Monday, December 22, 2008

The MakcikBloggersMeet

Makcik Bloggers met yesterday at one of the hotels in KL.

Best words to describe the meeting?

Kecoh!!! Havoc!!! Fun!!! Unexpected!! Surreal!!

Unexpected as no one seemed awkward with each other (I'm sure I spelt awkward wrong) .

Surreal because we'd be mentioning stuff we read in each other's blog - personal stuff which is weird because you are essentially, strangers! I for one, am known now for my romantic trysts with hubby despite having 2 such outings in 2 years but hey hubby now that I've put it out there, you have got a duty to make it come true ok least once in say six months.

Anyway everyone was soo friendly. Ada je connection. Hubby of WS is the same batch as brother of Principal. The "Mother" (Ibu ler tu) works with MrsN's and MTT's friend (and my classmate for 2 years).

At the end of it, penatmuka senyum and penat mulut bercakap. True to form I went home worrying whether I had talked too much (I had), and whether I should have shut up (I don't think that was possible). I pray I have not offended anyone though! (Cakap sedap mulut je kan hehehehe)

We ended with promises to make this regular- KAYleeda.... your turn!

Now who is going to let me have some pictures.....?


aida yurani said...

wah, rugi tak join the fun. Ayong managed to get the tickets, so we went for the movie.
Anyway, heard that my BIL kena operate macam Mila ye, hehehehe. Thot benda tu tak berjangkit? Now Azrin sure kena warded kat my house after operate, eerr... err... will I berjangkit too?
BTW, my mom spoke to ur mom ystd, I guess they will have the mtg soon, my mom is coming back to KL again this end month. I will update that to you later in person.

Ummi365 said...

hah dah jumpa blog superwoman dah.. ari tu gi ke mumbai blog..

shila you are so happening.. peramah giler you.. ada je nak celoteh.. tapi memamng fun kan.. ok nanti kita korek kat mana kita pernah jumpa.. have a nice day and take care dear!

tireless mom said...

Dear SW

Yes yes, since you have made that romantic wifey impression to the makcik bloggers, tell Jab to make it happen again soonest. Tak delah, you tak de lah cakap banyak sangat. Anyway kalau iya pun, you have a licence, you kan loyar. Enjoyed every minute of yesterday's meet! Now nak blog hop to read the wonderful reviews. You should read Ms Hart's review of you.

ms hart said...

SW, eeeissshhh...I was like meeting a celebrity pulak masa jumpa you semalam - dok repeat je script teruja I, "You are the first mak blogger's blog that I read!!!" Eessshhh...memang 'control button' kantoi big time!!

Sama lah kita, dah balik dok fikir, apa bende lah yang I dok menceceh tadi tu...!!

Had a wonderful (100x) time with you and the rest yesterday! Thank you sooooo much!!

wanshana said...


It was really nice to have met you again after all these years!

I agree - now that you have a 'reputation' must make sure you and Jab live up to it. HAHAHAHA!!!

Don't worry, you tak menceceh pun...Even if you did, no worries. You were not the only one who menceceh... Hehehe! All of us were guilty maaaa!!!

* Got some pics on my blog :)

MrsNordin said...

Minah suka romen? Siapa yang panggil you nama tu? Haa... Bella! Bella, she's offended!

Hee.. hee... seriously Shila, you memang pun suka fantasize romancing with your forever on-call doctor husband. I think that's very sweet...

We all do too (I don't know about the rest, but I do it all the time!). But the difference is, I only "imagined" it, but you made it happen. That's so cool!!!

p/s I'm waiting for stories from Singapore, ok? :)

p/ss. I have some more pictures of you. Kalau rajin nanti I e-mail to you.

bella said...

Hi Mrs Superwoman,
Now I can put a face to the name...and tak lari jauh la with my imagination, elegant lady....hahhaha you are offended ekkk...sorry la...Ibu la...dia yg mula...hehehe...but, I feel I dah kenal lama wt all u of u...hopefully u tak serik nak jumpa i lagi...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aida...takkot menjangkit..I will call you soon. Lagi pun Azrin dapat bila Mila dah buang, so how to menjangkit?

Anyway yah I hope kemelut opah dan auntie auntie berakhir soon.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Ummi365!!!! You rock too! Samalah peramah ! Best betol jumpa you semalam...! And MANA kita pernah jumpa ye??? Sedara? Orang mana? Nanti lah kita CSI kan ok...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey tireless mom- awak superanggun gitu! Nice to have met you and your sister and really appreciate you coming over even though you just landed I heard!

I have just gone to other blogs- kelakar sangat review Ms Hart- tangan kunyit pun ada! hee hee!

Superwomanwannabe said...

ms Hart- your review was soo funny and also very graphic I boleh rasakan I was there all over again- Nasib baik depa tak kick us out je kan heheheheheheh!

And you are JUST like your blog persona...! Kita tak leh lah tipu tipu control macho..tak jadi, control button memang tak function terus..hehehehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Wanshana

It was really really great to meet you and the kids and you know you are still the you I remember- supernice!

I think we all menceceh a lot sampai sakit rahang and today I rasa demam kot sikit hahahahaha

(tengah pakai shawl dari Dhaka ni- thanks MTT!!!)

Superwomanwannabe said...

MrsNordin- hee hee- eh mem you try to sleep with at least 3 out of 5 kids in your bed EVERY night - I bet you would also be try to get away as often as you can hehehe!!

But Jab and I memang hantu hotel - JAkunnnnnnsss - all the sabun, kopi stationery..macam tak pernah nampak heheh (dah lagi satu rahsia bukak)

Jomlah our getaway!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi bells-it was really cool to meet you and I am soo impressed that I know someone who speaks French and we MUST get together again-

Elegant- alamak terperasannye saya.....but I think the entire table yourself included , was ELegance personified!

Come over often ok!

IBU said...

Ohhhhhhh... so u la the owner of the white handbag tu yer?!!! I dok eyeing the bag...Hmmmphhh...nyesal tak gi raba-raba.... I mean, raba the bag la. LOL!!! (this has got nothing to do with the title that has now been bestowed upon u by bella... hahahah)

I had so much fun talking, listening, laughing & eating all at the same time with all of us. My gawd - how did we manage that eh? Driving home, dok sengih2 sorang dlm kereta.

Aduhhh... pasti kena jumpa lagi soon!

Anonymous said...


We all pun cam u gak..bila tang dok hotel tu..cute apa those toiletries.

Enjoy your anniversary!! Ada chance Johan dapat adik ni..


wanshana said...

And Superwomanwannabe,

I hereby tag you :) (Hehehe....ala-ala nak dapat Knighthood gitu).

Please drop by my blog to check the tag out. Thank you, thank you...

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