Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Tomorrow 2009!! yay yay!

Bye bye 2008.....

Memories of 2008- leaving old office. Meeting new friends. Losing my grandma, my grandaunt and granduncle.


2009- nak jadi scriptwriterlah pulak. Nak sambung Arab. Nak kurus. Nak jadi anak yang lebih baik. Nak jadi mak yang lebih baik. Of course, nak jadi wife yang lebih baik...Nak tulis "Confessions of a Malaysian demented wife".

Happy New Year everyone....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Compatibility per the Zodiac

Romantic Compatiblity: Aries (Kristen Stewart) + Taurus (Robert Pattinson)

Aries and Taurus is ME and HUBBY!!

(Just thought I'd post this up...not that I believe it or anything but of all the "analysis" so far, this is the truest. We do both want to lead the relationship ..and compromise is essential. And there IS a lot of passion and he IS VERY SLOW. although I take offence at the "brash and totally unsubtle" tag- who , ME??)

When Aries and Taurus come together in a love affair, the partnership is a natural union of Love, represented by Taurus, and Passion, represented by Aries. This relationship is all about balance. Aries wants to jump right in and get into it, while Taurus prefers to go much more slowly. This can create a problem; Taurus loves to be wooed and romanced -- two concepts that are basically foreign to straightforward, brash, totally unsubtle Aries. An Aries-Taurus partnership can be a great learning experience for both Signs. Taurus can help Aries rein in some of the more foolish, impractical impulses, and Aries can help Taurus be more spontaneous and adventurous.

Taurus is sensual, patient and gentle. Aries is attracted to these qualities; Aries sees Taurus as their rock, totally stable and loyal forever. Taurus sees Aries as possessing that quality they want more of -- knowing when and how to grab on to life's opportunities. These Signs are a good balance for each other. Aries might sometimes play games with Taurus, playing off that Bullish laziness, or try to push Taurus into making hasty decisions, but the Bull can usually convince the Ram to slow down a bit. Aries brings excitement to the relationship, while Taurus brings security and romance. When Aries wants instant gratification, Taurus can show just how sexy and sensual slow, deliberate movement can be.

Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars (passion), and Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus (love). Venus and Mars go well together; they represent the two necessary halves of the same relationship coin. The symbols are universally recognized as masculine and feminine, so this relationship is a good balance of these energies.

Aries is a Fire Sign and Taurus is an Earth Sign. Aries wants to take charge of their own destiny, while Taurus needs to be assured of security and stability. Sometimes Taurus can be possessive, which independent Aries won't tolerate. If Aries can assure Taurus that the relationship is strong and that Aries isn't going anywhere, Taurus can be as flexible and tolerant of independence as Aries needs them to be.

Aries is a Cardinal Sign, and Taurus is a Fixed Sign. In this relationship, Aries is not going to get their own way no matter how hard they try -- so it's a much better idea not to try at all. Taurus is a Fixed Sign that won't budge; Aries will get much further with finesse and charm (Taurus is a real sucker for both) than with argument, since Taurus never loses a debate. Both Signs want to be the leader in the relationship, so compromise is essential.

What's the best aspect of the Aries-Taurus relationship? The passionate nature of the partnership. This is an excellent balance of energy between masculine and feminine, impulsive and deliberate. Their contrasting personalities and ability to learn from one another make theirs a mutually giving and satisfying relationship.

Physical: 99% Emotional: 99% Intellectual: 72% Total: 90%

Monday, December 29, 2008

Nak Bagi ke Tak?

Maid wants to go jalan jalan with friends.

My sisinlaw Intan has sounded me out 2 days ago that her maid told her, that My maid wants to go jalan jalan on new year.

I said NOOOOOOO. Somehow the idea of my maid walking around shops unaccompanied by moi and getting up to all sorts of mischief made me very nervous.

My sisinlaw was relieved because she also said no to her maid and she was going to say that I said no too.

I waited for my maid to mention it- takda apa pun.

Then yesterday morning as usual I asked her "what's new with you" etc and she said her friend has asked her to go out , to town. The friend is working in a restaurant and she told her friend that she can't go and also that she is not as free as the friend. I said not as free but a heck of a lot richer. She has nearly a grand of unclaimed salary with me ( I give her as and when requested otherwise we have a slip- I never did open any account with her but her money is instantly available to her lah) .

I know the question that she did NOT ask was if she can go out with this friend. So later that day I told her, you know I feel very funny about letting you go jalan jalan in KL the same way I would be feeling funny about letting Nadine go. She asked me why. I said both of you live in my house and I take care of both of you. I take care of you for your parents also. To let you go around unsupervised....when KL is so dangerous. You may be meeting men, or what., I don't even know your friend. That's why I'd rather send you to your agent/adopted sister's house and let her take you out rather than let you go off on your own. this is not your country some more...dan sebagainye....

The only way I can think of letting her go is if I drop her, meet her friend, get their handphone numbers, then pick her up say 2 hours later.

She said Ok lah tu kak.

Eh did I just say yes ke?

I asked hubby who is by the way always on the side of the maid , and he said- bagi lah it should be ok.

I spoke to mom who said no. Discussed with mom how my maid is not like the submissive kampung maids she used to have. Maids nowadays budak bandar, pakai handphone, naik lrt. etc etc. Tak takut and tak suka kena peraaaaap kat rumah...karang tension. So far dia kerja bagus, macam pekerja lah. I pun boring gak kalau I kena duduk rumah

Apa pendapat di sana.....????

Sunday, December 28, 2008


today my baby brother Shah turns 26.

Happy Birthday Shah!!!

I remember when mom was pregnant with you. She was throwing up in the bathroom and I went and asked "What's wrong???" . Dad , who was with her, turned to me and said- "Don't you learn Ilmu Kesihatan?" I was 14 then. no,at that age, I had no real clue about the mechanics of babies and the making of one. A state I would like my children to be in, if truth be told.

