I'm listening to "Terimakasih cinta" by Afgan . The guy sounds like a really good and accomplished R&B singer, but looks like he's in Form 4. Seriously, with his glasses and his wiry frame, tak sangka he can sing like that. Once i figure out how to upload the vid, I'll show you what I mean.

Ah youth. My kids come home reciting long long surahs which they learn at school . They have memorised this by heart. Kita ni dah lupa dah and susahnye nak learn again. Now, they should also learn the meanings of the ayat-ayat. This morning for once the pakcik did not wait more than 5 mins. Usually macam princesses, laaamaaa buat pakcik tunggu. Hope the extra we pay him will make up for it.

We are thinking of sending Nadine to normal nonpaying sekolah kebangsaan. Yani was saying, haaa be prepared lah to listen to the lorat pegawais at the Kementerian Pelajaran when they find out you are transferring your child out of a private school to govt school. Sure have comments like - haa tak leh bayar or wat, Biarler, they are not the parents and anyway they all JELES hahaha If only they know that we are dumping whatever we have into our kids and there goes my LV and my Gucci hehehehe. At least if Nadine goes into sekolah kebangsaan she gets more racial intergration as well as a shot at the scholarship/loan. However husband is adamant and I must say I agree, not to apply for scholarship if we can afford to send her ourself. I do not want to be depriving any miskin kid of a chance to go study pulak.

Ok merepek pagi ni..see you soon.

Ok talk to you later.


Anonymous said…
Dear Shila,

Allah bless you and family. It saddens me to know some rich family who are dead against the current gov, then start kutuking gov again when their anak tak dapat la to give everybody and increase the quota for non malays at the same time? Ada lagi yg kutuk MARA sebab their kids get sent to India for medicine instead of Ireland...

myheartbleeds said…
Hello there... This has been my concern too - about not being able to get a scholarship if you were to come from a private school. I cannot afford foreign education for my kids!! However, all three of my cousin's boys who went to Adni from Std 1 to Form 5 are now on JPA scholarship, and they are in IIUM (but Adni has some sort of relationship w IIUM, kan?)

How la...
MrsNordin said…

My daughter is sitting for her SPM this year (govt school) and I so want her to go overseas coz she can make the grades and she wants to do Medicine. I know she can get a scholarship, but with our salaries, there's no way she can get it because ada orang lain yang more deserving based on the family's income.

So macamana? Nak hantar sendiri, we can't afford it esp to the UK. It's so blardy expensive!

I want to ask myheartbleeds, how did your cousins get the JPA scholarship? Perhaps you can shed some light as to how to go about doing it.

Btw, which school are you planning to send Nadine to?
Fadzila said…
apasal kena transfer skool lak ye?
tireless mom said…
Hi Shila

To me, private ke Govt school ke, as long as the kids get good education and grow up to be "orang", I am ok. Masaalahnya sekarang even if we send the kids to Govt school, unlikely jugak if the kids can get scholarship. Memang lah tak mau deprive the poor to get the scholarship, but for our family of 5, both husband and wife are income earners, nak kata substantial tak lah, tapi senang and comfortable lah life ni sikit, still cannot afford the ribu raban to pay for the education fees. So last last cuma dapat pergi UiTM kot.
Hi Jah...itulah realiti..i would be grateful for any scholarship to do medicine bukannya murah woit.

I dengar education in germany is Free you know. Betul ke tak i dont know ler. But worth checking out!
MrsNordin-- tulah, camana ye? On paper tak layak but reality nye sooo memerlukan! I guess options available to us, would be totake out loans lah.

Or else hantar dekat dekat dah. At least bayar duit belajar je tak bayar duit cost of living...tu yang also tak tahan .
Myheartbleeds- macamana they get? I have to check this out lah cause the kids "LOVE" the school ( quote unquote) the rest has asked me to pleaseeeee let them stay there until Secondary 5.
Hi Yatt

I guess we have to be prepared to explore all options available to long as they get a decent education - and if they make the grades lah! Pengsan gak nak bayar woooohhh- LIMA. Ada tak wang ehsan mana mana ...hee hee
Hi Fadzilla

Yah, thinking of transferring sebab kalau nak ke MRSM must be from govt school. And also scholarship/loans lah.

