Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snap (I should be) Shot

Yoga- what is the big deal.

The one that goes "ohmmmmmmmm" and teach you mantras- I've not come across those in the fitness centres. If ada style like that- APAKEMENDA TU ?? memang lah haram. Ish kena ada fatwa ke?

the one that goes "lets all try to lift our butts on one finger" - er that one takdalah haram kot?

eh I rasa the Fatwa said the same thing kan? So what is the kecoh?


Other religion- Alaaaaaa I know, janganlah kecik hati..Just because I don't eat pork or drink does not mean I am insulting you lah..Kita kan kawan...relaks ler brother.

Why can't he just accept that this is one's faith and belief and leave it at that? Take it from one person who has spent years justifying why don't drink and we can't eat duck liver pate in five stars michelin restaurants okay...omputeh tak insulted ponnnnnnn?


Fatwa on penkid- is this tomboys or lesbos or seriously tomboy gals that one sees as waiting on tables at Pavillion where you wonder dia ni pompuan ke laki ni?? If yes, and you are the fatwa majlis, are you going to sit around and say- oh well this is just too too bad, but what to do! If I was a council I would also want to address this gender bender issue. Effective or not, I have to take a stand then I can face God with a clear conscience. Hey , if my daughters wear pants, shoot me if I mind. But if my daughters start to bind their breasts and walk with a strut and have girlfriend, well. Just shoot me.

Sorry I am very backwards, I suppose. Gals should not have relationship with gals and guys should not have relationship with other guys. if you want to justify that love is beautiful, then we should just have relationship with any old thing that moves- one's favourite sheep for instance (euuuuuuu)

For guys, to like other guys- that is just plain cruel ok mate. There isn't enough guys to go around in the first place without us girls having to fight for the cute ones with a MAN too.


Quantum of Solace

Last night sempat lagi tu pergi tengok this long commercial for Sony Ericsson. The plot- well that is the plot - the hero has to spend the entire length of the commercial (cleverly disguised as a movie) - looking for a plot.

And James Bond has superhuman strength. I langgar pintu pun boleh lebam, dia jatuh berapa floors,ok lagi tu.

And ppl in Bolivia etc have no curiosity at ALL. When they see ppl walk through with blood on the baju, they're totally blase.

And M, the entire deal on James Bond is he is licensed to kill and there has never been any "issue" about this ?

Although it would be nice if James stop and think- why am I doing this again? Er..cause all me brains have gone to me - er muscles.

BUT HAVING SAID THAT!!! I totally enjoyed it.

Hee hee hee. And now I am really yearning for a new Sony phone lah.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Sara, don't read this posting.

Sara is going to turn 11 this coming 4th december.

She has put this list on my computer called "things I want for my birthday " or something like that. No 1- Rabbit. No 2 Baby Alive

Tsk this baby alive thing....last year she also asked for it. Her auntie aida promised to get it for her. I thought..wah sporting lah Aida ni, benda tu mahal oit.. They finally went shopping for it...and when Aida came home with Sara she managed to talk her out of it.

And this year, it resurfaced!!! Aiyoooo...

You know what "Baby Alive" is right? It's a doll that can talk and pee and poo . It costs, from nearly a hundred bucks to RM260 kot. That does not include the price of its mega expensive diapers. Sister inlaw has one and a couple of months out of the box, it does not look like it costs what it costs ok.

And any way Sara should be way way too old for BabyAlive.

Yesterday we went to Alamanda to celebrate BIL's birthday and also fulfill my girls' demand for clothes. ("We don't shop lah mummy....!!) Ohmygawd I have girls I forgot I have to shop like every MONTH. We were there,without the chiken px inflicted girl, and we decided to make up for it by buying her presents.

I told the kids that they can choose a present each and I'll pay for it lah.

Johan chose a denim wallet. Nice. Her sister likes blue, he said. Dahlia chose a scrapbook . Nadine has no idea. Sophia came carrying a Baby Alive and said "sara wants this, mummy". to prove a point, she called Sara and Sara said yes, she'd like one. daddy said NO. Nadine said NO. I said...alahhh bagi lah if not she will continue to pester us next year when she REALLY will be too old for it. And I remember my one unfulfilled wish when I was small- I wanted a DOLLHOUSE. Takdapat puuuunnnn.. sampai sekarang terkenang kenang heh heh.

So I said to hubby- Beli lahhhh sekali sekala je ....and lepas ni dia tak mintak dah...

