happy birthday SARA!


Sara, now that you are ELEVEN,mummy and daddy think you are a BIIIIIIIGGGG girl. So no more crying over not memorising the Surah surah and we are NOT going to let you ponteng again just because you did not do your homework ok..today was the last time okk....You have to be responsible for your own homework, your own room, your own kasut sekolah, ok? Sekarang dah besar. Eat more, as well! Hope you don't look for what you don't have and instead appreciate all that you DO have and you have a LOT to be thankful for.

Sara , we don't tell you enough but hope you know that we are proud of you, we think you are a wonderful girl with a BIG ambition and creativity, and we know you will grow into a beautiful young lady who too too soon, will no longer need her obsessively protective parents!. In the meantime, enjoy playing with that BabyAlive as long as you can!

Happy Birthday Sara sayang!


Madam Tai Tai said…
Shila, your daughters have such beautiful names!! Pandai you and Jab pilih nama.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sara! Have a wonderful year ahead.
Dad of 4+1 said…
Happy birthday Sara!!! Was she surprised to get Baby Alive (or did she pretend since Uncle Haq accidentally blurted out early this week?)
wanshana said…
Happy Bithday, Sara!

I agree with Gina - such beautiful names :)
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday Sara

Love from Auntie Fulltime Mom and family
Auntie Gina- thanks on behalf of Sara! she was born close to wales and Rhiann was a popular name where she was born hence the name!
Hi Uncle Haq- you were the big give away hehehehehe
Hi Shana- thanks for the wish I'll make sure she reads them!
Thanks Auntie FTM----- are you back??????

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