Anyways , mom and dad acted very embarrassed about it because she was old- she was (GASP!!!!) 36. Oh my gawd here I am contemplating having another child when I'm 40 and at that time mom thought she was old. The youngest then, Sazzli, was 7. Mom did like to space us out a bit.

As a 14 year old I had to help take care of you. I remember feeding you with your bottle - mom said you never graduated from a 2 ounce bottle ever. Er?? ye ke? Anyways you grew up to be an adorable toussled hair baby boy. Where DID you get your curly hair btw?

You went over to visit me in the uK when you were 10, remember? All my friends loved you especially when you sang "When I see you smile" by er Bon JOvi. So cute...I think I took you strawberry picking. sorry lah that time I was very the angau with your brother in law.

You got into St John, before you left for MCKK at age of 15- can't be fun, joining boarding school midway. All the others would have made friends, But you survived

I did not imagine that you would be the one learning Japanese and going off to Japan. You were my baby brother and mom's baby and destined to be pampered all your life but you took the hard road- respect lah bro! Now Abangpol will get you to read anything japanese. remember he bought a tin can of polish and it was in Japanese and then he got you to read it and it said "Black" and his car was silver? Terkkejut dia...that was so funny.

Now you are 26, you are still my baby brother. We know that you cannot be nagged too much as you will get stressed and harrassed- you do not have my capacity for fighting back hehehehe you just absorb quietly and then go mad- like mom and like saiful heheheh.

We all love you, we are very proud of you and we are STILL going to spoil you rotten.

Happy Birthday !

PS Bila nak ada girlfriend ni? Dah 26 !

Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Wednesday

Wanna hear something bizzare?

Serendipity moment.

I was going to meet my friend N**. Okaylah- NUR. Anyway she was my colleague in the previous firm, before she went off to the U*NH*R. (The boss called ME and asked if I wanted to do the job since I had after all sent in my application, but then since that application was like 4 years before, it didn't really apply to my current needs. :-))

Anyways. She went off to do the refugee thing and discovered that she was naturally talented at it. She is anyway very intelligent although she said the silliest thing sometimes. I had that in common with her plus a sense of the utterly ridiculous and we'd spent many hours merapu-ing.

She's now pursuing her Masters in the land of Nestle.

So where was I..ok so we had an on the spur of the moment date- 3 p.m at P*avill*ion. I was at the car park , keys in hand, about to approach my car. Deep in the bowels of Ampwalk basement carpark. Suddenly, HONK HONK.

My parents!! In B2!!

Of all the times for them to make a surprise visit- although I had always asked them over many many times for lunch etc etc.

So mom and dad heard where I was going, and they said, they'll send me.

So off we went to the Pavillion. I was allready late, so I walked a bit faster. I said come and join us ok. Mom said- go ahead lah, I want to go shop also. So i sort of skipped to the Loaf and went upstairs (N was waiting on the upper level)

I was a bit anxious but figured my parents would catch up. If I was totally honest I was hoping that they'd go shopping for an hour or so before they decide to join us. We have not seen each other in 6 months and she had IN-TER-ES-TING non parent friendly stuff to chat about. Mom said no lah she didn't want to intrude.

of course my friend looked amazing. All that Swiss Air kot.

I had sat down not more than 5 mins when the seafood pizza I had for lunch came up to bite me and I had to run to the loo(eww- TMI?).

We finally ordered a latte. (read- tooexpensivekopisusu) and we settled in for a lonnnnnnngg chat. I was half anxious thinking of where my parents were but trusted they were ok and having a fantastic time shopping.

Suddenly! I saw my dad and mom approaching,my dad shuffling towards me.

"Kau pergi mana girl?" he said, irritably, "Babah jalan tengok tengok kau dah hilang!" (where did you go? I was walking and then you suddenly disappeared!)

"Er..hi babah!" I said,"come!come!" A bit unsure whether the friend would mind having a tete-a - tete with me, my mom AND my dad. "I had to run to the toilet tadi" I said.

It turned out that when i walked ahead, they had missed the turning I took and they took the escalator straight to the upper floors.

Dad was allready looking around for a chair. Mom looked so embarrassed - she kept saying "Takpalah, let's go, leave the children"

"No lah, aku nak minum ni" my dad said.

"I thought mummy pi shopping?" I asked.

"Mummy nak, babah taknak" mom said.

"Hmpph, malas lah aku, nak beli apa? " My dad retorted, "If you don't have anything to buy, tak payahlah buang masa"

Totally did not get the concept of window shopping then hehehe. kesian mom...I nak gelak pun ada.

"takpalah mom, come and join us lah, bukan borak apa pun, borak kosong je..." so we had the waitress organise extra chairs and we included them in our conversation. My dad pun interviewed my friend (yeah, my talent came from him) and she was bless her, gracious about it. Her dad knew my dad's brother -they were from the same school. She was asked- whether she was married, why was she NOT married heeheeheh- er-sorrylah ye N.

(Afterwards, I apologised for the intrusion of privacy and she said your dad is just like my dad- my dad is annoying. I laughed - yes, my dad CAN be annoying I said, which earned a long "I didn't mean that" and "your dad is FUNNY, MY dad is annoying!" hehehehehe- s'okay. I know what you mean!)

Sigh....My dad- if he ever leaves us,there will be a HUGE vacuum that no one and nothing can ever fill. He is such a personality, so sure in his opinion, very funny and yet very serious, the ustaz and the lecturer all at the same time. Plus I can never talk to him without arguing with him, you know. Why is that?

