Sunday, December 28, 2008


today my baby brother Shah turns 26.

Happy Birthday Shah!!!

I remember when mom was pregnant with you. She was throwing up in the bathroom and I went and asked "What's wrong???" . Dad , who was with her, turned to me and said- "Don't you learn Ilmu Kesihatan?" I was 14 then. no,at that age, I had no real clue about the mechanics of babies and the making of one. A state I would like my children to be in, if truth be told.

Anyways , mom and dad acted very embarrassed about it because she was old- she was (GASP!!!!) 36. Oh my gawd here I am contemplating having another child when I'm 40 and at that time mom thought she was old. The youngest then, Sazzli, was 7. Mom did like to space us out a bit.

As a 14 year old I had to help take care of you. I remember feeding you with your bottle - mom said you never graduated from a 2 ounce bottle ever. Er?? ye ke? Anyways you grew up to be an adorable toussled hair baby boy. Where DID you get your curly hair btw?

You went over to visit me in the uK when you were 10, remember? All my friends loved you especially when you sang "When I see you smile" by er Bon JOvi. So cute...I think I took you strawberry picking. sorry lah that time I was very the angau with your brother in law.

You got into St John, before you left for MCKK at age of 15- can't be fun, joining boarding school midway. All the others would have made friends, But you survived

I did not imagine that you would be the one learning Japanese and going off to Japan. You were my baby brother and mom's baby and destined to be pampered all your life but you took the hard road- respect lah bro! Now Abangpol will get you to read anything japanese. remember he bought a tin can of polish and it was in Japanese and then he got you to read it and it said "Black" and his car was silver? Terkkejut dia...that was so funny.

Now you are 26, you are still my baby brother. We know that you cannot be nagged too much as you will get stressed and harrassed- you do not have my capacity for fighting back hehehehe you just absorb quietly and then go mad- like mom and like saiful heheheh.

We all love you, we are very proud of you and we are STILL going to spoil you rotten.

Happy Birthday !

PS Bila nak ada girlfriend ni? Dah 26 !

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