Hubby I said- ok lah. then we went to pay, Then hubby said- yang murah sikit takda ke? and we started to look at the range- ada yang boleh pee tak leh poo. (to me, good thing that). Sophia called Sara "Sara,do you want the Baby Alive with the toilet?"

Hmph jawapan mestilah Yes lah kan. So mummy took over "Sara, kat sini macam macam baby alive nak wets and wiggles tak?"

Sophia took back the phone "OR do you want the one with the toilet?"

Hmmmm we are smelling something very fishy.Sara ke yang ndak awak yang ndak Sophia oi?? Heh heh. Sara jawab- "Iwant the one that can do a lot"

Ok lah Baby Blardie Alive yang do both business it is then. nak sejukkan hati hubby I told him, it's a lot cheaper than having the real one!

So we went back armed with loads of parcels and showed them to her and then told her that we cannot give to her until her birthday proper!

She did beam a lot and was furiously writing in her diary later on that night (I know lah)

I guess she's happy! I am either (a)a cheapskate parent or (b) spoils them .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Saturday

Sophia and Dahlia came home last night- FINALLY! They went to stay with my brother's family three days ago. Thanks Pol, for taking care of my babies, apparently they had a blast and went bowling and to Aquaria. In a way it was good because Sara was at the height of her chicken pox-induced misery. My sis in law said it was interesting to experience having 5 kids (they have 3 of their own).

Good to have all my children back with me. Today can take them out somewhere, Although Sara is still quarantined at home (poor thing).

Yesterday we were supposed to go to (a) H&Y's Doa Selamat and Anniversary do and (b) my BIL's birthday do. All this after hubby checks his patients out, of course.

What actually happened was...hubby came back at 2 in a cab saying the car is at the workshop. Then we left by another cab, to the H&Y's house for the Doa selamat. And hubby left me there and went straight to collect the car. And at about 5.30 he came with the car to fetch us from H&Y's house. Then we went home to drop the kids as it was decided that as we couldn't bring Sara out, we won't bring anyone of them out with us to Epa's house.

Then, we found that my parents had arrived at our house. A bit later, my brother came too to send my daughters back. Maghrib and chit chat before you know it, it was dinner time and we adjourned to the kitchen to cook dinner. Dadadididududu- they left at 11.30. It was good to have my family around me , and I notice my brother and I are now in the "make parents happy" phase.

of course, we missed the party of BIL- today we are thinking of going to BIL's house if he's in, to give his present.



Saturday, November 22, 2008


I read this article in the Sun recently and it talked about dreams. Daring to dream, and how, over time as we become adults, we lose our dream.

Got me thinking.

Yeah I was one of those who put down safe options in those thingy they make you fill at school- doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist (i loved to listen to ppl's problems so I thought)

I suppose, I would not mind being a published writer. Write a book that ppl would actually read. Hahaha. Travel the world (How original)- and stay in one place for at least a month (just read A year in Provence- bestnyeee). Learn Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic (amboii banyaknye, English pun tak pass), be a counsellor (still love to listen to problems); be an actress (seriously. Anyone wants an old 40ish plain old fat woman as a bit actress?); be size 8 (this IS my dream kan) .

Are those considered dreams?

Friday, November 21, 2008

No time to Blog but.....

1. Sara has bad chicken pox. Blisters are everywhere some are scabby. She is very sad and depressed. We got her calamine lotion even though husband was caught muttering that it does no good whatsoever and we should wait it out.

2. Dahlia and Sophia are with their cousin. God knows how I let them go off, but they wanted to spend the night and now 2 nights at my brother's place. Ok lah.

3. I am dead bz doing an agreement which is very dodgy.. get letter from them to release me from any liability QUICK!!!

4. met a guy for coffee last night. he kissed my hand. Pretended to be ok and sooo suave but actually...eeeeeee!!!!

5. Have to respond to comments made by friends to earlier posts. Sorry guys...memang my dad dah cool down dah..

6. Going to Spore for Anniversary. MAS flight for 2- RM1700. Tiger Air- RM300 . Eh???

7. Happy Birthday EPA!! Epi thinks your birthday is today whereas I think its tomorrow. And considering he is your brother this is bad.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The earful

I just got an earful from my dad just now.

the gist of his long and heated lecture was that he and my mom feel hurt and neglected as we have not been to see them. We did not ask them how their renovation works are going at the house etc. We are too taksub or obsessed with our lives. We don't ask them about theirs.

