And the Award goes to....

(this post is more a rambling and probably wont make sense)

Today was the Performance Day of the Kids.

Nadine was getting a prize for being first in class
Sophia was getting a prize for best in English and also was performing asong and dance or what. I MISSED IT!!!! I went to send Johan and sara home.
Dahlia was getting a prize for being best in Computer Studies, best in English, best in the entire year 2 and first in class. I MISSED IT TOO! Same reason..
Johan was performing as a prince and getting best in English and best in Akhlak . I saw the performance but went to the car to keep his clothes after the performance and by the time i came back i had MISSED THE PRIZEGIVING ceremony!!!!

There should be an award for the most BLUR mummy around. That would be mine. I would win that.

I called hubby wailing that I had missed the performance and he said - KENAPA BALIK?? he was in hospital after coming for about half an hour. I said - well, i sent the clothes to the car and sat for a while DOING MY WORK!!!while waiting for the kids to finish their LOOONG drama. Who was to know that it was not that long after all?? I went to send Sara and Johan because they were getting so restless during the special awards and spilled water on each other and the place where we were sitting was looking like a mini tip, and they were going through the special awards of which there are so many - So I took them home and also on the way the petrol was almost ZERO so i stopped to isi the minyak and when I went back to the masjid where the performance was held my friend was coming out and she was saying - WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG???? SOPHIA WAS SOO GOOD!!

Waaaahhhh!!!! Waaaahhh!! ralat terkilan and I had waited from morning pulak tu

Oh well...and the ditziest mommy award goes to.....

Sara by the way was not picked . She should get the most improved award as far as I am concerned. Of course she was very upset . But I had to tell her Sara , your time has not come yet and god is saving the best prizes for her if she want them. You have your own talents ok. You are funny , write stories, cartoons comics, etc.

In the end there was yet another award for best performance. Sophia came 3rd. And Maizurah Hamzah was one of the judges and she came to the podium to comment on the standard and seriously I felt like we were at One in a Million or something.

I like it that this school is so holistic and gives out so many award. I like to see the secondary students being so pleasant and so confident and they look so happy! I like that they have 32 nationalities at that school.I like it that the kids' ambition are no longer just nurse doctor lawyer but GLOBAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANT, AERONAUTICAL ENGINEER and all sorts of strange thing that 13 year olds normally have not heard of. Oh yeah, they achieved 25% 5 As. Congratulations. !

I think if money permits, we'll keep them there lah.



Anonymous said…

My cousin's daughter sekolah kat Melawati is one of 74 students dapat 5As.... I dunno what's the total number of candidates... but I can tell u, its very comepetitive kan?

My son kat Shah Alam Sek sec.6 was one of 34 scorers. Which was a shocker for us, cos last year he was demoted from the best class to the last class.... everyone was shocked and happy with his results.

I'd better ask Sri Inai dpt berapa 5As ehehhe

MrsNordin said…
You and your work! Stop it already lah...!!

Anyway, congratulations on the prizes won by your children. Great! I'm sure Sara feels left out but continue to encourage her, ok?

Take care!
Terror betul anak2 U. Ikut siapa ni?? Ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi...

I once missed my daughter's performance. Sampai hari ni, I still have the regrets. Kadang2 rasa nak turn back the time aje.........
Madam Tai Tai said…
Hi World's Ditziest Mom, ;)

Nak ketawa pun ya, nak kesian pun ya... Shila, Shila...

Never mind, there's always next year. Make sure you stay put ok eventhough the event is long and boring.

Congrats to the children for being so pandai-pandai semuanya!
aida yurani said…
Hahahahaha. Kaklong, kaklong... ape da....
So now all the grumbles about Adni for Money kira gone lah? Since the kids bagus2 belaka? Hehehehe.

Take care. Hope to see you one of these days.
Anonymous said…

In the rush to leave for lunch and nak share UPSR results lupa nak cakap, congrats to the prize winning kids hehehehe (eh lain pulak bunyi)... One thing about private schooling, ur children will get alot of attention from teachers, unlike govt schools. And they will have time to really explore their interests.

Well done kids. Kalau dah anak dr and lawyer, mestilah pandai ...

Anonymous said…
ha ni sama sebijik mcm i. tapi masa tu Sports Day.

dari pagi dok melangut menunggu kat padang tu. dah la panas nak rak. adik dia dah merengek nak balloon. "OK tunggu sini dont go anywhere, mama gi beli jap."

elok je hand him the balloon, he said.. "ma, tadi pia (sufia nama kakak dia) lari dapat nombor satuuu.. lajuuu.."

haa, rasa nak picit2 je belon tuh kasik letop. sebab ati dah meletop kan.
terkilan, ralat, bengang, marah diri sendiri and marahkan belon pun ada. heh
Hi Aida..budakbudak dah semakin terror now kan? the school seronok sebab last year tak berapa ramai 5A. tu yang terjakuns sikit.
hi Aida- btw thanks- and the brains come from the doctor heheheh
Hi Bj- heheh ok lah...i bukan kena buat apa yang penting pun just anxiety as usual...
Mamamia- biasa biasa je lah...but the school suka bagi award kot hehehe...

I really really really ralat...what to do.
MdmTaiTai- got 5 maaahh soboring so long lah! tu lah..
heh heh Anonymous- kelakar nye- sure NYESAL beli belon kan!!! Macam I lah, nyesallllll pi isi minyak!! tapi takpa next year ada insyallah...
Hi Aida- whats happening with you come over ler....
moonstone said…
which school is this?
i happen to know a family from cameroon that sends their children there.for them mmg takde choice since anak2 dia mana paham BM but amazingly after going to this school, anak2 dia fasih berbahasa malaysia.and they too complain about how expensive it is.hehe..and yes, they are muslims too.
my son's graduation and concert day clashes with the monsoon cup yg my hubby bising nak pegi,so I said, after concert on 6 dec, kita semua drive to t'ganu to watch the last day of the monsoon cup nak least semua happy and all of us get to see our eldest son graduate.hehe..(baru graduate tadika dah kecoh!)hahaha..
ps :yes, you love to multitask no matter where you are kan?i try not to dah nowdays coz end up nanti i over stressed.but, old habits die hard, don't they?
Congrats on having such brilliant children!
Anonymous said…
adni vs setiabudi?
which one better?

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