Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Wednesday

Wanna hear something bizzare?

Serendipity moment.

I was going to meet my friend N**. Okaylah- NUR. Anyway she was my colleague in the previous firm, before she went off to the U*NH*R. (The boss called ME and asked if I wanted to do the job since I had after all sent in my application, but then since that application was like 4 years before, it didn't really apply to my current needs. :-))

Anyways. She went off to do the refugee thing and discovered that she was naturally talented at it. She is anyway very intelligent although she said the silliest thing sometimes. I had that in common with her plus a sense of the utterly ridiculous and we'd spent many hours merapu-ing.

She's now pursuing her Masters in the land of Nestle.

So where was I..ok so we had an on the spur of the moment date- 3 p.m at P*avill*ion. I was at the car park , keys in hand, about to approach my car. Deep in the bowels of Ampwalk basement carpark. Suddenly, HONK HONK.

My parents!! In B2!!

Of all the times for them to make a surprise visit- although I had always asked them over many many times for lunch etc etc.

So mom and dad heard where I was going, and they said, they'll send me.

So off we went to the Pavillion. I was allready late, so I walked a bit faster. I said come and join us ok. Mom said- go ahead lah, I want to go shop also. So i sort of skipped to the Loaf and went upstairs (N was waiting on the upper level)

I was a bit anxious but figured my parents would catch up. If I was totally honest I was hoping that they'd go shopping for an hour or so before they decide to join us. We have not seen each other in 6 months and she had IN-TER-ES-TING non parent friendly stuff to chat about. Mom said no lah she didn't want to intrude.

of course my friend looked amazing. All that Swiss Air kot.

I had sat down not more than 5 mins when the seafood pizza I had for lunch came up to bite me and I had to run to the loo(eww- TMI?).

We finally ordered a latte. (read- tooexpensivekopisusu) and we settled in for a lonnnnnnngg chat. I was half anxious thinking of where my parents were but trusted they were ok and having a fantastic time shopping.

Suddenly! I saw my dad and mom approaching,my dad shuffling towards me.

"Kau pergi mana girl?" he said, irritably, "Babah jalan tengok tengok kau dah hilang!" (where did you go? I was walking and then you suddenly disappeared!)

"Er..hi babah!" I said,"come!come!" A bit unsure whether the friend would mind having a tete-a - tete with me, my mom AND my dad. "I had to run to the toilet tadi" I said.

It turned out that when i walked ahead, they had missed the turning I took and they took the escalator straight to the upper floors.

Dad was allready looking around for a chair. Mom looked so embarrassed - she kept saying "Takpalah, let's go, leave the children"

"No lah, aku nak minum ni" my dad said.

"I thought mummy pi shopping?" I asked.

"Mummy nak, babah taknak" mom said.

"Hmpph, malas lah aku, nak beli apa? " My dad retorted, "If you don't have anything to buy, tak payahlah buang masa"

Totally did not get the concept of window shopping then hehehe. kesian mom...I nak gelak pun ada.

"takpalah mom, come and join us lah, bukan borak apa pun, borak kosong je..." so we had the waitress organise extra chairs and we included them in our conversation. My dad pun interviewed my friend (yeah, my talent came from him) and she was bless her, gracious about it. Her dad knew my dad's brother -they were from the same school. She was asked- whether she was married, why was she NOT married heeheeheh- er-sorrylah ye N.

(Afterwards, I apologised for the intrusion of privacy and she said your dad is just like my dad- my dad is annoying. I laughed - yes, my dad CAN be annoying I said, which earned a long "I didn't mean that" and "your dad is FUNNY, MY dad is annoying!" hehehehehe- s'okay. I know what you mean!)

Sigh....My dad- if he ever leaves us,there will be a HUGE vacuum that no one and nothing can ever fill. He is such a personality, so sure in his opinion, very funny and yet very serious, the ustaz and the lecturer all at the same time. Plus I can never talk to him without arguing with him, you know. Why is that?

Anyway after they had coffee mom insisted on leaving so after reassuring themselves that my husband would come and get me safely (yes a bit sheltered, aren't I) they left. And I went on chatting for another 3 hours.

hee heee- just wanted to tell you my date with my friend, And my parents.


aida yurani said...

Hahaha, kaklong! I can imagine your dad interogate your friend. Especially bab dah kawen belum. Hahahahaha. Now you make me very rindu to dengar paklong leter. I'll drop by sometime this weekend to see them at the new house.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida- go lah! Along heartattack gak lah when it was clear that babah nak sit with us. Tapi in the end it was fun also!

tireless mom said...


Well at least nak jugak your parents follow you. I dun think mine would ever do that merely because they hate to drive in KL and penat and sakit lututlah berjalan kat Pavillion yang besar tu.

Have a good break dear.

MrsNordin said...

What did you tell your parents...? Knowing you, you must have said something which have made them thought they were included in your agenda. That's why your dad was looking for you!! Hee.. hee... good one, Shila!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah, you are right I said - come lah join us but I thought- er,..lambat sikit lah tapi. Heheheheh

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi TM

Selalunye takndak...entah apa mimpi....i wish i can take them out in better circumstances...

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...