Sara, don't read this posting.

Sara is going to turn 11 this coming 4th december.

She has put this list on my computer called "things I want for my birthday " or something like that. No 1- Rabbit. No 2 Baby Alive

Tsk this baby alive thing....last year she also asked for it. Her auntie aida promised to get it for her. I thought..wah sporting lah Aida ni, benda tu mahal oit.. They finally went shopping for it...and when Aida came home with Sara she managed to talk her out of it.

And this year, it resurfaced!!! Aiyoooo...

You know what "Baby Alive" is right? It's a doll that can talk and pee and poo . It costs, from nearly a hundred bucks to RM260 kot. That does not include the price of its mega expensive diapers. Sister inlaw has one and a couple of months out of the box, it does not look like it costs what it costs ok.

And any way Sara should be way way too old for BabyAlive.

Yesterday we went to Alamanda to celebrate BIL's birthday and also fulfill my girls' demand for clothes. ("We don't shop lah mummy....!!) Ohmygawd I have girls I forgot I have to shop like every MONTH. We were there,without the chiken px inflicted girl, and we decided to make up for it by buying her presents.

I told the kids that they can choose a present each and I'll pay for it lah.

Johan chose a denim wallet. Nice. Her sister likes blue, he said. Dahlia chose a scrapbook . Nadine has no idea. Sophia came carrying a Baby Alive and said "sara wants this, mummy". to prove a point, she called Sara and Sara said yes, she'd like one. daddy said NO. Nadine said NO. I said...alahhh bagi lah if not she will continue to pester us next year when she REALLY will be too old for it. And I remember my one unfulfilled wish when I was small- I wanted a DOLLHOUSE. Takdapat puuuunnnn.. sampai sekarang terkenang kenang heh heh.

So I said to hubby- Beli lahhhh sekali sekala je ....and lepas ni dia tak mintak dah...

Hubby I said- ok lah. then we went to pay, Then hubby said- yang murah sikit takda ke? and we started to look at the range- ada yang boleh pee tak leh poo. (to me, good thing that). Sophia called Sara "Sara,do you want the Baby Alive with the toilet?"

Hmph jawapan mestilah Yes lah kan. So mummy took over "Sara, kat sini macam macam baby alive nak wets and wiggles tak?"

Sophia took back the phone "OR do you want the one with the toilet?"

Hmmmm we are smelling something very fishy.Sara ke yang ndak awak yang ndak Sophia oi?? Heh heh. Sara jawab- "Iwant the one that can do a lot"

Ok lah Baby Blardie Alive yang do both business it is then. nak sejukkan hati hubby I told him, it's a lot cheaper than having the real one!

So we went back armed with loads of parcels and showed them to her and then told her that we cannot give to her until her birthday proper!

She did beam a lot and was furiously writing in her diary later on that night (I know lah)

I guess she's happy! I am either (a)a cheapskate parent or (b) spoils them .


aida yurani said…
kaklong!!!! yOu really got Sara the baby? Aiyoh! Mesti suka hati budak tu. Hahahahaha.
Lan0stZz said…
bestnye mummy sporting. i wanted a doll house dulu jugak, AND a Barbie fridge. tak dapat punnn.. ;P Happy B'Day SAra!
MrsNordin said…
I never know there's such a thing as Baby Alive. I thought she wanted you to have another baby!

Ok, you tell Sara, once she's done with this Baby Alive thingy, can she take care or Nizzar for me? Hee.. hee... I'm sure she can!
mumsie said…
YOu guys were in ALAMANDA and tak singgah????

BTW, happy birthday sarah..
Hi Aida- tu lah...last year ingat dah terpadam dah cerita baby alive ni...rupanye this year ada lagi!
Lana- Haaaa Barbie Fridge! I think one day I will buy myself a dollhouse lah - nanti kempunan heheheh

sophia's unfulfilled wish is more expensive btw- a laptop (pink)!
Alamak Mumsie- sorry ler...we went there and then balik the time balik nak pengsan penat ,heh he. Next time we go againn ok..COAST restaurant have 50% off btw- mexican restaurant - jom kita pi makan sana nak tak...
MrsN- any time! Any of my kids would say yes to taking care of Nizar!
mumsie said…
yes, tak kiralah restaurant ada diskaun ke tak. next time you come within 10 km radius of our house tapi tak singgah..putus hubungan!! hehe...
Alamak Mumsie..janganler time kita orang SURE singgah punye! :-)

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