Sunday, December 07, 2008

Landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa

"Retiree’s hopes dashed on seeing hand clutching mobile in rubble"- a father called his son's handphone only to find it clutched in his hand, his hand sticking out of the earth.


"Enough is enough" says PM

Those are just a few of the shocking headlines yesterday. Thank God for Star Online.

I have long been disturbed, distressed and bothered about the rate of development at the hills of UluKlang. And I'm not alone. I don't blame those who live there...we all want the environment and the peace, I totally blame the developers who perhaps,should have sought for other lands to develop, or did not disclose totally that it may be unsafe, or did not take 500% the measures that they needed to take to make it safe. It's not right that hills are levelled to an inch of their life in Ulu Klang area - and continued to be levelled -just because they can.

Well, the rants of individuals, have gone unheard. Ulu Klang area continue, as we speak, to be developed. red angry earth greets you instead of the green trees that the developers use to sell. We have houses by the river, houses deep in the forests, houses on slopes- such steep slopes that you wonder whether they can stand the test of Malaysian weather. All very prestigous houses, mind you, all very expensive. On the way to work you will find me hyperventilating to see the hills and the bamboo trees uprooted to make roads for the tractors. Also hyperventilating to see how Sime development continues to regards the pockets of land and trees within Melawati as temporary landbanks , which they will turn into more office and shop lots (which we obviously need desperately).

We all know why this goes on- MONEY. Money has changed hands, loads of money will be made. Everyone wants to live next to nature, regardless of the cost TO nature.

Well. God has a way to drive the message home. Innocent victims had to suffer loss of loved ones, loss of property, inconvenience, all before Hari Raya. I suppose aptly, it is Hari Raya Korban, as they have sacrificed. The outcome is that PM has said Enough is enough, and TPM, (the more powerful man) has said, NO MORE development on hills. If, these 2 announcements become and stay true,then the sacrifice is well worth it. As was quoted this morning in the Star, someone said ,in 3 months time, the tractors will continue.

In front of my house there is a hill, and allready I see development on it.Hey, my montly payment includes the view ok?? Jokes aside, the development has caused the river to be red with soil (and you wonder why there are more flooding) Behind my house there is a slope, so everyone slept in myroom last night in case the hill decide to visit us while we sleep.

And not just here. Lately, Gasing Area, Damansara Area...everyone is telling the authorities and the developers, STOP and preserve the environment!

Wonder if they will listen now.

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Royalshoppingarcade said...

Kak Syila,
i used to live at Atheaneum, one of the nicest condo on BA, in 2002.After the landslide that killed the colonel's family, I told HUbby we had to move!And we just stayed there for only about 3months.
The thing is, kat overseas diaorg buat rumah on hillslopes jugak, tapi takde pulak landslides after landslides yg killed so many people (not that I know of anyway). I mean, its so clear that corruption is rife. And yes, after this news basi, they will continue the development...AL Fatihah to those who perished...And for those who are still alive, their nightmares have just begun (nak pikir whether to continue to live there and if they do live there would they live in fear).Ya Allah, protect us from harm please...

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