Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kedekut or Careful?

What to do ye?

Daughter no 4 , the careful one, is very careful with her possessions. (Cicit wan dia, and cucu Auntie Yot dia haahahah) She is not letting her sisters borrow her books. They want to read her DumBDIARY and it's just a flat no from her. No reasons given. So they steal it from her. And she comes and complains. I tell her to share. But should i force her to share? I tell her, if you don't share, then others will not want to share with you- then is the message, do something nice so others will do something nice to you? (what's wrong with that?). Still no go. So I asked her, why don't you want to let Sophia read your book?

She won't put themback, is the answer. So I tell Sophia, Dahlia has the right not to lend you her book, but if you want to borrow it, keep asking nicely and if she puts conditions, follow lah. And be careful with her book. For example, she hates it if you fold the corner of the page just so you remember the last page you read.

So, Dahlia finally agreed to let Sophia borrow. But she is making her sisters run through hoops. After I eat, lah. After I do this and that many things to delay. In the end, I saw Sophia finally reading it, NEXT to Dahlia, under her close supervision.

But then it was nearly midnight and I forced them all to sleep.

NO wonder Sophia cried hahahahahah.. Kesian. baaaru dapat baca, dah kena tido. Takpa, tomorrow masih ada...

But since I have not heard any more complaints, I guess the problem is over now.


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