Sunday, November 02, 2008


Congratulations Anny and Herman on your wedding 2 days ago. Yesterday we were at the reception at the Dewan something something Mahfuz- an unusual concept combining a reception in a hall concept with a wedding done at home concept. Practically it meant having guests come from 12 to 4 in a steady stream. Having to give the goodies to newcomers and making sure they don't miss out. Some were missed out much to the irritation of Mother of the Bride. can only do your best at weddings is what I say...and an irritated mother of the bride is par for the course I guess.

My legs were killing me. A few paux pas when I called Datok Seri Tajol Seri , "Uncle" . Haa lantakler. All in all the wedding had an atmosphere of a home wedding, and I think it went well, bar a few hiccups! I think Im going to marry my kids off at a hotel lah pulak...tak penat sangat!

We came home early cause hubby had a patient to see and an operation to do - I dropped him off at HKL and drove us back and straight away fell asleep. At 8 he called to say he was done and I went sans kids, to fetch him and headed for a BBQ at Shah's lovely place- it was a reunion no 2 for KPP roommates- we managed to pick things up where they left off 20 years ago . I could not join in their reminiscence of their time after A levels - I had gone off to the UK by then, We left at 12 something!

Today- reception at seremban for Anny and Mak B's doa selamat!


LifeBloom said...

Hi Superwoman

It was great to see you after all these years. You haven't changed a tad - if possible you looked better than ever - and thats a remarkable feat after 5 kids...!

Do drop by my blog - havent been updating it a lot..*guilty*


Royalshoppingarcade said...

la..kak mai, you pun kenal kak syila?la..small blog world.
Anyway, wanted to share about kawin-kawin ni.hubby memang tak agree kawinkan anak2 kat rumah..dia kata leceh.i said if leceh, then sediakan duitla..nak kawin kathotel.then a few weeks back he saw a huge billboard by merak kayangan advertising RM12 for wedding.he said, jomla kita book utk 3ds boleh tak?tell felda people one prebook for another 20 yrs, one prebook for another 22 yrs and for Daril, another 24 yrs. Ada ka?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Lifebloom- i went to your blog and you must update it!Hope we can meet up this friday.

Maizura said...

pu3: Yes - the world shall be reduced a marble soon...hehe

SWW: No can do this Friday la - I am in the worst week of mylife with a million deadlines and a two singing appts back to guys go ahead first and perhaps we arrange for one in the near future.

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