Anyway after they had coffee mom insisted on leaving so after reassuring themselves that my husband would come and get me safely (yes a bit sheltered, aren't I) they left. And I went on chatting for another 3 hours.

hee heee- just wanted to tell you my date with my friend, And my parents.

Tag- 16 Random Things You (Don't) want to know about me

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

Thanks to Shana, you guys will have to be prepared for sixteen random stuff about me.. here goes!

1.Hmmmm..first up apa ye..I'm very chatty? WHAT a surprise eh? I can't stop chatting and think everyone is interesting and really don't have any guard to put down or up or whatever. At the same time I'd be wishing that I am less "bubbly" and more "proper". Waaaaaahhhh!I'm screwed up!!!

2. They called me "Goldfish" at Alevel college. well, one guy did anyway and it kind of stuck. Apparently due to the plumpcheeks. You think?

3. I went to Standard 1 at the age of 5 - this was in Labuan and was obviously because I was too much for mom to handle and better off in school. Boy was I an active child- Labuan was lovely...playing football with the guys, pergi belajar sembahyang kat surau pakai kain batik (ikat kat belakang), buang rotan my dad kat hutan belakang, kena kejar dengan dentist around dental clinic....aaaaahhh memory..

4. I cut myself badly twice. Once in Labuan, trying to open my "keropok udang" with a huge sharp knife - the keropok udang was a prize for coming in 6th in a race - eh, menang gak kan. I have no athletic bone in my body is that my fault. Anyway I sliced across 2 fingers, and for the 1st finger (middle finger) they stitched it up at the clinic, but for the 2nd (index), I had to go to hospital. Second time I dropped my opah's heavy duty scissors ONTO my foot and had to again, be stitched. Operation-one for a gum that did not stop bleeding (that was when I was 6 - couldn't have been fun for mom) - one for a taring in middle of mouth, and 2 D&C

5. I have been pregnant EIGHT TIMES. When you think about it, I am such a scaredy cat , my husband used to have to take my blood for the blood tests himself when I was pregnant and yet I thought nothing about having babies 8 times. I lost 2 between Nadine and Sara and one was after Johan. I suspect they were boys.....tak kuat!

6. I wrote once, long ago- I managed to type out 3 manuscripts while waiting for SPM results - one was a soppy bizzare lovestory about me and my friend Ogy who went to this University for our summer jobs and I fell in love with one of the lecturer at this university- who was...RajaNazrin hehehehehehehe. (hey, who was ever going to read it??) The other was about me and Zu on a LoveBoat kind of scenario. All very chaste- I SO can be Stephen*ieM*eyer hee hee. Now, no more imagination lah to write anything.


7. I stayed for a year in Melaka - Kem terendak. My best friend was Hemalatha - I used to sell daun gajus - from the tree depan rumah I. Cikgu -cikgu beli. Ada yang siap nak bargain lagi. With a 10 year old? Bagiii lah sedekahkan, aparah. Best friend I masa primary tak pernah melayu.

8. I love anything paper and pen- I used to make and sell greeting cards. Sebelum I had kids I used to go read cards at Memory Lane all the time.

9. I took French when I was in Bedford with hubby- not very good at it, and husband loved to say "Robert nest pas la"(sorry Bella spelling salah) Robert is not in and called me "jambon" a lot because it sounded cute - until I put my foot down because it meant ham. entah apa apa entah.

10. I am veryyyy forgetful. "Tak balik penang for raya?" I once asked. "tak lah sebab saya orang Batu Pahat"was the answer- is one of my classic booboos. Yet I can retain useless information for years.

11. I keep trying to sew. When I was in Adelaide tunggu hubby potong a lot of possums for his research project, and taking all 5 kids with us and living like paupers ok, PAUPERS- this Philipina lady taught me to sew for a while but again, I am very bebal and tangan very KERAS so tak jadi sangat. So fiddly lah, sewing. Kenaaaaaapa lah mom tak masukkan dalam SRT.

12. I drive barefoot and I sleep naked. No I don't (sleep naked I mean) but just wondered if anyone is still reading this drivel hohum hee hee!

13. I cannot eat hot food. I had tonsilitis since I was young and always had to miss school and it was always "we'll operate when she turns 12" and then I turned 12 and then the thinking at that time mercifully changed to NOT operate on tonsils. Hubby does not believe me as he say adults do not have tonsils. I do, so there. Lauk lauk I semua "putih" ie tak da cili.

14. My thumb can bend backwards. This is verrry fascinating to my husband who thinks I'm a freak. Sophia can do it too. I can't roll my tongue though. All my kids can.

15. I nursed my children until they were past 1 year old. All of them. Nadine was the longest. Sorry.Johan was the longest. Hence the outofshape boobies heehheheheeheh. Plus I used to raise the kids from one handbag- botol pampers etc semua sumbat dalam myhandbag. No such thing as baby bag. Hippie.

16. I got kidnapped kat Pasar borong when I was four, while mom was pregnant with my brother Saiful and also while I was waiting for her to buy kuey teow. I got dumped in a corner and mom eventually found me. And I love kueyteow.

So there you are. 16 things...if you read it all the way through, thank you. Who do I tag?
(mainly my cousins)
1. Aida
2. Azwan
3. Izreen
4. Izan
5. Lana
6. Noni
7. Aishah
8. Haq
9. Kitchenguardian
10. Fulltimemom- can do it in FB what....
11. ThankfulMe
12. RoyalShoppingArcade!
13. You, AnONY!! come on, Manveen you can do it!
14.Lala in Lalaland
15. Mumsie!!!!!
16. My husband if he ever has the guts to appear online hee hee hee.

Ok hope everyone will oblige- then we can learn more about each other!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday Diary

I have not had the chance to blog at all.

What's been happening ye...

