Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kids' Day with Mummy at Office

Ok- 3 kids in office is NOT a good idea.

Yesterday morning felt sorry for jojo,and took him to office with me. Why i felt sorry for him was the night before , he went to the loo and then came up terrified and when I asked he said while he was in the loo he "imagined" that I knocked on the window and then I was chased by a hannnnttuuuuu . He really cried and was really scared. I told him to think of something happy. Imagination pun nak takut ke?

Anyways. I dropped Nadine and Sara at Arabic class, bought some food and drawing pad for jojo and off we went to work. He was quite good, sitting alone with his psp.

then I had to go get the kids. So off we went and after getting them, everyone had a M*c D lunch . Sophia and Dahlia, who were at home, also got their order in. Dahlia made the order and said she wanted a fish fillet and Sophia wanted a spicy chicken *m*c deluxe.

Sampai rumah, Sophia nangis...she had actually said she wanted NON SPICY chicken. Teresak-esak pulak tu. Tak sampai hati pulak...suruh dia makan fish fillet dia takndak.

So off we went, Sophia and Johan and I , to work, via Mc D. Dahlia pun ikut on the grounds that I had asked her first to come to work with me (?ye ke?) and anyway she is ready. All three of them promised that they would be quiet, and not run around, and also would do their Bahasa malaysia exercises. Which they brought along with them.

Once they arrived...walawwwww... All three of them sat for a while in my room. for 10 minutes.

After 10 mins........

1. They started to run around
2. They wanted milo
3. They were hungry
4. They wanted to use the computer to play games
5. the PSP died.
6. Every time I left the room when I return Sophia would be playing some game on it.

In the end we put them in the spare room - then I moved them to the meeting room, gave them paper and closed the door. Haa peace and quiet. Sorry lah Haq hope you dont mind.

Then,they emerged. Lapar. And where was that milo? I took them all to Secret Recipe, they had a cake each. No way was I going to get them SecretRecipe Milo , so I bought milo and made them a cup each. They all had their cake and milo in the meeting room and declared me the best mom ever! Better than daddy!! Highpraise indeed!

They let me work for a while- then I saw paper planes cruising in the office. their big drawing blocks made big paper planes.

We left when dad picked us up at 7. I made them pray and thank goodness they can go to toilet by themselves.

Phew! One kid, manageable. 3 kids- pandemonium!


Aida said...


That's very brave of you to take 3 kids to your office. I wish I could do that..... but then no work will ever get done hehehe.

Its alittle hard to keep kids entertained during the holidays kan?

I would never be able to take one and leave the other... thank god I only have two at most time. 4 kids, on the weekends... but at least my older ones are teenagers, big enough to look after the little ones hehehehe

Have a good week ahead.

Helena said...

My kids pun love visiting my office. Somehow they were in awe with the office environment.... another fav is my phone.... hehe macamla tak pernah tgk phone with built in speaker....

The last time all of them came was during our Office day - they remembered tat there was a Cake Deco competition, which i was one of the judges.... and the little one would ask later "Mama, office mama tu kedai buat cake ke? hehe...

Anonymous said...

hallo sheila ! yr fav anon here just to drop by to let u know that im still reading your blog !

t care !

aida yurani said...

hehehehe, I can imagine 3 of them at your office. Hehehehee. Ala, siket hari lagi diorang dah nak besar macam nadine & Sarah. Nanti sooner or later you will be the one pastering them suruh ikut you mana you pegi. :)

Take care kaklong!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida -- i was also questioning the wisdom of taking them but actually its not them so much its the mummy missing them hehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi helena!

hee hee - tu yang dia ingat ye? Well at least they had fun! My kids also dapat cake tapi sec recipe cake je lah...!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey there anon- how are you over there? Glad to hear you still visit us once in a while with your hectic social life and all!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida- tulah sekarang ni laaah dia nak ikut ...nadine dah tak mau dah.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...