Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raya Journal

Hi...we are back in KL..

Our raya was ..hectic but fun.


We set off for Johor 2 days behind schedule - hubby rupanye on call on Monday. We left at 1pm on Tuesday and only arrived at 10 pm. Apparently there was an accident on the Seremban highway and so my husband decided to go through the small towns of Seremban etc - which annoyed me no end with all the traffic lights and the lorries and the roadworks! Buka puasa kat Kedai BigGreen (daun pisang) in Seremban- jadiklah. Moral of the story- stick to the highway kids.
Although, on the highway you get ppl who think that you should not be on the fast lane unless you are doing 160kmperhour- these jerks and idiots are those ppl who'd be flashing their lights at us, doing a respectable 120kmh and chugging along- and then keeeep flashing the lights at us until we give way even though we were going to do that as soon as we over take the bus/lorry ahead of us. Geram as I think its rather rude to flash someone. Or tailgate them. Kalau merc ok lagi, ni kancil pun ada!

As we were the first ones to arrive, we had the chance to help out mak and dad get the house ready for Raya. Thank goodness I took the maid as we both could help mak with the cooking. She is a real superwoman - she was cooking all night!

Program first day raya was - pakai baju cantik and then sit around heheheh. We did go and visit next door neighbour Noya and her family. Discovered Noya was related to my ex partner Zain - eee smallworld nye. I'm going to disprove the theory that UK grads don't help each other out by meeting with her this Wednesday to see how we can work together.

Kluang- Batu Pahat- Sepri, Rembau

Ok this trip was to send my princessmaid to her agent's mom's house where her cousin is also staying . I thought it was on the way to Rembau rupanye dengan jam nye, dengan single lane nye etc , JAUH and by the time she was dropped off, I was seething - because we were supposed to be in Rembau by 2. Ada sesi bergambar and sesi minta maaf with all 14 of our uncles and aunties and the children. Of course we were going to miss that.

We arrived at the KAMPUNG TANJUNG TERAP , Ulu Sepri, Rembau, to go past old houses and abandoned paddy fields and go through estates. When we got there all my cousins were by the pool barbecuing. The party was in full swing and the uncles were all sitting around chatting. The pool was amazingly clean and swimmable- everyone chipped in to pay for someone to come clean. Lepas ni kena pikir sapa nak balik kampung to maintain the pool lak- every 4 days kena letak chlorrine katanye.

Yang bestnye this Raya, is not just all my cousins got together, anak auntie Yan I, yang lama dah tak balik, balik also- 2 of them. The rift started when the father took another wife, and never properly repaired. So the fact that my cousins from 1st branch came over was very meaningful to us.

Another miracle is the children of my dad's kakakangkat cum cousin, who for more than a decade had snubbed my dad's family, turned up at the house too! I tell you I have not seen them for 10 years walhal rumahnye about 5 houses down je. They used to stay at my kampung house (which belonged to my grandparents) for years and years. The mother was brought up as my dad's sister until the actual sister was born. They had a lot of children and everytime we go back to kampung they would welcome us and we were pretty close. Suddenly when they came into some money (thanks to LabuSendayan Felda Settlement ) they moved into a big bungalow and turned my dad and uncles away. NO one knows why . This was of course very hurtful. So the fact that the children of this auntie of mine came with their children (I have never met them) was very fitting for Raya and forgiveness. If I wanted to be cynical, I'd think it was because their mom was now sick and they wanted to see my husband for medical advice . BUT! Let's not be cynical and let's hope the rift will slowly heal.

I myself have a cousin who had not joined us for the last 10 years. I told the parents I have no idea what she looks like and she had better join us the next time the Sudin clan meets. The Sudin clan now has money , ok and we are a proper group. heheheheh.

the next day was mihoon day - and we handed over duit raya to all the uncles and aunties- alahai we all collected sikit sikit - each dapat cheto'et je...tapi meaningful lah sebab dari anak sedara.... then we took loads of family pics and then I finally got to jump in the pool. (the night before penuh)

Penat lah jugak sebab kena kemas rumah - semua orang started to go off one by one....tinggal my parents and 2 uncles.

But..puas hati lah.

How was YOUR raya??

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Royalshoppingarcade said...

Salam Kak Syila..1 day before raya ada drama.but other than that, seronok sgt as we went raya from one state (N9) to antother(Selangor) and another (Pahang)...ehhe..and sold loads of EPTs.hahahaha...but all in all..seronot!Penatnya dgr ur raya!

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