1. Sophia has got the worst version of chicken pox- she has the most and the biggest spots. I said - Sophia, you are the worst struck. Johan said- yah Sophia, you are a truck. As of today she is up and about and feeling better but boy I hope she won't be marked for too long- she is the fairest of my children pulak too.

2. Mom and Dad's house is 95 percent ready. Today is cleanup day. Hubby pulak on call and brother went to work in the morning and so did his wife. So in the end it was me, my maid and my kids. Dad was NOT happy but then when my dad does any work he usually likes everyone to be working too..heee hee sorry dad! So much to do, the workers removed the plastic covering that my mom had carefully put so that now everything is dusty and I spent the first half of the day wiping things up and arguing with my mom about what to do first. I told them just finish upstairs first lah mom. Mom pretended to agree then the minute we had our back turned quickly got the maids to resume cleaning downstairs duty

3. Now I am at home, having been chased out of my parents' house to take care of my kids and my brother's kids - my worry is the 1 and a half toddler who is now sleeping peacefully and is usually very very clingy to the dad. Oh yeah, thanks to DadofFourplusOne and KitchenGuardian who have kindly agreed to hire out their maid to me for a couple of hours. My dad buat dialogue drama pulak when I told him this - tak payah lah susah kan orang, kita ni ada...

4. I am obsessed with things Twilight,it';s supposed to be for teens and I am nearly 40 and a hopeless romantic.... so shoot me.

5. Yusuf the toddler is awake and how to take care of toddler agaiin?

6. Oh yeah we were talking about having no 6- if it is a girl we'll call her-- Nisa Selena... in honour of our carr....hehehehehehe.

ok the crying is worsening...byeeeee

Monday, December 22, 2008

The MakcikBloggersMeet

Makcik Bloggers met yesterday at one of the hotels in KL.

Best words to describe the meeting?

Kecoh!!! Havoc!!! Fun!!! Unexpected!! Surreal!!

Unexpected as no one seemed awkward with each other (I'm sure I spelt awkward wrong) .

Surreal because we'd be mentioning stuff we read in each other's blog - personal stuff which is weird because you are essentially, strangers! I for one, am known now for my romantic trysts with hubby despite having 2 such outings in 2 years but hey hubby now that I've put it out there, you have got a duty to make it come true ok least once in say six months.

Anyway everyone was soo friendly. Ada je connection. Hubby of WS is the same batch as brother of Principal. The "Mother" (Ibu ler tu) works with MrsN's and MTT's friend (and my classmate for 2 years).

At the end of it, penatmuka senyum and penat mulut bercakap. True to form I went home worrying whether I had talked too much (I had), and whether I should have shut up (I don't think that was possible). I pray I have not offended anyone though! (Cakap sedap mulut je kan hehehehe)

We ended with promises to make this regular- KAYleeda.... your turn!

Now who is going to let me have some pictures.....?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

chicken pox- 4 down 1 to go

Dahlia and Sophia are now down with Chicken Pox.

YEsterday maid wanted the weekend off. Today is her birthday. Our present for her- A prepaid card and trip back to her agent.

Sophia and Sara were also going off to their cousin's house for a sleepover. Sophia especially, was very excited. When we arrived home, she announced that she had packed.

When I got back, Dahlia grinningly told me she had chicken pox- she showed me some spots on her face and back. No wonder I thought she was slightly off the last couple of days.

I thought- ok, so next is Sophia or Nadine's turn lah. I checked Sophia nonetheless and was surprised to see A SPOT.

No staying over at cousin's house lah!

All of us went to Kajang to send maid, and then went to Brother's house. Hubby was absolutely adamant that Sophia cannot sleep over even though she will only be with Yana who has had ckn pox, and even though Sisterinlaw Intan said it was ok. Her other 2 sons, yasser and baby yusuf, havenot been exposed before.

Sophia merajuk and nangis teresak esak...I would have let her go but yah, I guess it's not a nice thing to do, if we leave her. Guarantee kena the other 2.

Sisinlaw kept saying takpa lah, takpa lah. She'll be with yana je.

What would you do ?

So we went back, adn i LAPAR GILA. Hubby so sweet, drove all the way to A&W and went to queue for food. He is not big on demonstration but he does all these stuff which I really terharu. Small stuff like, I have to go to a client's office and knowing how hopeless I am with directions, he would fill up the car to the max. More often than not I would get lost anyway.

So anyways back to these 2kiddoes. I have to mandikan them air semambu today.

Nasib baik jugak depa kena in school hols now.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Joint account

My husband and I practise the joint account system.

It all started years ago after we got married. He was a Junior House Officer in the Uk and I was following him , happily abandoning my legal career indefinitely in the process.

So the first week there, I was basically incomeless and had no cash ler.

Anything I want, I can ask my ahem- husband (teruja sangat dapat title baru)

But I found, asking for money , to be an unpleasant process. It is never refused but it is often accompanied with "Why?"

So I told him, I need access to your account.

Mula mula face reluctance..tapi eventually the wisdom of it prevailed.

Hence, the joint account.

Obviously all the expenses come out of the account and there was no issue as to what my contribution was because I was not working- but I paid inkind lah...heheheheh. Eh, I used to iron mamat punye baju adalah 20 helai sehari ok..I cooked all the time and was basically the isteri mithali. Yang I herannye now, how come I was not bored? I was happy as a bee.I had no friends of my own, my world was basically him and his friends - oh yeah, and our existing friends yang dok UK. (this was the early years of course.) After a while I took French, and got a clerical job (Eh duit gak tu) which did not last too long as it was too clerical lah. (masa tu sombong sikit...sekarang doing the same clerical job but under different name, ok je)

But I managed his finances le. I would be paying all the bills, tukar credit cards, arrange for his taxes etc.

When we got back , he and I continued the joint account process. Still sole breadwinner . After a while, I got work too and the moolah went to the same account.

