge 2 old families. Problem- grandson is a successful prosecutor and his "bride to be" an 18 year old school girl who hates school and grasps at the chance to get married and escape having to think about college (been there, girl) . Prosecutor refuses to marry but grandfather ends up in hospital and so he reluctantly agrees. She just wants to get married because he happened to be a mysterious guy she had bumped into earlier and on whom she had a humongous crush. Both being very strong personalities of course they hate each other in the beginning..and then there's his first love cropping up from (whereelse) America , to reclaim him after she dumped him 5 years ago, and also there is his evil sister in law (who we all love in the end too- I know this because she was pretty) .Then they fall in love and took 2 more episodes to consummate their marriage - but once they decide to go for it they're like rabbits hehehehe. Koreans are apparently chaste!And they blush after everything romantic!

The plot is predictable but its so much fun to watch how it happens. The lady lead was NOT 18 but the way she played it, and her giggly friends, remind me of my teenage years (SO NOT) and the way she puts her hair up all the time when she is acting 18 and then brings it down when she feels grown up- hee hee..

Of course, if I let my brain talk it'll probably go- why is this girl not more ambitious? What an airhead? How can she let the guy patronise her like that- but my brain always shuts up during Korean dramas!

Am still wading through the episodes..I don't watch often but once I do, I get reeled in! No one can disturb me heheheh-


alamak..got time to watch korean ?bestnya...jeles..jeles..i so ngantuk pegi raya2 and jalan2..adoi..need sleeeeeeeeeeeepppp...zzzzzzzzz
i tak tido thats where I find the time....:-)
MrsNordin said…
You're still into this BYJ and Korean dramas? I want to repeat watching Winter Sonata one more time, tapi I letihlah nak habiskan and penat nak menangis. That's why I never bring myself to watching the CDs again...
Madam Tai Tai said…

You and your Korean dramas. Maybe you should go to Korea for your next holiday and tengok puas2 orang kat sana. The ladies are really pretty with their 'made-to-order' faces. The men - buruknya. Sikit pun tak mcm yg BYJ.
tireless mom said…
Dear Shila

You should meet my Korean girlfren, Mei Lee whose work station is just outside my room. Then both of you can talk about the Korean passion. Bila datang KLCC, let me know. We can keluar makan together gether. But kena cepatlah cos she is due in 2 months time.
hey J

yah, sekali kala seronok gak....and tengok gak story! Yah, byj- not as "bad" as before, tapi sekali sekala tengok dia,....he is pretty cute.
madam tai tai

Made to order faces?? ye ke?? hi hi hi - nanti lah. I belajar language dia baru I pergi kalo tak nganga there....
Hi tireless mom

We meet up next week when madam tai tai is back nak tak...and salam to your korean friend!
Desert Rose said…
I watched that too ha ha, loved it. Tp akak jgn tertipu, mg nak cium pun konon2 blushing gituw, tp i had a shock of my life when we visited seoul last year, after 10pm all cite 18ssxxx nye, boleng i tell u. I was too tired to discover that until my 6 year old exclaimed 'MUMMY nape bayk cite tak malu kat tv ni"" oh my god, blushing chehhh. I'm talking about their 'domestic' programme taw not imported one.
Hi desertrose(Nice name!)

eee ye ke?? Dalam drama macam maluuuu sungguh ye, sampai I get irritated and would be yelling - KISS HER ALLREADY!!! Rupanye, berpura pura je....

Atleast anak you adagak nak beritau you...anak I macammana ye? hehehehe..How was Seoul did you like it??

Thanks for dropping by!

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