Good Morning.

Hi there....

How was your weekend? We went back to Kampung , my family, my parents, my brother and his family and my husband's brother and his family. It was good, there were a total of 10 kids in total and they had a good time swimming and basically lazying around. My husband showed his kerajinan yang tak disangka sangka by mowing the lawn. We pay some person money everymonth to mow our own lawn and yet balik kampung jadi hero. Discovered that the land belonging to atok (and now, auntie, courtesy of adat pepatih that gives all harta pusaka to the girl) extends to the bendang sawah opposite the house. Talks of developing it into a say, lembu business , ke or apa ke, by my excited hubby, was dampened by my realistic dad who told us it's complicated as the land is in the name of my auntie so can't just do what you like with it. Land eh- it's always messy.

Ok. back to work. Johan is with me now, having thrown up twice this morning, once in the car.. He's a happy bunny and is now with his psp which I told them I will send back to the shop if they get corot in their coming exams.



psp???psp???aiyah...and what shud i get sara nanti eh?
hai adek!

Hmm.. how much is PSP over there in euro?

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