Nak Bagi ke Tak?

Maid wants to go jalan jalan with friends.

My sisinlaw Intan has sounded me out 2 days ago that her maid told her, that My maid wants to go jalan jalan on new year.

I said NOOOOOOO. Somehow the idea of my maid walking around shops unaccompanied by moi and getting up to all sorts of mischief made me very nervous.

My sisinlaw was relieved because she also said no to her maid and she was going to say that I said no too.

I waited for my maid to mention it- takda apa pun.

Then yesterday morning as usual I asked her "what's new with you" etc and she said her friend has asked her to go out , to town. The friend is working in a restaurant and she told her friend that she can't go and also that she is not as free as the friend. I said not as free but a heck of a lot richer. She has nearly a grand of unclaimed salary with me ( I give her as and when requested otherwise we have a slip- I never did open any account with her but her money is instantly available to her lah) .

I know the question that she did NOT ask was if she can go out with this friend. So later that day I told her, you know I feel very funny about letting you go jalan jalan in KL the same way I would be feeling funny about letting Nadine go. She asked me why. I said both of you live in my house and I take care of both of you. I take care of you for your parents also. To let you go around unsupervised....when KL is so dangerous. You may be meeting men, or what., I don't even know your friend. That's why I'd rather send you to your agent/adopted sister's house and let her take you out rather than let you go off on your own. this is not your country some more...dan sebagainye....

The only way I can think of letting her go is if I drop her, meet her friend, get their handphone numbers, then pick her up say 2 hours later.

She said Ok lah tu kak.

Eh did I just say yes ke?

I asked hubby who is by the way always on the side of the maid , and he said- bagi lah it should be ok.

I spoke to mom who said no. Discussed with mom how my maid is not like the submissive kampung maids she used to have. Maids nowadays budak bandar, pakai handphone, naik lrt. etc etc. Tak takut and tak suka kena peraaaaap kat rumah...karang tension. So far dia kerja bagus, macam pekerja lah. I pun boring gak kalau I kena duduk rumah

Apa pendapat di sana.....????


Lan0stZz said…
my maid and mommy's maids all 3 of them kalau nak keluar kena keluar dengan each other. the youngest Dewi tu terpaksa tahan drpd jumpa boyfriend dia just because ada kakak2 ni jaga dia so die segan. So i suggest kasi dia keluar ngan maid kita2 je so that they are terkawal and always in the look by someone else whom we trust. Just my 2 cents :)
MRSHUSiN said…
ha'ah... mummy dulu pun masa des (izreen's old maid) ada, mummy let her go jalan2 with Kak Aeni.
but now mum is a bit more lenient with Kak Aeni and she lets her out whenever she wants to provided she comes back not too late and kalau lambat ke apa2, warn mummy 1st.
i sure hope she doesnt take advantage of mummy's leniency. you can never trust them.
Jawahir Jaafar said…
My maid pulak jenis taknak jenjalan...rather stay at home ngan baby Mira. Apa-apa pun, I still akan bawa dia kuar jalan sesekali-sekala...whenever I kuar shopping groceries.I did buka akaun bank for her and every month akan masukkan duit gaji dia dlm akaun.before masuk gaji, i ask her sama ada nak guna duit beli keperluan dia tak...kalau tak, i masukkan semuanya ke dlm akaun.For me, kalau maid nak jenjalan sensorang, I takkan benarkan.apa-apa pun boleh jadi.Baik dia kuar jenjalan ngan kita sekali.
Just my 2 cents...
tireless mom said…
Dear Shila

If you know her friend tak pe. To let her off alone with stranger, I don't think it is a good idea. I agree that maid pun can be bored terperap kat rumah. That is why at times I don't mind if she wants to go out with my MIL's maid or SIL's maid. However so far tak pernah lak she asked me. Daripada tak bermasaalah, it could be, you never know kan. So better curb it.
Hi Lana-

Thanks for the offer lana, that's something to consider . At least dengan orang yang kita kenal. Takut karang merewang tempat lain
Hi Izan...I guess this girl has been only with me for one year. so untested lagi. to let her off alone tak lah kot..hmmm wonder if i can ask her agent.
Izan- if she takes advantage gak..memang lah.
Hi Rimaugirl- bestnye Iwish she takda keinginan ni semua, everytime i ajak dia jalan dia takndak... she prefers to go with her friends. ye lah kalau jalan dengan kita kira kerja lah agaknye.

But you are right apa apa pun akan jadikkalau dia sorang sorang
hi TM

now im realising that a lot of maids do go out ye, but supervised or under certain conditions. Nanti I find who I can ask to take her out.
MrsNordin said…
Hard to say. Bagi salah, tak bagi salah.

We let our maid go back to her "kampung" (which is in Kg Pandan) once a month. She said pegi rumah makcik dia, but we know she nak jumpa her boyfriend. I don't want to investigate to far, but MrN would let her go with a long lecture. Hopefully, she won't do anything silly.

Am I of any help? I doubt so..
J- thanks for seems that it's common for maids to want to go out. I think its ok that you let her go to her makcik's house - apa apa pun dia nak buat after that lantak ler..but at least ada makcik. I pun nak serahkan dia to her agent lah, after that dia nak merendek pergi lah. I think.
Anonymous said…
My maid dulu, every week keluar. Sebab dia kata dia entitle cuti. La pulok.

Susah kan? Mmg serba salah. I lak susah nak kata no. Cuba rasa kita asik dok umah je terkurung sepanjang hari sure bosan. Dia pun nak merdeka day gak.

Susah nak ckp toksah. So dia enjoy la. Mula2 just balik hari, then later, Sabtu keluar balik ahad. Tido umah kawan. Baju sekolah kasut sekolah undone. Ni ha tuan umah ngan anak2 kena buat.

Sekali tu, she called, panic giler. Polis dah cekup dia nak bawak naik trak. She asked me to pick her. I cakap bagi hp kat polis tu. So I talked to the police. He said, "ni dia dgn lelaki ni puan". I said "simpan la dia dlm lokap barang sehari, biar dia takut". The police tu gelak2 kecik.
Tau2 malam tu dia balik. She said, her friend kasik duit kat polis. Hmmm..
So for weeks, dia takut sekejap. But not for long.

Ni jenis senang naik kepala. Org kasik lebih mula cepat injak2. Jenis tak tahu di untung.

Last2 baru kerja 10 bulan, dia cabut bawak beg besar ikut pintu belakang.

Kawan2 maid keliling rumah dia kata, dia lari ikut boyfriend.

So shila, to kurung her pun mmg kita rasa mcm kejam la kan. Agaknya leh la bagi sebulan sekali keluar. But strictly say, balik jgn tak balik.
Jgn jadi mcm i, baik hati sgt tiap2minggu leh cuti. Sudahnya dia naik tocang.

Hi Celcomite- kesian nye dengar your story...your maid betol- lah tak mengenang budi....

TU lah i wish dia tak mintak ..kan aman dan damai. Tapi sekarang mana ada yang homebody.

Maybe I will let her go out once in 2 months..tapi sekali dia dah keluar...karang dia mintak lagi. I have to be strict lah.

Anonymous said…
You are too nice to your maid. Don't regret it later!
Lan0stZz said…
kak shila, esok maid kitorg nak jalan2. kalau urs nak ikut habaq mai ok.

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