Report Card

It's REPORT CARD DAY today...

I didn't get a chance to go grill the teachers because hubby left in the wee hours of the morning to go to the HOSPITAL and then he went straight to the SCHOOL and guess what he left his phone at home so I could not nag him as to his whereabouts (smartmove honey) and then he came home at 1 pm with an armload of exampapers and report cards. In the meantime we know we had to go to a tahlil but he allready went from the way home from the SCHOOL. Ok so all our social tasks today, has been done. except we have to go to PD for a tahlil / doa selamat this evening.

Anwyay back to report cards....

Nadine and Dahlia got no 1, Sara got no 5 and Sophia got no 4. No changes there.

HOWEVER...there are too too many Bs on the card, mainly on BM and also in Maths...
The teachers commentd that there should be more effort put in by the girls although they have done "excellently". Hubby is NOT happy especially when Sophia's teacher told him she has not done one BM homework since March. Free free je cikgu tu kena marah sebab KENAPA tak beritau...?

So now, as usual, we have to do post mortem. Senang je nak tau kenapa tak do better- tak belajar what. And too many distractions- and not enough structured learning. Sometimes I kesian gak sebab their school habih around 4 and they get home by 6 , so macam kesian lah nak hantar tusyen lagi lak..

Tapi for Sophia and Sara I think kena lah..BM 67 marks is not good ok. still the teacher said prestasi yang baik. Prestasi yang baik amende tu. So we are sending you to tuition ok girls. It's a tough world out there yadiyadiya mummy pun dah malas nak leter.

And it does not help that mummy and daddy ashik "merendek" je and balik lambat...
And I will check their bag every day. Ya ya ya ya memang selalu kata nak buat but then after a while we lose the momentum.

And ASTRO is out ok girls..until we get home.

And let me think of a time table for the Wed, Thursday and Friday nights that you are free.

And Nadine maybe you should go to a boarding school now now now.


Dad of 4+1 said…
Funny lah cartoon you nih!
Madam Tai Tai said…
Congrats girls for the good result! Relax lah Shila...soon they will follow the footsteps of their brilliant father and brainy mum punya..
DadofFour+1- you're back in blogland!Good to know.
MTT- will we ever stop worrying?
MrsNordin said…
Now you know how pening it could get. At least for us, next year sorang je lagi tinggal ~ Nadim. The sisters semua dah habis sekolah (college tu lain kira lah, I cannot nag them anymore).

You know what we did last time? When we go out to work, we pulled out the Astro card so the kids tak boleh tengok TV. When we get home, baru boleh tengok. Hee.. hee... they complained, but after a while, they got used to it.
MrsN- that is a good idea abt the astro.....did it work though?

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