Anyways, When both of us worked, we never sat down and discussed- you pay this and I will pay that. E-veh-ry thing came out of the same account. Keluaaaarje. I didn't have the thought that Rmxxxx out of that is mine and I can splurge.

Even when I had to open a different account in a different bank (following the company policy) the account would be joint.

The upside is, we don't quabble about money. Always no money tu biasa lah.

The upside is, we always tell each other about our expenditure. (usually me lah since I yang belanja benda merepek selalunye) . One time he forgot to tell me he had taken money out up to the daily limit and I was in Johor Bharu and when I went to the ATM I could not take money out-erks!! So this telling each other is verrrry important.

The Downside is...neither of us has any money of our own! Although I have another account which I try to put some saving into- he knows this ler but at the moment account ni macam dah nazak je.

So when I give money to my mom, she thinks its my money and when he gives money to his mom she thinks its his money, but actually , they are wrong as it is OUR money hehehehe

Tu lah ceritanye......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Les Majestueux

(Hope i'm not unwittingly funding terrorism or child labour with this)
Anak anak I dah besarlah.

I just read Sophia's journal and its full of "today was the worst day " or "I am so mega bored." there's one entry and it said "today is 6th of December (refer to the above)" . "refer to the above??" what is she, lawyer in training???

I hate it when I read that they had a bad day or what. Of course they don't tell us that they had the worstest day ever. Maybe because I don't give them a chance , what with the yelling about have you had a bath, how come you are STILL on the computer.

Maybe I should lay off my kids eh. But then I have very few rules- mandi, makan,sembahyang, buat kerja skolah, that's it.

Of course, you are going to tell me, i should not read the kids' journal. Well, yes if I was a mom somewhere else. Over here in my house, all diaries are compulsory reading - only in diaries/journal you get to hear your daughter speak as she does to her manglish.


Tomorrow taking kids to Twilight. Finally. I went to tanjunggoldenvillage and bought 2 adult tickets and 1 child. Taking Nadine (she has been SO NAGGING me- EVERYONE has seen it mummy! So what, Nadine) and Sara . Sophia Dahlia and Johan moaned when I told them, they're not coming. Should I take Sophia then? She won't appreciate it. Maybe dad can take them somewhere. Maybe I'll take Sophia to the office tomorrow.
Spend mommy daughter time together. I know she'd LOVE the shops!


Yah, there are several very interesting stalls down in Ampwalk. One selling bricabrac, books lah, CDs, artwork, and stones. So far I have bought one very nice (to melah) bracelet. The teenager is such a sales person. She would match stuff and recommend stuff and promote stuff to me. And she loves me because I am not asking for discounts. Yah, I'm stupid.

Anyway her mom is also selling very good non-ori bags. I tak berapa gila brand sebenarnye. But her mom brought over some nicebags with double initials. Siti's favourite. So we looked lah. I am not a fan of the monogrammed version, to be honest. I'd prefer the epi leather. I LOVE the epi leather. tapi nak beli ori, mahal nak mati...Tapi tak suka nak beli tak ori...

Konon konon if I ever buy, it'd be an ori lah. Ori anything lah, tak kesah lerbrand ke or what. It's the bag not the brand. I don't care that this version costs like rm14,000 or what at the shop. do I like this bag or not.

So anyway yes I do like one bag. Its a non-ori doubleinitial bag. As a bag, its very nice. Leather, White. Big, can put my cute laptop. But the tag is rm700. Mahai woit!!For a non-ori bag lak tu.Ok ok you get the picture right.

yayaya I should treat myself right, I work too. Well, I have been treating myself just fine. there's the sunnies, then the make ups also branded . Yang bestnye hubby tak pernah get himself any expensive stuff - and we have a joint account so I don't feel that it's my money or his money.

meanwhile the girl who's selling this tak habis habis confirm auntie ambik ye auntie?

Auntie angguk jerlah......

No willpower.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I was pondering where to go, in the end we drove out to Pedas(Podeh), Negeri Sembilan. Or rather, Kg Sungai Terap. Before we got to the kampung proper we explored the area, which when I was a child, was inaccessible due to lack of roads. All I know was my Wan's house was "this side" and Atok's kampung was from "that side".

To get to my kampung (Wan's) you have to head to Kem Bina Negara Pedas. From the main road, turn in. Usually we would, after about 15 minutes, turn right at the tyre announcing Kg Sungai Terap. But yesterday we went further on, to Atok's "side"- we saw many other roads with the tyre mounted on a board announcing their kampung names. We went into one of them and the makcik pakcik out there gardening smiled at us thinking who the heck are these ppl with their noisy car.

I thought- hey, you could be my relative!

Hubbywanted us to stop and play in the anak sungai - I didn't think it was a good idea as the anak sungai he suggested was off the main road- if you go in all the cars can see you.Eh malu weh. nak carik proper tourist place but my bladder was screaming. Kesian ...

I think hubby liked the kampung. It's actually quite scenic, set in a valley with hills at the back, he mentioned that people should turn Rembau into bali (godforbid). Banyak sawah padi yang dah kering. River everywhere. (one runs in front of my kg house)

My kampung actually consists of ONE road.Semuanya wan dan adek beradek's houses. Beratur next to each other. Sekarang occupied by their cucucicit and anak beranak - but atleast occupied! If I bump into them in the market tak kenal- Selalu kena tegur- Ni Shilaaaa ko? Anak PakCik Kasim? (nama terus tak glamer- Shil-AAAH-bukak sikit mulut).
Sampai je rumah kampung, terus tengok pool. Alamak, colour PERIDOT- lime green. It did not look as if we could be swimming . My cousin the present president of the Sudin family club said that her mom had put in the chlorine that morning. When my brother arrived he said that it was probably ammonia she put in so we dumped some more chlorine in. The pool was doing a pretty good imitation of a pond. Ada frogs, ada frog eggs, ada dragon fly.

