Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Whew! I've just arrived - I'm the despatch and stamping office boy today.. apa nak buat, kerja. I'm just happy dapat siap everything before 10. We started with a new bank which wants things that are not legally required but want me to do it their way. It's no use and there is no point to reassure them that NOT doing it their way is still legally ok. Just do it as instructed. Sometimes having a brain is a hindrance.

Anyway. I saw my eldest Uncle yesterday, Uncle Junus. So chuffed as he gave me RM50 to get coffee and told me to keep the change. I allready paid lah Uncle but I will keep that money as a momento - money from my Uncle wooooh! Anyway Uncle wants me to sort out the family business- eeeeyeerkh. My Uncle is the first son- the elder 2 girls died earlier. He is 75 and very fit. He has had 8 neardeath experience - so he is slightly apprehensive abt the future as to him he has only 1 life left!

He has always been the successful one in the family and has had many feuds with different brothers. My dad's from Rembau and I don't think they are known to be placid men ! Ego as high as a mountain each one of them hehe .

At the moment 2 of my dingdong relatives are having a dingdong cold war. From very the close to very the cool. I wish I can say this- Listen kids, I don't care who is hurt with whom, who started what , who said what to whom, who did not tell the other about XYZ, you just bury the hatchet and move on. OK? Like someone said, orangkampung when they have kecik hati etc they never revisit the issue - say sorry or what. They just pretend that nothing happened and start talking to each other. So I hope my 2 dingdong relatives and their partners would start the healing process. Leave ego aside and forget about holding out for an apology. The younger one- show respect to the elder one. The elder one- show some brains and maturity to the younger one, HOKEH? Life is not that much different than managing children eh.

Kalau kita gaduh dengan orang boleh lah merajuk setahun. Kalau kita gaduh dengan husband, haa merajuk lah engko..sampai bila nak tahan right. So in the interest of peace, make peace. Dah sejuk karang, discuss lah amende yang tak kena...tapi jangan tersemput lak kan....

For me, there is only one sure fire way to recover from an argument. For my hubby to say sorry, whether he is right or wrong hehhehehehehhe...

heheheh bestnye meleter orang...

Anyhoot, better go off the blogospehere now. See you soon!


Royalshoppingarcade said... always, you are hilarious!wise advise.tapi sometimes its not that easy kan..hehe..
but so betul re:hubby must mintak who says sorry are true men after all irregardless whether they are right or wrong.Not to mention, true hero in my eyes!my hubby is one too..(ni tgh sayang sgt kat hubby..boleh la puji)..

tireless mom said...


This one reminds me of the peribahasa, carik carik bulu ayam lama lama bercantum juga... Does that apply to adik beradik only or ding dong relatives too?

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...