Saturday, November 22, 2008


I read this article in the Sun recently and it talked about dreams. Daring to dream, and how, over time as we become adults, we lose our dream.

Got me thinking.

Yeah I was one of those who put down safe options in those thingy they make you fill at school- doctor, lawyer, psychiatrist (i loved to listen to ppl's problems so I thought)

I suppose, I would not mind being a published writer. Write a book that ppl would actually read. Hahaha. Travel the world (How original)- and stay in one place for at least a month (just read A year in Provence- bestnyeee). Learn Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic (amboii banyaknye, English pun tak pass), be a counsellor (still love to listen to problems); be an actress (seriously. Anyone wants an old 40ish plain old fat woman as a bit actress?); be size 8 (this IS my dream kan) .

Are those considered dreams?

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