Tapi as tireless mom said, even if we do that there is no guarantee ..
Kak Syila,
According to my fren kat germany, memang education in germany is free.tu yg dulu konon i plan nak angkut my family pegi sana and i can do my masters hehe..tapi rasa nya kena buat in german or some places can do in English.
tapi then my friend recently told me that its not free anymore coz she's planning to do her masters in Engineering ke the likes .entahla.mana yg betul.
but yes, its easier to get loans what nots if u're from normal govt school.i cannot afford hantar my children to private school or is it more of the attitude, if its free, y should I pay?(am kedekut that way)but I've told my husband that we should not accept the skim bantuan buku since insyaAllah we can afford to pay for that.tapi if ada extra, ambik je la kot..
MrsNordin said…

now all text books are free lah... mana ada skim buku bantuan lagi...
Anonymous said…

I'm a friend of Gina's and have been reading your blog without comment, but today I nak comment... I have many a friend who studied in private schools until form 5 and managed to garner a JPA scholarship. Provided that u excel. That's it. Its merit.

So if ur children excel, which I have no doubt they will, InsyaAllah ada rezeki.

Education in Germany is indeed free, but other expences are very high, like rental and food extras.

Mrs N,
hehe..shows how long I've left school kan?hahahhaha...tx for letting me know..
pinkytoe said…
Kak Shila (i dok agak this ur name - this sounds 'better' then Dear Superwomanwannabe - eh?)

I am wondering when u said pakcik, u actually hire somebody over to teach KAFA to ur kids?
if yes, can i get his contact?Im thinking of having my kids blaja agama at home je rather than gi anta skolah samping hijau/merah tu. itu pun if i can afford it la..isk isk
Hi Aida...

I know you from Gina's blog too! Welcome to mine-! lega dengar you kata boleh dapat JPA...but insyallah (a) my kids get good results and (b) my husband and I becomes stupendously rich enough to afford to send them SOMEWHERE (Indon pun ok)
Anonymous said…
shila today i look at u and hubby in a different perspective ! its a noble thing to say that. i have seen many many rich friends of mine get scholarships and living a lavish life !
as for me being a non bumi is enough reason not to get it while my friends whose parents r both doctors staying in bangsar driving big cars and not to mention didnt quite get the grade that i did at all go on abroad. such things do instill some bit of hurt and ketidapuasan in malaysia after all we r all citizens right ! wish there were more people like you !
Hey pinkietoe - an ustaz comes over - email me at and I'll let you have his number? He's firm but good. he teaches tajwid

Pakcik that I refer to is the Pakcik Van- usually sampai boleh tidor orang tua kids make him wait macam personal driver everyday you can hear me yelling....

Welcome to the blog!!
hey anon- yah i know what you must feel. Non bumi tak dapat scholarship is a sore point. Dont feel bad. Now bumi pun takdapat scholarship unless you are the right bumi hahahah..well we have to reeducate ourselves lah ashik nak handout je...nanti jadik macam developed nation like the US orUK where they have welfare systems and there is benefits for everything hehehe- that isalso open to abuse kan?
Anonymous said…
yup true but the thing is i really dont think there shd be any difference btw the both. we are both humans first. malaysia is not even in the UN list of human rights.
i dont think such a pure n innocent thing like getting an education shd be subected to this.what if th tables were turned?

i still dont understand this even marina mahathir wrote that every malaysians even bumis will trace their heritage to someother country. pening je !!! macam- macam.

hope the kids r fine and hope u r having a lovely weekend ! u know i just discovered bj's blog. so interesting. any updates on the adoption. kite pulak excited !!!

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