Haiiiii..its Friday again....

I kat rumaah...yesterday we had my hubby's only remaining link to his late grandmother- the brother. 75 and very fit. Another one. The older generation ate healthier food ke? Or do more work?

In my case feel about 80. My memory sucks. I have not told you (because of my deep embarrassment to open the pekong di dada but what the heck) that I went to my neighbour's house for Raya the other day. He is a prominent lawyer. I know who he is. I did my research on him last year. But last year the open house was soooo crowded and we did not get to talk to him at all. This time round I thought the same, I did not count on him plonking himself in front of us this year to talk to us. So knowing who he was, I was nervous ler. This is what I said:

"So..You're with Zulrafique kan? "

And this is what he said:

"Yes. The firm carries my name."

URghhhh . Yah - he's Datuk Zul Rafique. And I knew it pulak tu. Why did I say that.

"Oh of course lah", I continue to put my foot in it, "your firm is very good (in a patronising tone)" - DIE SOME MORE!!!!!!

And the other day, wedding Anny- I went up to this group of ladies and gents. And Mak B was there and she said, Shila do you know who this is? Frankly no, but I heard someone mentioned Tajol Rosli so I said yah of course! but sorry today everyone is uncle or auntie.

Silence. from the NOT Uncle and Auntie.

I should shut up on some days.

So if I reach 40 with the brain of a 40 year old I would be happy.


tireless mom said…
Hi Shila

Alhamdulillah, I am still ok with the memory. I remember people's face easily but sucks when it comes to their names. I know how you feel. Embarassing nya rasa nak masukkan muka dalam baju!
Anonymous said…
I'd put it down to nerves lah when u were faced by ur prominent lawyer neighbour ehhehe....

Aida - have said strange things when nervous....
MrsNordin said…
Kah! Kah!

And the one when you asked that guy, "So, raya ni tak balik Penang ke?" And he answered, "NO, because I come from BATU PAHAT." (and you knew he is from Batu Pahat!)

I think with you, you MUST say something to a person you meet. You feel OBLIGED to say something, that's why jadi macam tu.

But that's serious, girl! "The firm carries MY NAME!". Don't you recognise his face??!! Anyway, his house which is further up from our house, is up for sale. Go and have a look.
aida yurani said…
Aiyoh kaklong. But not to worry. It happens. I do too sometimes.

Take care
Yatt- lebih daripada masuk baju...nak terjun pool dia je he he...
Aida- terperanjat sebab last year tak langsung dia notice we all...maybe we should invite him over pulak and then i can impress him with my astounding knowledge of world affairs..what you think, hahaha..
MrsN- oh ye, rumah kat mana? I didnt know he has another one over there? Ok willdefinitely go check it out ..!
Hi Aida....kenapa ye? mulut nie macam proceed je without my head interfering
hahahahahahhahahha...you are hilarious.I think my memory is failing me too.Too much things on my head.Unnecessary things.THe other day, my cousin ordered my EPT then I said, ok, I think I need your office address coz I'll be sending via reg post which needs someone to be there to sign it, then came her reply 'I would be at home still berpantang, so no worries, u can send it to my house!'When I know that she just had a baby and still dlm pantang.gosh..i didn't used to be like this. Must eat more brain food la..last time 20th century brand used to carry some.now takdak dah.I ate them during my spm days.
RSA- I need some brain food urgently!!! Let me know if you find a replacement ok...

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