Kesian Tina, sisterinlaw's daughter who stayed with us yesterday, she wanted so much to swim. Tapi hijau anak oi...dia siap bagi idea suruh buang air kotor, lepas tu taruk lah air bersih, apa susahnye auntie ni bodoh tol... (I'm trying to train them to call me Maklong - tak melekat sofar)

But pool or no pool, kids being kids had fun nonetheless, pandai pun main "Musang" (or our version of What time is it Mr wolf) , main cards, main sorok sorok, Riuh gaklah rumah papan tu, dengan my kids, and SIL's 2 kids, and my brother's 3 kids- riuhhhh..

I had the same type of fun when I was younger- kalau ada cousins lagi naik hantu- pi sungai lah, pi curik ciku lah, main polisentry lah (I baru lah tahu nama dia Police and thief). masa tu rumah tu my dad's cousin duduk (aka adopted sister) - until her husband and her got the LabuSendayan windfall and then she upped and left and built her bungalow down the road and severed ties (what was THAT all about). Makan is nooooo problem.

It's really nice to see the kids use their imagination for once. Taknaklah their childhood memories consist of "I main PS2" or "I pi tengok wayang" je.

We left about 6 pm.. kena tutup rumah semua. You feel such a connection to the place your grandparents lived, your father lived...

I would not mind coming here more often.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Blues

Every weekend dok pikir...mana nak pergi ?

1. Kemas rumah sana. Dah setahun pindah tapi barang banyak lagi kat sana. Orang nak sewa pun tak lalu nak masuk, punya lah semak.

2. Pi FRIM- dok hujaaaaaaaan je?

3- kemas rumah sini- I need to sort out the clothes that the kids can't wear any more.

4. go see parents? They are at some wedding or other.

5. picnic? see reason no 2

Actually I really feel like going to the beach- maybe we can do that. Even though it may rain.


You know, ever since I can remember my mom has been telling me to save . RM10 or RM50 per month , at least. I never had that money to save! How can I possibly think of saving when I have creditcard bills/rent/this and that to pay?

This guy PAKDI at the website: makes it sooo simple - pay yourself first!!! And save!!!! We're now devouring his simple to understand, witty and honest articles about simple ways to manage your money. Save and force your self to save.

Why didn't I listen to my mom.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Inspiration

Yesterday we visited my husband's auntie.

It is rare to meet someone like my husband's MB. Not to sound very membodek, but you need to meet her. She is - inspirational. She is always upbeat, always positive. She always has projects and the thing is, she carries them out! You hear of people who talk about what they want to do and their ideas, and still talk about the same ideas the year after. Me, being one of them. MB does them, and follow through. She is always energetic! What does she take? I never see her down for long.

I never see her down lah, basically. From the first moment she met me years and years ago, she came across as a very warm , very happy person. To be honest my perception of Johorean women was garnered from my uncle's wife who is a bit on the cool side(maybe to her niece only?) but Auntie MB put shot to all that.

And another thing I liked is her style. She is never rude or crass. She has a way of telling you exactly what is in her mind, without having to raise her voice a single decibel. A skill some politicians may well learn. I'm sure she gets angry or upset too but she handles it , and achieve what she wants to achieve.

Wouldn't it be nice, if there are more positive people out there, who, when faced with adversity , take it as a challenge, don't whine to all and sundry, but get results,and always bubbly.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuff that happenned in our house.

Hari tu kitorang pergi KL Tower

Sorry lah sebenarnye camera dah rosak so tak da gambar. I think kena beli baruler-- how much was your birthday pressie Izan?

Anyway tak lah plan nak pergi, dah nak maghrib pun. We were around my old school the Bkt Nanas area and dah nak balik, but entah kenapa tiba tiba husband terbukak hati turn the car to KL Tower.

Seronok sakan anak-anak I. Thank you adalah 1000 kali.

Best jugak kat atas, maghrib so the sun was setting and the citylights were being turned on gradually. It was really pretty.

KLCC look so close! Especially seen through the binoculars . Nampak balcony semuanya. Maid tangkap gambar pakai her handphone.

Of course, tak makan tak sah kan, so we got the kids and maid hot dogs each.

After one round I dah penat (laa..) so nak balik.. I sempat gi masuk the duty free and bought the teddy bear yang amat lah cute - siap pakai jaket lagi . Since I cannot buy for one kenalah beli 5 - nasib baik RM10 each- and Johan gets the biggest one (sebab ada 4 different varieties of the smaller ones so each girl got one type)- I told him he has to share with me.

They all pun namakan the teddies- entah apa apa nama- booby lah, harry lah etc. Johan's was Harry. So anyway the next day at work I got this call and Johan nangis teresak esak. I sampai tak dengar what he was saying. it turned out, his teddy lost its nose. Ada ke? Then after 5 minutes of this very menyayat hati's cry, he quieted, Kak Ning has found the nose.

When I got home, he said, the glue that he used was not strong enough. Dahlia then said she has a superstrong glue. Laaa awat tak kata. So I told her, lend him the glue. Ok lah, semua beres.

5 minutes later Johan datang lagi kat I.. complain...Dahlia glued the nose upside down!

Dahlah, I told him its ok and it was only his imagination that it was wrong. he is now clutching the bear whereever he goes.

He has never had a bear before. Hence the extra kejakunan.

Whereas the other mini bears?

Sophia's under the chair. Memang lah nak bagi mummy naik hangin.


This morning one of our MANY MANY cats hurt its tail. My husband told me and I refused to look at it.. After the gym we went (sans me) to the vet and was told that his injury in the tail is now infected, there are maggots in it-- eeeewww and he may have to have the tail cut off a bit. And he's staying in the hospital of course. Husband kata ni mahal ni. ye lah , better cat than kid right .

