Nobody likes lawyers

What do you call a doctor who comes last in his class- ?

What do you call a lawyer who comes last in his class?

hee hee.!

Truth is, who loves us lawyers? We are considered most of the time, unnecessary expense- bayar accountant, bayar travel agent, bayar etc etc ...can, bayar lawyer macam eh, maleh nye...after all rubber stamp only right...everything got i believe that Uncle who told me before I started my degree , that LLB is actually an acronym for Lama lama bodoh! Tee hee hee.

And if we are appointed by other ppl to deal with you, our popularity rate goes skyhigh. I am getting a barely civil to you email dripping with hostility because our appointment was shoved down their throat. Or maybe not, maybe it was a simple email but I need drama in my life so I'm making it up, hee hee.

Whatever it is though...I like lawyering. Ok it's no 3 choice after 1. writer and 2. stand up comedian, but it's not that bad.

Although i probably would make more money doing what sophia thought I do when she was 3 and she told her teachers at kindy that I was a "lo-lo- lorrydriver".

hee hee!


ms hart said…
SW, I used to enjoy lawyering as you put it, but I stopped liking it when I felt like it was more like a PRO job. Memang I'm a hopeless PR person pun. It's not my forte. Lagi satu yang buat I 'lemah' about lawyering ni, is when I see those so called lawyers, tapi sorry to say, tak pandaaaaai...sedih tengok..maybe just because mak-pak ada duit, boleh sponsor belajar kat amende nama college ntah, pas tu dapat la 'sekeping' LL.B, pas tu uncle pulak developerlah, contractor lah, so bolehlah hidup, walaupun legal opinion hampeh, letters pulak, fullamaaaak hancusss!! Frust je tengok. Ni, in my job nih, selalu tension baca lawyers' opinion ke, draft pleadings ke. To me lawyer kena pandai, barulah orang respect. Macam you, macam Dado4+1?! Yes, yes..hidup kengkawan!!! Amin!
Orang takutlah dengan lawyer....

Just say these magic words "You'll be hearing from my lawyer!!", InsyaAllah you'll get what you want fr the other party.
aida yurani said…
Kaklong.... Aida loves lawyers.... especially minah yg ada blog tu, apa ke nick dia? Superwomanwannabe? Oh, itu lawyer byk bagus. Hehehehehe.

And I have that another mr lawyer that I like to. :p

Hari ni pegi HKL, dpt result, kidney ok, liver ok, hormone ok, bp ok, heart ok, gula ok, kolestrol ok, tapi berat tarak ok. Banyak berat lah!
tireless mom said…
Dear SW

I know at least the 6 people at home love this lawyer so very much. In my organisation, most people that I work with love lawyers. At least they know who to cover their *** when they fumble.

Ok lah, there are so many jokes on lawyers, but who cares, only the bold ones are courageous enuf to choose this profession especially bab yang being intimidated and being embarassed.
Anonymous said…
you are my lawyer what, i like you, cukuplah....

fulltime mom
hahaha..funnyla can make 8k a month tau!byk tu!
ms Hart- tak tau ler if pandai..but dadoffour memaaaang pandai heheheheh

and i totally get what you are saying...memang frustrating kaaaannnnnn
mamamia- tulah..i should have been that type of loyer..yang sue orang..instead I am the lawyer yang terhegeh hegeh sengeh kat orang...
Aida..itu woman ah. waah manyak bagus temberang wooooo..

Oi, jomlah kita kurus bersama sama...
Hi tireless mom..thanks! But i think its the coward way out for me as not that many ppl to answer to..Although dadoffourplusone(plus onemore???) can be garang heheheheh
Hi FTM- ok give more bizness ok....
RSA- tulah,penat kitabelajar...loridriver je dia kata...

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