Joint account

My husband and I practise the joint account system.

It all started years ago after we got married. He was a Junior House Officer in the Uk and I was following him , happily abandoning my legal career indefinitely in the process.

So the first week there, I was basically incomeless and had no cash ler.

Anything I want, I can ask my ahem- husband (teruja sangat dapat title baru)

But I found, asking for money , to be an unpleasant process. It is never refused but it is often accompanied with "Why?"

So I told him, I need access to your account.

Mula mula face reluctance..tapi eventually the wisdom of it prevailed.

Hence, the joint account.

Obviously all the expenses come out of the account and there was no issue as to what my contribution was because I was not working- but I paid inkind lah...heheheheh. Eh, I used to iron mamat punye baju adalah 20 helai sehari ok..I cooked all the time and was basically the isteri mithali. Yang I herannye now, how come I was not bored? I was happy as a bee.I had no friends of my own, my world was basically him and his friends - oh yeah, and our existing friends yang dok UK. (this was the early years of course.) After a while I took French, and got a clerical job (Eh duit gak tu) which did not last too long as it was too clerical lah. (masa tu sombong sikit...sekarang doing the same clerical job but under different name, ok je)

But I managed his finances le. I would be paying all the bills, tukar credit cards, arrange for his taxes etc.

When we got back , he and I continued the joint account process. Still sole breadwinner . After a while, I got work too and the moolah went to the same account.

Anyways, When both of us worked, we never sat down and discussed- you pay this and I will pay that. E-veh-ry thing came out of the same account. Keluaaaarje. I didn't have the thought that Rmxxxx out of that is mine and I can splurge.

Even when I had to open a different account in a different bank (following the company policy) the account would be joint.

The upside is, we don't quabble about money. Always no money tu biasa lah.

The upside is, we always tell each other about our expenditure. (usually me lah since I yang belanja benda merepek selalunye) . One time he forgot to tell me he had taken money out up to the daily limit and I was in Johor Bharu and when I went to the ATM I could not take money out-erks!! So this telling each other is verrrry important.

The Downside is...neither of us has any money of our own! Although I have another account which I try to put some saving into- he knows this ler but at the moment account ni macam dah nazak je.

So when I give money to my mom, she thinks its my money and when he gives money to his mom she thinks its his money, but actually , they are wrong as it is OUR money hehehehe

Tu lah ceritanye......


aida yurani said…
Aiyoh kaklong, ni kira2 kalau dia beli you the bling-bling, kira dari duit you jugak ke? :)
Yalah ! Thats why he never could buy blingblingsebab I would say- eh duit tinggal berapa je takYAHlah buang duit..

But that has not stopped us from buying presents ler...
Ezza Aziz said…
seronok la baca blog you ni..kelakar laa...joint account..dulu akak ada buat gak,,tapi belum habis bulan dah tinggal ner...

so bior la dia jer yang pegang...
Hai Kak Ezza! Datang tak this Sunday?? So looking forward to mtg you - your blog pun best!

yayaya...RM7 tu pun pernah terjadi..pas tu tunggulah gaji sapa sapa yang tak masuk lagi heheheheheh
ms hart said…
Oh SW, di hari Jumaat yang mulia ini, you buat I rasa sungguh know that we (hubby & I) are a pair of n.o.r.m.a.l couple after all!!!! huhuuu...God bless you!!:)
Ezza Aziz said…
rasa akak pergi........errrrrrrrrrrr boleh pinjam baju boleh.......hahahaahah
ms Hart - OMYGOD another similarity...I always feel the same way, sebab takda orang yang Ikenal ever buat macam tu and I selalllllllu kena marah dengan orang(read- my mom) hehehehe
Kak Ezza

Apa apa you pakai sure lawa ler! Dress up ke ah? I Takda baju ni!
MrsNordin said…

You tak ada baju??? You can just come in your pearls and Les Majestueux! Sure havoc Melting Pot!
MrsN- woooo bawak jangan tak bawak...hehehehe
Lan0stZz said…
Kak shila, after reading up your post, i terasa mcm senang if we have one. But at the same time, i do want my own $ for my own self. How to spend knowing that the $ is not completely ours? need more advice lah from expert like you all :)
Lana...i know so and sso much of that money is from my salary so I know if I spend to buy che'pi something from that portion, it'd come from me.

Alternatively, you hve your own account and then contribute to the joint account. I have one . But unfortunately for me, its acting just like a joint account heheheh.
wanshana said…

We have a JOINT account which all HIS salary goes into, AND I have MY own account which all MY salary goes into. Buleh?! Hehehe!

All the big expenditures and payment segala loan and credit cards tok nenek would come from the joint account (a.k.a his salary), and all the chiput and remeh temeh expenditures would come from my account. Nama pun gaji chiput...Hehehe!

Like you, I manage everything - early of the month budget and adjustments in the middle of the month budget. And I would be doing the running around to the banks and all the M2U stuff. Everytime he wants to keluar duit from the ATM and issue cheques, he would ask me, "How much can I withdraw, Mommy?" Kesian kan?!!! Macam I ni control semua duit dia, kan? Tapi his "allowances" double mine, tau...Hehehe!

So far, the arrangement works fine :)
mmmm..but if suddenly could happen kan?what if need to sign cheques guna 2 signatures and one refuse to sign?i mean, its all possible kan?i ok je joint account, but i don't think hubby is ready yet..i think he still wants to be in control of his money i suppose..
azwan said…
Kak Long, why not you get yourself a software to manage your expenditure. makes managing money easier.

downside - hv to key in to the computer everyday lah.
Hi Royalshoppingarcade- tu lah macamana kan. taknak lah gaduhkan. Our account current so no issue about signing anything!It's not for everyone but it works for us.
Wanshana! That is so what I do too- no lah you are not controlling but then it is easier for them to leave everything to you.
Kita pun better at the men at remeh temeh ni,

I am thinking of not touching my current gaji account too much sebab kalau tak ada je benda yang direka nak beli!
Hi Juan

That's a good idea gak...tapi macam malas lak nak pi key in tak ke?

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