Just came back from another getogether of the Sudin clan- to welcome the bride and groom to the kampung. We cooked them a bigg lunch. I went to rembau market in the morning with my auntie, sheepishly admitting to her on the way that I don't usually do the wetmarketing stuff- hubby does it. I'm not a primadonna but I have a super mom who does everything. So now I train my daughters so taklah kekok macam I nanti ok?? (sounds so ngada ngada but there you are) .

The lunch was good as usual...ada lah cerita dibelakangnya where a lot of ppl are tersemput dengan another person over some breach in protocol and perception of being discourteous etc etc..alahai my family ni kalau tak da tersemput atau tersenget...tak sah.

Today kids are at one Mosque at taman Melati as they have Talent Day which apparently is the "heats" for the real performance day this Thursday. Good luck kids! My girls have allstarted to wear the hijab when they go out with us - their choice.

Ok blog later. Got to finish something.


wow kak sw,
they are wearing the hijab already?amazing, at their own free will pulak tu.again,i will not have to think about this since I don't have daughters.tapi lately hubby ada la sebut2 pasal 'daddy's girl'.alahai..tapi he said joking only.ish..mau semput nak pregnant lagi.hehehe*and the word verification below suruh i type :NONSINE!hehhe..betul macam nonsense.
Hi RSA- why are still muda belana lagi ...try lah one more tau ada girls ni...btw my daughters are fans of your tudungs!
I eat melons for breakfast said…
My niece of 11 has been wearing hijab since she became a "woman" recently, also her choice to wear and here we are the aunties and the mom going, "are you sure??!!". Hehe...

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