Sigh..I told my dad whatever he said, is true. I'm sorry that he felt that way, I suppose we are so so busy during the week and during the weekend. Actually I talk to them every 2 days and we spent a whole weekend together at the kampung the Sunday before last. last Sunday was Cameron Highlands.

But at the same time a part of me is smarting at the unfairness of it all. Could he not put himself in our shoes for one minute- we are chasing time we don't even know where the time goes. If we're not doing things, we're crashing out from doing things. I'm not saying that it's right, I'm just saying that's the way it is. Family commitments and grocery commitments.

My conversation with my dad was a jeckyl and hide thing- certain parts very submissive (when my rational part of the brain kick in) and other part sarcastic and indignant(when the temper and the need to defend self frombeing attacked, kicked in)

My gut reaction is not to talk to him ever again!!! (hahahahahaha!!the spoilt brat). But what I guess we will have to do is to go see them tonight. and eat humble pie. (Eee susahnye) No matter that I think my dad is very quick to see what is lacking and very quick to judge. They are my parents and they deserve better. And they CAN yell at me and Im NOT supposed to merajuk (sebenarnye- eee merajuknye sampai hati you say that I tak sayang you dad. Tak sayang betol betol karang baru tau haa)

Hmmph! You just wait kiddoes. when we turn 60 this will all happen to YOU!!

School Hols Blues

1. Barely a week into their school break, my children are allready wailing "I'm booooooooooooreeddddddd". Sophia keeps asking "can we GO somewhere next week mummy??" Nadine tells me that her friend has invited her to go to KLCC Skybridge today. I asked her to get more details as in, who is chaperoning? No such thing as leaving my precious bundle for whom I had laboured for 2 days in the hospital , at the door of KLCC ok.

Sara unfortunately is not well.. her left lower eyelid is swollen and painful. Hubby went to get some medication for it, and declared it either a bite, or some eyelash stuck somewhere. Anyway hope it will settle soon.

Dahlia is well but complaining that her ulcer in her mouth popped and therefore it hurt when she reads. Eh? I did not get the connection - until Ustaz came for their Quran session- oooohhh she is in too much pain to read. But she did anyway.

I am thinking of enrolling into the UIA quran lessons ler. Apparently having spoken to my friend D*a*d*a, there is such a class for adults - I asked her, is it embarrassing? She saidd there are even ppl who cannot read at all! Also I should go for a bit of formal tajwid lessons as well. Can't have my kids tellin me abt all the Mat Asli (Who, you say? OK come to class with me) and the ifrak hakiki etc etc..malu ler beb...

Johan is Cameron Highlands he hardly came to sit by me, he was that happy playing with his cousins and following his most favourite cousin ever- C*a*m*arina. She is a real lady's lady who, my sisinlaw Zu tells me, has a lot of admirers. But this is of course a secret that Johan will kill me if I tell you-ooooppps too late.

2/ Anyways my friend has just come back from a gorgeous honeymoon at Pangkor Laut resort and the entire day yesterday had me drooling over his trip. The thought of being able to read and sleep by the beach...heaven. Another heavenly thought- unlimited food. I've never thought of it but actually its quite stressful having to think about PAYING for things kan? or , if you go abroad, not being able to eat the steaks etc because its not HALAL. Where they went, the food was prepaid, in abundance, very good, and halal. Ahhhhhhh.. Neeway,we will sort something out soon re: hols.

3/ Just got a call from a friend who wants me to CHAIR a conference. Chair?? Mula mula suruh bercakap- i was not that happy as I am not the authority on that subject- boleh lah kelentong but then takut tak tau lak orang tanya...and now he wants me to chair....2 days conference!! Mak oiiitttt....

I said ??? What the heck, just do it. Gulp.

Ok back to work guys....

Monday, November 17, 2008

In short

No 1- takziah to Lin on the passing of her husband , Ghazi, yesterday.

