Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UK life- walk on memory lane

My husband's brother and family are going to the UK for a conference/holiday next month.

This has started my kids asking if we can "go along".


Mummy tak chap duit- I don't print money.


Daddy punya machine cap duit belum "on" betol betol lagi.

hee hee. I went in 1989, came back for chambering in 1993, went back in 1994, came home again end 1999. Have not been back since. Do I want to go back?

Our life in the UK post marriage was so very different from masa undergrads- of course lah kan. Masa undergrad kira "bodoh" lagi. I was lucky (?) to have had an auntie and uncle - mom's cousin - to keep an "eye" on me. It delayed my independent life a bit since I stayed with them and my auntie cooked etc- macam kat rumah kan? Only, I paid rent (and the tv license) .Takda bopren sampai lah my auntie balik Msia. Although she matched me with quite a few. Semua tak menepati kriteria (ie tak cute) hahahaha.

A week after we got married, we flew back. I dah got called to the Bar but did I care about my career? Heck no. I thought I could work in the uK anyway - nolah I didn't . I just wanted to go to the uK yayayay.

Selama we were there, Hubby was posted in various counties - Peterborough, Bedford, Chelmsford, Shrewsbury, Wordsley, Eastbourne etc, so dapat lah merasa duduk different parts, although never London. I pi London tu "perghak" sangat.macam ttourists kan.

Masa we all first sampai, inai merah di jari lagi, Hubby had to move from Peterborough to Bedford. Pandai dia, kawin dulu baru pindah so dapat lah bibik percuma. Tak yah pack hehehe.

We stayed in hospital accommodation throughout. We never thought about buying a house because we never planned how long we were going to be there. we had a rough idea that we were staying until hubby got his FRCS exams - his fellowship from the Royal College of surgeons. Supposedly 2 years tengok2- 6 years.

Bedford was a ONE bedroom flat on the 9th floor -belakang hospital. Kawasan paki ..biasa ler. Kedai ayam halal kat bawah je hah. Neighbour was an Iranian who kept giving me food. Semua foreign doctors di longgokkan kat hospital quarters. I look back upon those times, I was happy you know. Flat kecik, buruk, furniture entah apa apa, but we were together and we were happy.Bedford I learnt French for 10 weeks. For what I pun tak tau.

Chelmford was a terrace "house" (macam portacabin je) which had a fancy address - No 3, Pudding Wood Lane - sah macam Enid Blyton kan. The best thing was the apple orchard- hospital compound melambak apple trees- hari hari makan apple pie lah, ayam masak apple lah, ikan stim dengan apple lah. apple strudle lah apple crumble lah (sekarang makan apple pun jarang). Chelmsford was where I met Nivi, my dear friend who now lives in the US. We shared a lot of headaches together as both our husbands were taking their exams the same time. We went to computer classes together. We were at each other's house every day. Chelmsford produced Nadine..and hubby got his Part 1 exams also. Plus he had his detached retina there and I had to drive him to Moorfields hospital for his operation. Plus he had his hernia operation there which he almost did himself heee hee. he marked the site himself hee hee. We all jadi postgrad kat sana, to the East Anglia Uni kids- so raya kita masak, puasa kita masak.. walaupun tak reti masak, somehow kat sana jadi pandai. I buat sate from scratch. I know, I know. Hard to believe.

Shrewsbury was next. Nice...because generally wales memang lawa pun. And the town was very pretty. My brother jadik my van pindah - the hospital paid him . hee hee. My neighbour was Egyptian, anak dia nama Dalia. Tu yang I suka sangat nama dahlia. My friends were from Pakistan , India , and Australia. I am still friends with the Australian couple, although the family from Trinidad has sadly divorced. The husband was the one who was supposed to send me to the hospital to deliver Sara - in the end the Hungarian doctor down the road did that sebab tak sempat sangat. I didn't mind as I loved his Audi heheh. Of course our car crashed the week before. My mom was there. That hospital did not have apple trees but was lined with Cherry trees which the melayu doctors here (ok it was me) tak malu go and petik in front of everyone. Muka tebal betul. But it was fun! Our house was a link house depan field.

Then off we went to Wordsley, an hour from Brum- Birmingham .. tak berapa cantik sangat sebab industrial area kan. Hubby did plastic surgery there, so hari hari nampak ppl's breasts! And turn men into women and vice versa (apa nak di kato, kerja . We had Sophia there . wanted a boy but instead got a very adorable little chubby and pink girl. could not be happier. took a week to choose her "second" name, Adelina. I must say, I did not exactly like Wordsley although I started my Masters there in Environmental Law. Usah kau tanya what happened to it, ok. I passed the theory but the thesis masih lagi tak buat- er tak habis.

Hmm rumah rumah I semua nya buruk and takda lah baru... furniture pun macam lama..all supplied by hospital kan.. but we were happy! Sampai harini, our house macam tu style...barang tak da style, semua campur aduk...but I guess we are still happy!

