Monday, November 17, 2008

In short

No 1- takziah to Lin on the passing of her husband , Ghazi, yesterday.

Lin's parents stay next door to my in laws. Every Eid we would go visit their house and vice versa. tak Eid tak jumpa lah. The mother came to stay over a couple of times at our house. And yet, we have been the world's worst friend ever . 6 months ago he was diagnosed, and hubby helped him see the right people and get the right diagnosis, and thereafter, we did not go visit him at all. It was always a case of "we were going to". But with our busy busy life, entah apa yang busy na, we didn't manage to. So now that he has passed on, we (I, rather) am beating myself up no end that I didn't get to visit him and his family. Lin, we will be there for you and your family. And to everyone, don't put off visiting your close friends when they get ill. I can die from the guilt but I will however buat muka tembok when I go for the tahlil tonight. I hope she will be given the strength to deal with his going and her supporting her 3 young children. And now I will also nag my husband to stop smoking. JUST because most smokers don't get lung cancer, does NOT mean you won't ok .You know it, and I know it. Once it happens, you have so many lives that will be affected. Your life, is held on trust for your kids. Ok ok lecture is over..Yes, a surgeon smokes. He should, his wife drives him crazy you see hehehe.

No 2- just got back from Cameron Highlands. for those who want to go to the UK but have financial or time constraints, go to Cameron Highlands. Now. It was wet, it was gray, it was cold. What more do you want? UK lah tu! hehehe. Sejukk woooooaaahhh. And hujaaaaaan je. And Dahlia got sick. And TNBBUngalow was really really nice. Nanti ada gambar I post it up 'k. We all balik dulu leaving the others there because my hubby has patients to see (at the new hospital - yay!)

No 3- had a chat with cousins over the weekend. Talked abt our hubby and their ego. What do you think, I think all men ada ego, even the most laidback and the most lepak yang macam kena queen control. They give us face, and they take our abuse, and we don't even realise that we are ordering them to do this and do that and take care of this and take care of that, sekali comes a time, the tiger awakens (usually around 40) and they show their taring and THEN!!! You will be ter"kedu" and realise that yah, hubbies need respect after all. So girls, no matter how cool your hubby is, accord him the respect that his status as husband and penanggung dosa you , should have. And I believe guys change when they get married sebab they feel that they are now responsible for anak orang. good guys lah, losers will probably think- yay! Aku kawin!!

the end...see you soon.


MrsNordin said...

Hey, don't feel too bad about Lin's hubby. You helped them in the early stage, that's good enough. So, did you go last night?

Husband's ego? Yeah, they all have it but you must know how to read him. Most times, if I think I've hurt his ego, I'll retract quickly. And then puji sikit2, ok lah balik..

ms hart said...

SW, you are right on 2 things - yang tak mampu pergi holiday ke UK - that's me - memang patut pergi CH!! We love that place and my kids have officially declared CH their kampung!!! he he

2ndly - yes, everyone has ego, but husbands have more. That's why I think, in our culture, we are taught to tunduk a bit to our husband. No matter how capable we are in other fields, no matter how soft hearted our husbands may be, we must accord them that kind of respect. My non-M friends have lots of good things to say about M wives. Katanya, kita punya hormat pada husband tu lain, and memang terpuji! Ehem!! And no, I tak bribe dia apa-apa pun!! Cheers!

Anonymous said...


Do not be too hard on yourself.

I've received loads of news of deaths jugak this week. Very sad.

Aida - mentally tired today... was 110% prductive today... am amazed with myself hahahahha

Superwomanwannabe said...

mrsNordin..thanks..I felt a lot better when you said that perhaps we were not meant to see him when he was frail and weak and that we can only remember him as being well and smiling all the time.

Ego- most important is, we can't have any! Sometimes have to sacrifice pride for the sake of peace..ek? ek?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ms Hart- you selalu naik ikut simpang pulai or tapah? Tak tahan betol haritu balik ikut tapah ler...bila lah boleh afford naik HELIKOPTER pi CH ye...sure every weekend I will go there!!

On malay woman- tu lah kenyataan nye, in my opinion, we have to take care of the man we have married walausetinggi mana we have climbed the corporate ladder .....

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aida- thanks for your kind words..

It's harder when the one who goes is young, and you know the family well.Laagi menyayat hati if there are small children involved.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...