This is the cat yang gender confused. Dia menenen other kittens even though dia sebenarnye JANTAN. I read it up, its normal.


The other night hubby picked me up and we went to - RE*dBo*x . Hee hee...rasa sungguh naughty since the kids thought we were caught in the most godawful jam.
EMPAT jam nyanyi ok...makan and then nyanyi some more. sampai serak -serak. The other other day , we checked into Traders for the night. Mengambil kesempatan as hubby has conference the next morning nearby. Ahhhhhhh bliss to have the bed to myself.


Baby Alive dah mati- erps takda bateri. Now in Dahlia's cupboard and not Sara's as Sara has sent her there and call it her "hotel". Hari tu I balik, mengamuk as the Baby Alive pakai plastik bungkus ayam. Rasa macam dah cerita je? Anyway soon after that they put the clothes back on. And dahlia kata Sara made her scoop back the "poo" out of the potty into the bowl as the poo is the food that comes down je, and she did not want to waste. Hee hee. pandai anak mak.

They complained that the baby is so needy. Dah makan, sebok nak wee wee. Pas tu nak hug all the time. Tu lah, nak jaga sangat.



You know the expression "Forgive and forget"?

Or the dialogue- I forgive you but I will never forget?

Usually applying to some heinous crime or some unforgiveable hurt done by one person to another.

How nice it would be if we can just - forget.

No need to forgive lah, just forget. Or alternatively, remember more. More of the good stuff - so that the good memories we have with that person who hurt us, can overcome the bad memories.

Sometimes we cling to these wrongs very jealously , not willing to let them go and bringing it up whenever say, we need to do something nice that involves that person. We may say- yah, but the other day so and so was so rude to me, so why shoulld I help her now? Weapon maah...

You may well be justified, that person may well have been rude/etc etc to you but.what are you going to do about it? Takkan nak bergaduh or berdendam sampai tua? silaturrahim is very important isn't it.

In a family trying to sort out the estate of a loved mother/father who has gone , for example, more often than not, it's not that it cannot be done, it's that the siblings refuse to get things done - reason? So and so has done something wrong, Or, so and so should be the one to do this and that, because he was the one holding the title/account book/pension book. Hurt feelings, suspicions etc, fester the longer the estate is not sorted out so that one kain batik missing pun can be an issue kan??

That's the problem sometimes, we have too long a memory. And in the meantime, things don't move.

Another thing is the ranking. kakak tua cannot lah apologise to adek. adek lak, refuse to do the same. How? When will the issue get resolved?

Tu lah, sometimes, it'd be nice if we can forget a bit more.

not forgive, but forget.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kedekut or Careful?

What to do ye?

Daughter no 4 , the careful one, is very careful with her possessions. (Cicit wan dia, and cucu Auntie Yot dia haahahah) She is not letting her sisters borrow her books. They want to read her DumBDIARY and it's just a flat no from her. No reasons given. So they steal it from her. And she comes and complains. I tell her to share. But should i force her to share? I tell her, if you don't share, then others will not want to share with you- then is the message, do something nice so others will do something nice to you? (what's wrong with that?). Still no go. So I asked her, why don't you want to let Sophia read your book?

She won't put themback, is the answer. So I tell Sophia, Dahlia has the right not to lend you her book, but if you want to borrow it, keep asking nicely and if she puts conditions, follow lah. And be careful with her book. For example, she hates it if you fold the corner of the page just so you remember the last page you read.

So, Dahlia finally agreed to let Sophia borrow. But she is making her sisters run through hoops. After I eat, lah. After I do this and that many things to delay. In the end, I saw Sophia finally reading it, NEXT to Dahlia, under her close supervision.

But then it was nearly midnight and I forced them all to sleep.

NO wonder Sophia cried hahahahahah.. Kesian. baaaru dapat baca, dah kena tido. Takpa, tomorrow masih ada...

But since I have not heard any more complaints, I guess the problem is over now.


Landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa

"Retiree’s hopes dashed on seeing hand clutching mobile in rubble"- a father called his son's handphone only to find it clutched in his hand, his hand sticking out of the earth.


"Enough is enough" says PM

Those are just a few of the shocking headlines yesterday. Thank God for Star Online.

I have long been disturbed, distressed and bothered about the rate of development at the hills of UluKlang. And I'm not alone. I don't blame those who live there...we all want the environment and the peace, I totally blame the developers who perhaps,should have sought for other lands to develop, or did not disclose totally that it may be unsafe, or did not take 500% the measures that they needed to take to make it safe. It's not right that hills are levelled to an inch of their life in Ulu Klang area - and continued to be levelled -just because they can.

Well, the rants of individuals, have gone unheard. Ulu Klang area continue, as we speak, to be developed. red angry earth greets you instead of the green trees that the developers use to sell. We have houses by the river, houses deep in the forests, houses on slopes- such steep slopes that you wonder whether they can stand the test of Malaysian weather. All very prestigous houses, mind you, all very expensive. On the way to work you will find me hyperventilating to see the hills and the bamboo trees uprooted to make roads for the tractors. Also hyperventilating to see how Sime development continues to regards the pockets of land and trees within Melawati as temporary landbanks , which they will turn into more office and shop lots (which we obviously need desperately).

We all know why this goes on- MONEY. Money has changed hands, loads of money will be made. Everyone wants to live next to nature, regardless of the cost TO nature.

Well. God has a way to drive the message home. Innocent victims had to suffer loss of loved ones, loss of property, inconvenience, all before Hari Raya. I suppose aptly, it is Hari Raya Korban, as they have sacrificed. The outcome is that PM has said Enough is enough, and TPM, (the more powerful man) has said, NO MORE development on hills. If, these 2 announcements become and stay true,then the sacrifice is well worth it. As was quoted this morning in the Star, someone said ,in 3 months time, the tractors will continue.

