Anak anak I dah besarlah.

I just read Sophia's journal and its full of "today was the worst day " or "I am so mega bored." there's one entry and it said "today is 6th of December (refer to the above)" . "refer to the above??" what is she, lawyer in training???

I hate it when I read that they had a bad day or what. Of course they don't tell us that they had the worstest day ever. Maybe because I don't give them a chance , what with the yelling about have you had a bath, how come you are STILL on the computer.

Maybe I should lay off my kids eh. But then I have very few rules- mandi, makan,sembahyang, buat kerja skolah, that's it.

Of course, you are going to tell me, i should not read the kids' journal. Well, yes if I was a mom somewhere else. Over here in my house, all diaries are compulsory reading - only in diaries/journal you get to hear your daughter speak as she does to her manglish.


Tomorrow taking kids to Twilight. Finally. I went to tanjunggoldenvillage and bought 2 adult tickets and 1 child. Taking Nadine (she has been SO NAGGING me- EVERYONE has seen it mummy! So what, Nadine) and Sara . Sophia Dahlia and Johan moaned when I told them, they're not coming. Should I take Sophia then? She won't appreciate it. Maybe dad can take them somewhere. Maybe I'll take Sophia to the office tomorrow.
Spend mommy daughter time together. I know she'd LOVE the shops!


Yah, there are several very interesting stalls down in Ampwalk. One selling bricabrac, books lah, CDs, artwork, and stones. So far I have bought one very nice (to melah) bracelet. The teenager is such a sales person. She would match stuff and recommend stuff and promote stuff to me. And she loves me because I am not asking for discounts. Yah, I'm stupid.

Anyway her mom is also selling very good non-ori bags. I tak berapa gila brand sebenarnye. But her mom brought over some nicebags with double initials. Siti's favourite. So we looked lah. I am not a fan of the monogrammed version, to be honest. I'd prefer the epi leather. I LOVE the epi leather. tapi nak beli ori, mahal nak mati...Tapi tak suka nak beli tak ori...

Konon konon if I ever buy, it'd be an ori lah. Ori anything lah, tak kesah lerbrand ke or what. It's the bag not the brand. I don't care that this version costs like rm14,000 or what at the shop. do I like this bag or not.

So anyway yes I do like one bag. Its a non-ori doubleinitial bag. As a bag, its very nice. Leather, White. Big, can put my cute laptop. But the tag is rm700. Mahai woit!!For a non-ori bag lak tu.Ok ok you get the picture right.

yayaya I should treat myself right, I work too. Well, I have been treating myself just fine. there's the sunnies, then the make ups also branded . Yang bestnye hubby tak pernah get himself any expensive stuff - and we have a joint account so I don't feel that it's my money or his money.

meanwhile the girl who's selling this tak habis habis confirm auntie ambik ye auntie?

Auntie angguk jerlah......

No willpower.


ms hart said…
SW, pagi-pagi dah pecah perut baca your 'Auntie angguk je lah!'...haiyaaa...sounds so like me...will power zero!!:)
Hi ms Hart!

After I post this I thought I sound so (a) shallow and (b) cheapskate heehehhe...but what to do ?

yalah sungguh takda willpower...semalam tak tidor tengok website LV mencari menda alah tu...
MrsNordin said…
I was thinking about this on my way to work this morning. I think you don't really fancy the bag because it's non-ori and for RM700, it's expensive. Yeah... maybe, but I think it's a good imitation and it doesn't look cheap. People won't know it's that brand either becoz it doesn't scream **. It's very subtle.

But if you plan to put your laptop in it, forget it. Buy a different bag as your laptop case.

At the end of the day, just ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you really like the bag?
2) If yes, would you pay that much for it?
3) If no, give her your fair price. If she accepts it, you take it. But if she's unwilling to bring down the price, don't take it.

I'm supposed to go and see the H**** bag today but I'm not sure if I should. Beg dah melambak2 kat rumah tu, dah tak tau mana nak simpan!
Yeah, J...

I'm such a wimp. I can't ask for best price lah I segan, I am born to be a miliyunaire.

But I will try.

thanks for your coaching on what to say hehehehehe...
eh..she called u aunty..if she called u 'kakak' confirm u beli ek?hahahha...RM700?mahal la..RM300 u shld grab.hahahah...
ps:I see a lot of married couple having a joint account.we still don't.should we?aha..maybe that's another post in the making for u, to have or not to have a joint bank account.hahahha...bukan to have or not to have that bag..ish..menyibuk je I ni kan..aunty..hehe..usik je jgn marah..
hehehehe..I bought it believe it or not....i thought it was a nice bag...

Joint account- see next post hehehe

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