Lin's parents stay next door to my in laws. Every Eid we would go visit their house and vice versa. tak Eid tak jumpa lah. The mother came to stay over a couple of times at our house. And yet, we have been the world's worst friend ever . 6 months ago he was diagnosed, and hubby helped him see the right people and get the right diagnosis, and thereafter, we did not go visit him at all. It was always a case of "we were going to". But with our busy busy life, entah apa yang busy na, we didn't manage to. So now that he has passed on, we (I, rather) am beating myself up no end that I didn't get to visit him and his family. Lin, we will be there for you and your family. And to everyone, don't put off visiting your close friends when they get ill. I can die from the guilt but I will however buat muka tembok when I go for the tahlil tonight. I hope she will be given the strength to deal with his going and her supporting her 3 young children. And now I will also nag my husband to stop smoking. JUST because most smokers don't get lung cancer, does NOT mean you won't ok .You know it, and I know it. Once it happens, you have so many lives that will be affected. Your life, is held on trust for your kids. Ok ok lecture is over..Yes, a surgeon smokes. He should, his wife drives him crazy you see hehehe.

No 2- just got back from Cameron Highlands. for those who want to go to the UK but have financial or time constraints, go to Cameron Highlands. Now. It was wet, it was gray, it was cold. What more do you want? UK lah tu! hehehe. Sejukk woooooaaahhh. And hujaaaaaan je. And Dahlia got sick. And TNBBUngalow was really really nice. Nanti ada gambar I post it up 'k. We all balik dulu leaving the others there because my hubby has patients to see (at the new hospital - yay!)

No 3- had a chat with cousins over the weekend. Talked abt our hubby and their ego. What do you think, I think all men ada ego, even the most laidback and the most lepak yang macam kena queen control. They give us face, and they take our abuse, and we don't even realise that we are ordering them to do this and do that and take care of this and take care of that, sekali comes a time, the tiger awakens (usually around 40) and they show their taring and THEN!!! You will be ter"kedu" and realise that yah, hubbies need respect after all. So girls, no matter how cool your hubby is, accord him the respect that his status as husband and penanggung dosa you , should have. And I believe guys change when they get married sebab they feel that they are now responsible for anak orang. good guys lah, losers will probably think- yay! Aku kawin!!

the end...see you soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

And the Award goes to....

(this post is more a rambling and probably wont make sense)

Today was the Performance Day of the Kids.

Nadine was getting a prize for being first in class
Sophia was getting a prize for best in English and also was performing asong and dance or what. I MISSED IT!!!! I went to send Johan and sara home.
Dahlia was getting a prize for being best in Computer Studies, best in English, best in the entire year 2 and first in class. I MISSED IT TOO! Same reason..
Johan was performing as a prince and getting best in English and best in Akhlak . I saw the performance but went to the car to keep his clothes after the performance and by the time i came back i had MISSED THE PRIZEGIVING ceremony!!!!

There should be an award for the most BLUR mummy around. That would be mine. I would win that.

I called hubby wailing that I had missed the performance and he said - KENAPA BALIK?? he was in hospital after coming for about half an hour. I said - well, i sent the clothes to the car and sat for a while DOING MY WORK!!!while waiting for the kids to finish their LOOONG drama. Who was to know that it was not that long after all?? I went to send Sara and Johan because they were getting so restless during the special awards and spilled water on each other and the place where we were sitting was looking like a mini tip, and they were going through the special awards of which there are so many - So I took them home and also on the way the petrol was almost ZERO so i stopped to isi the minyak and when I went back to the masjid where the performance was held my friend was coming out and she was saying - WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG???? SOPHIA WAS SOO GOOD!!

Waaaahhhh!!!! Waaaahhh!! ralat terkilan and I had waited from morning pulak tu

Oh well...and the ditziest mommy award goes to.....

Sara by the way was not picked . She should get the most improved award as far as I am concerned. Of course she was very upset . But I had to tell her Sara , your time has not come yet and god is saving the best prizes for her if she want them. You have your own talents ok. You are funny , write stories, cartoons comics, etc.

In the end there was yet another award for best performance. Sophia came 3rd. And Maizurah Hamzah was one of the judges and she came to the podium to comment on the standard and seriously I felt like we were at One in a Million or something.

I like it that this school is so holistic and gives out so many award. I like to see the secondary students being so pleasant and so confident and they look so happy! I like that they have 32 nationalities at that school.I like it that the kids' ambition are no longer just nurse doctor lawyer but GLOBAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER and all sorts of strange thing that 13 year olds normally have not heard of. Oh yeah, they achieved 25% 5 As. Congratulations. !

I think if money permits, we'll keep them there lah.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nobody likes lawyers

What do you call a doctor who comes last in his class- ?

What do you call a lawyer who comes last in his class?

hee hee.!