Sorry lah membebel lama sangat....


Shazelina said...

Hi Shila..

Your cerita brings back old sweet memories ...
Ya lah ..masa zaman susah dulu pun kita happy kan? tak pernah tak happy...seronok jer .

And memang, buat masters ni the difficult part is the thesis. Sebenarnya tak susah (che wah..cakap bessar), the challenge is to discipline ourselves.

I took 2 years to complete my thesis...Tu pon lepas UiTM threaten tak mau bagi extend dah.

Wiz said...

It's nice to read your past in the UK. Love the apple tree and cherry tree part. I wouldn't mind having all food apples or cherries all year long, or even peaches!

We do try to be happy wherever we are as long as the family is together kan? And home is where your heart is...blakang hospital ke, depan pokok apple ke, tepi pokok kelapa ke, we make the best of what we have.

Do write some more about your life there. Interesting.

izreen fara said...

kak long... i had the best times of my life holidating kat rumah you ok? everytime hols rolled around, it was a different house. akakakaka
miss ya.. can't wait to see ya

Anonymous said...

UK was where the:

apple trees were
and cherry trees
strawberry picking
barbq during summer time
and lepak2 kat padang
christmas decoration
and ...carboot sale (eii so melayu!)

-Ex permastautin UK 1990-2002

MrsNordin said...

It's not the furniture that matters. To me, it's the house occupants' hospitality and warm smile (plus nice coffee!) that make a difference from one house to another. Kalau rumah fully furnished with expensive Italian furniture, tapi owner dia sombong nak mampus, tak de sapa nak datang rumah dia, kan??

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shaz

Well done for completing your masters! I dont know if I should just continue je with mine , you know, I had 5 years to do it- dah expire kot!! Hehehheh..sayangkan.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Wiz- home is where the heart is,, true...sekarang tepi pokok kelapa la pulak..

Glad you like the stories ...so many memories over there...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Anon...

lepak lepak kat padang ....kat sini you will be called mad to do so sebab kalau tak panas terik, lecak!

And car boot sale! Who can forget...if i were to go back- thats the first thing I will check out! That, and Oxfam! :-)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Izreen ...come back soon!

wanshana said...


I can still remember when you and Jab visited us in Newcastle with Nadine dulu! I think that was the first time I met you. Yup - masa tu I pun full-time Mom and wife sementara tunggu Haizal habis his MRCP. Bliss... Life was so much simpler then.

I also did my LL.M there after Hanna was born. I was lucky coz' my Sis was also there ikut her hubby who was doing his PhD then. So, everytime I gi class, I would deposit Hanna with my Sis. I think kalau tak ada my Sis, I would not have completed my Masters. Memang tak menang tangan kalau tak ader support like that.

My Sis went back for good while I was just about to do my dissertation, and I had to import my Mom for 6 months to take care of Hanna while I struggled to finish the damn thing. And it just so happened that she had to also take care of me when I had a miscarriage during the process :(

Terbengkalai for a while, and had to sambung when I balik Malaysia after that. Sheer torture...Nearly gave up.

I sometimes terkenang jugak zaman-zaman tu. Relatively more carefree (walaupun Haizal selalu stressed out preparing for his MRCP).

Ooops! Sorry - meleret-leret lah pulak...

Royalshoppingarcade said...

la..i was there doing my degree from 97 to 99.ehhe...kat staffordshire.la..
i love car boots tu!ehehhe..
furniture kat UK bukan la cantik sgt pun..lagipulak if u rent from a paki, carpet bunga, kerusi bunga, paintings bunga...kira all year round spring!haha..guess they want to make up for the lack of sunshine..hahah..gloomy old england..but yeay, u brought back all the nostalgic things when I was in UK!fresh fruits and mushrooms..1 pound je per pound!or like they say:1 quid, luv!

Superwomanwannabe said...

shana- i tabik you lah for studying with a baby around...kecekalan hati tu yang made the difference- I think if we had not come back halfway I takdalah lose momentum sangat..ni , habis je theory, terusss balik malaysia.

And ya, who can forget our husbands' stress with their exams??Nasib baik dah habisss....now stress lain lak ..

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsN- you are so right! And thank you for your hospitality just now!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Royalshoppingarcade- laah now I feel really ancient...hehehehe

yah, one quid luv!

tireless mom said...

Dear Shila

Never experienced studying in UK or follow hubby at UK. I can see why you felt the way you felt. Spent 2 weeks in Dundee last year, itu pun dah start recce for work there. London, hmmm, for me just kerja and Oxford Street. You are very lucky to enjoy the UK with hubby and kids to take care of and not to worry much on Environmental Law thesis.

Superwomanwannabe said...

tireless mom! (indeed you are!) I do think we were lucky to have had the chance to see negeri orang but..Im glad Im home!

Anonymous said...

hey sheila !! caught up on your post. like this one ! u really shd come along then u can visit me in Edin !

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...