Saturday, December 20, 2008

chicken pox- 4 down 1 to go

Dahlia and Sophia are now down with Chicken Pox.

YEsterday maid wanted the weekend off. Today is her birthday. Our present for her- A prepaid card and trip back to her agent.

Sophia and Sara were also going off to their cousin's house for a sleepover. Sophia especially, was very excited. When we arrived home, she announced that she had packed.

When I got back, Dahlia grinningly told me she had chicken pox- she showed me some spots on her face and back. No wonder I thought she was slightly off the last couple of days.

I thought- ok, so next is Sophia or Nadine's turn lah. I checked Sophia nonetheless and was surprised to see A SPOT.

No staying over at cousin's house lah!

All of us went to Kajang to send maid, and then went to Brother's house. Hubby was absolutely adamant that Sophia cannot sleep over even though she will only be with Yana who has had ckn pox, and even though Sisterinlaw Intan said it was ok. Her other 2 sons, yasser and baby yusuf, havenot been exposed before.

Sophia merajuk and nangis teresak esak...I would have let her go but yah, I guess it's not a nice thing to do, if we leave her. Guarantee kena the other 2.

Sisinlaw kept saying takpa lah, takpa lah. She'll be with yana je.

What would you do ?

So we went back, adn i LAPAR GILA. Hubby so sweet, drove all the way to A&W and went to queue for food. He is not big on demonstration but he does all these stuff which I really terharu. Small stuff like, I have to go to a client's office and knowing how hopeless I am with directions, he would fill up the car to the max. More often than not I would get lost anyway.

So anyways back to these 2kiddoes. I have to mandikan them air semambu today.

Nasib baik jugak depa kena in school hols now.


Ezza Aziz said...

la kesian nya...kena campak air pulak.. elok pakai calamine lotion..supaya hilang kan gatal....

orang tua cakap kalau anak kena penyakit ni,mak bapak tak leh ..bersama...ebtah laa..akak pun tak faham why????

My Internet Diary Online! said...

Yeke Kak E?? Apa ye sebabnye..agaknya suruh mak dia concentrate jaga anak kot...

yalah, calamine lotion...tu yang macam putih je ...

Shila said...

ooopss that was me. us

shah said...

alo along.anything u want from here?let me know asap.

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