Truth is, who loves us lawyers? We are considered most of the time, unnecessary expense- bayar accountant, bayar travel agent, bayar etc etc ...can, bayar lawyer macam eh, maleh nye...after all rubber stamp only right...everything got i believe that Uncle who told me before I started my degree , that LLB is actually an acronym for Lama lama bodoh! Tee hee hee.

And if we are appointed by other ppl to deal with you, our popularity rate goes skyhigh. I am getting a barely civil to you email dripping with hostility because our appointment was shoved down their throat. Or maybe not, maybe it was a simple email but I need drama in my life so I'm making it up, hee hee.

Whatever it is though...I like lawyering. Ok it's no 3 choice after 1. writer and 2. stand up comedian, but it's not that bad.

Although i probably would make more money doing what sophia thought I do when she was 3 and she told her teachers at kindy that I was a "lo-lo- lorrydriver".

hee hee!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Just came back from another getogether of the Sudin clan- to welcome the bride and groom to the kampung. We cooked them a bigg lunch. I went to rembau market in the morning with my auntie, sheepishly admitting to her on the way that I don't usually do the wetmarketing stuff- hubby does it. I'm not a primadonna but I have a super mom who does everything. So now I train my daughters so taklah kekok macam I nanti ok?? (sounds so ngada ngada but there you are) .

The lunch was good as usual...ada lah cerita dibelakangnya where a lot of ppl are tersemput dengan another person over some breach in protocol and perception of being discourteous etc etc..alahai my family ni kalau tak da tersemput atau tersenget...tak sah.

Today kids are at one Mosque at taman Melati as they have Talent Day which apparently is the "heats" for the real performance day this Thursday. Good luck kids! My girls have allstarted to wear the hijab when they go out with us - their choice.

Ok blog later. Got to finish something.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My Gucci and Prada

Report Card

It's REPORT CARD DAY today...

I didn't get a chance to go grill the teachers because hubby left in the wee hours of the morning to go to the HOSPITAL and then he went straight to the SCHOOL and guess what he left his phone at home so I could not nag him as to his whereabouts (smartmove honey) and then he came home at 1 pm with an armload of exampapers and report cards. In the meantime we know we had to go to a tahlil but he allready went from the way home from the SCHOOL. Ok so all our social tasks today, has been done. except we have to go to PD for a tahlil / doa selamat this evening.

Anwyay back to report cards....

Nadine and Dahlia got no 1, Sara got no 5 and Sophia got no 4. No changes there.

HOWEVER...there are too too many Bs on the card, mainly on BM and also in Maths...
The teachers commentd that there should be more effort put in by the girls although they have done "excellently". Hubby is NOT happy especially when Sophia's teacher told him she has not done one BM homework since March. Free free je cikgu tu kena marah sebab KENAPA tak beritau...?

So now, as usual, we have to do post mortem. Senang je nak tau kenapa tak do better- tak belajar what. And too many distractions- and not enough structured learning. Sometimes I kesian gak sebab their school habih around 4 and they get home by 6 , so macam kesian lah nak hantar tusyen lagi lak..

Tapi for Sophia and Sara I think kena lah..BM 67 marks is not good ok. still the teacher said prestasi yang baik. Prestasi yang baik amende tu. So we are sending you to tuition ok girls. It's a tough world out there yadiyadiya mummy pun dah malas nak leter.

And it does not help that mummy and daddy ashik "merendek" je and balik lambat...
And I will check their bag every day. Ya ya ya ya memang selalu kata nak buat but then after a while we lose the momentum.

And ASTRO is out ok girls..until we get home.

And let me think of a time table for the Wed, Thursday and Friday nights that you are free.

And Nadine maybe you should go to a boarding school now now now.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Haiiiii..its Friday again....

I kat rumaah...yesterday we had my hubby's only remaining link to his late grandmother- the brother. 75 and very fit. Another one. The older generation ate healthier food ke? Or do more work?

In my case feel about 80. My memory sucks. I have not told you (because of my deep embarrassment to open the pekong di dada but what the heck) that I went to my neighbour's house for Raya the other day. He is a prominent lawyer. I know who he is. I did my research on him last year. But last year the open house was soooo crowded and we did not get to talk to him at all. This time round I thought the same, I did not count on him plonking himself in front of us this year to talk to us. So knowing who he was, I was nervous ler. This is what I said:

"So..You're with Zulrafique kan? "

And this is what he said:

"Yes. The firm carries my name."