In front of my house there is a hill, and allready I see development on it.Hey, my montly payment includes the view ok?? Jokes aside, the development has caused the river to be red with soil (and you wonder why there are more flooding) Behind my house there is a slope, so everyone slept in myroom last night in case the hill decide to visit us while we sleep.

And not just here. Lately, Gasing Area, Damansara Area...everyone is telling the authorities and the developers, STOP and preserve the environment!

Wonder if they will listen now.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Hey there

Johan has chicken pox...

now at home, being miserable.

husband says the ubat that ppl tell me , cant be given to him as he is a child. It's supposed to surpress the spots.

Plus, he has a tooth coming out at the top of his gums. really really high up, on the upper gum. Have to take him to - jeng jeng jeng...the dentist. When I was 6 I had to have surgery sebab I had a tooth protruding where it was not supposed to , in mycase, in the middle of the roof of the mouth.


saw the site yesterday for the landslide that covered 11 cars. Actually had to pass it, on the way to a client's house for signing. Hubby sighing why I don't make t hem come to the office, as he has to be my chauffeur and wait for me. Come to me, you will not have to lift a finger hehehehe


Joke of the day I got:

Five tips for a woman...
1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.

Foot Note:
One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob: 'If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts.'

No, i won't send it to women i know.


Oh by the way, that email where there is a pic of a burnt baby called Alexandra and if you forward the email teh parents get 3 sen? that's a hoax so don't lah forward it ok?

And ,I think if you forward stuff, must make sure delete all the earlier emails, what do you think?

Ok time to go back to work.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

happy birthday SARA!


Sara, now that you are ELEVEN,mummy and daddy think you are a BIIIIIIIGGGG girl. So no more crying over not memorising the Surah surah and we are NOT going to let you ponteng again just because you did not do your homework was the last time okk....You have to be responsible for your own homework, your own room, your own kasut sekolah, ok? Sekarang dah besar. Eat more, as well! Hope you don't look for what you don't have and instead appreciate all that you DO have and you have a LOT to be thankful for.

Sara , we don't tell you enough but hope you know that we are proud of you, we think you are a wonderful girl with a BIG ambition and creativity, and we know you will grow into a beautiful young lady who too too soon, will no longer need her obsessively protective parents!. In the meantime, enjoy playing with that BabyAlive as long as you can!

Happy Birthday Sara sayang!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kids' Day with Mummy at Office

Ok- 3 kids in office is NOT a good idea.

Yesterday morning felt sorry for jojo,and took him to office with me. Why i felt sorry for him was the night before , he went to the loo and then came up terrified and when I asked he said while he was in the loo he "imagined" that I knocked on the window and then I was chased by a hannnnttuuuuu . He really cried and was really scared. I told him to think of something happy. Imagination pun nak takut ke?

Anyways. I dropped Nadine and Sara at Arabic class, bought some food and drawing pad for jojo and off we went to work. He was quite good, sitting alone with his psp.

then I had to go get the kids. So off we went and after getting them, everyone had a M*c D lunch . Sophia and Dahlia, who were at home, also got their order in. Dahlia made the order and said she wanted a fish fillet and Sophia wanted a spicy chicken *m*c deluxe.

Sampai rumah, Sophia nangis...she had actually said she wanted NON SPICY chicken. Teresak-esak pulak tu. Tak sampai hati pulak...suruh dia makan fish fillet dia takndak.

So off we went, Sophia and Johan and I , to work, via Mc D. Dahlia pun ikut on the grounds that I had asked her first to come to work with me (?ye ke?) and anyway she is ready. All three of them promised that they would be quiet, and not run around, and also would do their Bahasa malaysia exercises. Which they brought along with them.

Once they arrived...walawwwww... All three of them sat for a while in my room. for 10 minutes.

After 10 mins........

1. They started to run around
2. They wanted milo
3. They were hungry
4. They wanted to use the computer to play games
5. the PSP died.
6. Every time I left the room when I return Sophia would be playing some game on it.

In the end we put them in the spare room - then I moved them to the meeting room, gave them paper and closed the door. Haa peace and quiet. Sorry lah Haq hope you dont mind.

Then,they emerged. Lapar. And where was that milo? I took them all to Secret Recipe, they had a cake each. No way was I going to get them SecretRecipe Milo , so I bought milo and made them a cup each. They all had their cake and milo in the meeting room and declared me the best mom ever! Better than daddy!! Highpraise indeed!

They let me work for a while- then I saw paper planes cruising in the office. their big drawing blocks made big paper planes.

We left when dad picked us up at 7. I made them pray and thank goodness they can go to toilet by themselves.

Phew! One kid, manageable. 3 kids- pandemonium!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Good Morning.

Hi there....

How was your weekend? We went back to Kampung , my family, my parents, my brother and his family and my husband's brother and his family. It was good, there were a total of 10 kids in total and they had a good time swimming and basically lazying around. My husband showed his kerajinan yang tak disangka sangka by mowing the lawn. We pay some person money everymonth to mow our own lawn and yet balik kampung jadi hero. Discovered that the land belonging to atok (and now, auntie, courtesy of adat pepatih that gives all harta pusaka to the girl) extends to the bendang sawah opposite the house. Talks of developing it into a say, lembu business , ke or apa ke, by my excited hubby, was dampened by my realistic dad who told us it's complicated as the land is in the name of my auntie so can't just do what you like with it. Land eh- it's always messy.

Ok. back to work. Johan is with me now, having thrown up twice this morning, once in the car.. He's a happy bunny and is now with his psp which I told them I will send back to the shop if they get corot in their coming exams.


Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...