URghhhh . Yah - he's Datuk Zul Rafique. And I knew it pulak tu. Why did I say that.

"Oh of course lah", I continue to put my foot in it, "your firm is very good (in a patronising tone)" - DIE SOME MORE!!!!!!

And the other day, wedding Anny- I went up to this group of ladies and gents. And Mak B was there and she said, Shila do you know who this is? Frankly no, but I heard someone mentioned Tajol Rosli so I said yah of course! but sorry today everyone is uncle or auntie.

Silence. from the NOT Uncle and Auntie.

I should shut up on some days.

So if I reach 40 with the brain of a 40 year old I would be happy.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Breaking News

My eldest daughter has become a WOMAN!!!

Mixed feelings- happy for her. Scared for her. She can bear children now yipes- where do I get chastity belts please?????

Oh dear Daddy......!

oh yeah. breaking news no 2- Obama is the new President.
Whew! I've just arrived - I'm the despatch and stamping office boy today.. apa nak buat, kerja. I'm just happy dapat siap everything before 10. We started with a new bank which wants things that are not legally required but want me to do it their way. It's no use and there is no point to reassure them that NOT doing it their way is still legally ok. Just do it as instructed. Sometimes having a brain is a hindrance.

Anyway. I saw my eldest Uncle yesterday, Uncle Junus. So chuffed as he gave me RM50 to get coffee and told me to keep the change. I allready paid lah Uncle but I will keep that money as a momento - money from my Uncle wooooh! Anyway Uncle wants me to sort out the family business- eeeeyeerkh. My Uncle is the first son- the elder 2 girls died earlier. He is 75 and very fit. He has had 8 neardeath experience - so he is slightly apprehensive abt the future as to him he has only 1 life left!

He has always been the successful one in the family and has had many feuds with different brothers. My dad's from Rembau and I don't think they are known to be placid men ! Ego as high as a mountain each one of them hehe .

At the moment 2 of my dingdong relatives are having a dingdong cold war. From very the close to very the cool. I wish I can say this- Listen kids, I don't care who is hurt with whom, who started what , who said what to whom, who did not tell the other about XYZ, you just bury the hatchet and move on. OK? Like someone said, orangkampung when they have kecik hati etc they never revisit the issue - say sorry or what. They just pretend that nothing happened and start talking to each other. So I hope my 2 dingdong relatives and their partners would start the healing process. Leave ego aside and forget about holding out for an apology. The younger one- show respect to the elder one. The elder one- show some brains and maturity to the younger one, HOKEH? Life is not that much different than managing children eh.

Kalau kita gaduh dengan orang boleh lah merajuk setahun. Kalau kita gaduh dengan husband, haa merajuk lah engko..sampai bila nak tahan right. So in the interest of peace, make peace. Dah sejuk karang, discuss lah amende yang tak kena...tapi jangan tersemput lak kan....

For me, there is only one sure fire way to recover from an argument. For my hubby to say sorry, whether he is right or wrong hehhehehehehhe...

heheheh bestnye meleter orang...

Anyhoot, better go off the blogospehere now. See you soon!

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Congratulations Anny and Herman on your wedding 2 days ago. Yesterday we were at the reception at the Dewan something something Mahfuz- an unusual concept combining a reception in a hall concept with a wedding done at home concept. Practically it meant having guests come from 12 to 4 in a steady stream. Having to give the goodies to newcomers and making sure they don't miss out. Some were missed out much to the irritation of Mother of the Bride. can only do your best at weddings is what I say...and an irritated mother of the bride is par for the course I guess.

My legs were killing me. A few paux pas when I called Datok Seri Tajol Seri , "Uncle" . Haa lantakler. All in all the wedding had an atmosphere of a home wedding, and I think it went well, bar a few hiccups! I think Im going to marry my kids off at a hotel lah pulak...tak penat sangat!

We came home early cause hubby had a patient to see and an operation to do - I dropped him off at HKL and drove us back and straight away fell asleep. At 8 he called to say he was done and I went sans kids, to fetch him and headed for a BBQ at Shah's lovely place- it was a reunion no 2 for KPP roommates- we managed to pick things up where they left off 20 years ago . I could not join in their reminiscence of their time after A levels - I had gone off to the UK by then, We left at 12 something!

Today- reception at seremban for Anny and Mak B's doa selamat!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...