Monday, December 15, 2008


I was pondering where to go, in the end we drove out to Pedas(Podeh), Negeri Sembilan. Or rather, Kg Sungai Terap. Before we got to the kampung proper we explored the area, which when I was a child, was inaccessible due to lack of roads. All I know was my Wan's house was "this side" and Atok's kampung was from "that side".

To get to my kampung (Wan's) you have to head to Kem Bina Negara Pedas. From the main road, turn in. Usually we would, after about 15 minutes, turn right at the tyre announcing Kg Sungai Terap. But yesterday we went further on, to Atok's "side"- we saw many other roads with the tyre mounted on a board announcing their kampung names. We went into one of them and the makcik pakcik out there gardening smiled at us thinking who the heck are these ppl with their noisy car.

I thought- hey, you could be my relative!

Hubbywanted us to stop and play in the anak sungai - I didn't think it was a good idea as the anak sungai he suggested was off the main road- if you go in all the cars can see you.Eh malu weh. nak carik proper tourist place but my bladder was screaming. Kesian ...

I think hubby liked the kampung. It's actually quite scenic, set in a valley with hills at the back, he mentioned that people should turn Rembau into bali (godforbid). Banyak sawah padi yang dah kering. River everywhere. (one runs in front of my kg house)

My kampung actually consists of ONE road.Semuanya wan dan adek beradek's houses. Beratur next to each other. Sekarang occupied by their cucucicit and anak beranak - but atleast occupied! If I bump into them in the market tak kenal- Selalu kena tegur- Ni Shilaaaa ko? Anak PakCik Kasim? (nama terus tak glamer- Shil-AAAH-bukak sikit mulut).
Sampai je rumah kampung, terus tengok pool. Alamak, colour PERIDOT- lime green. It did not look as if we could be swimming . My cousin the present president of the Sudin family club said that her mom had put in the chlorine that morning. When my brother arrived he said that it was probably ammonia she put in so we dumped some more chlorine in. The pool was doing a pretty good imitation of a pond. Ada frogs, ada frog eggs, ada dragon fly.

Kesian Tina, sisterinlaw's daughter who stayed with us yesterday, she wanted so much to swim. Tapi hijau anak oi...dia siap bagi idea suruh buang air kotor, lepas tu taruk lah air bersih, apa susahnye auntie ni bodoh tol... (I'm trying to train them to call me Maklong - tak melekat sofar)

But pool or no pool, kids being kids had fun nonetheless, pandai pun main "Musang" (or our version of What time is it Mr wolf) , main cards, main sorok sorok, Riuh gaklah rumah papan tu, dengan my kids, and SIL's 2 kids, and my brother's 3 kids- riuhhhh..

I had the same type of fun when I was younger- kalau ada cousins lagi naik hantu- pi sungai lah, pi curik ciku lah, main polisentry lah (I baru lah tahu nama dia Police and thief). masa tu rumah tu my dad's cousin duduk (aka adopted sister) - until her husband and her got the LabuSendayan windfall and then she upped and left and built her bungalow down the road and severed ties (what was THAT all about). Makan is nooooo problem.

It's really nice to see the kids use their imagination for once. Taknaklah their childhood memories consist of "I main PS2" or "I pi tengok wayang" je.

We left about 6 pm.. kena tutup rumah semua. You feel such a connection to the place your grandparents lived, your father lived...

I would not mind coming here more often.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shila! When you go to FRIM, please drop by our house. You're lucky your kampung is not very far from KL. My kids had a blast balik penang last week. Mandi sungai, kejar ayam. Up to 10 years ago, the water very cold, before 10 menggigil nak mandi, now not anymore. Some parts of Malaysia should be left as it is, so that our kids can experience the kg life.


ms hart said...

Aisayh...I envy people yang ada kampung in that real sense of kampung like yours! Go lah build one nice house there for you to return to masa weekends or masa dah pencen nanti.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Jah! thanks for the offer- have to go lah to FRIM its not far at all!
Theboring part of our kampung is that the sungai is NOT swimmable either...your kg sounds so great!!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi MS hart- boleh gak...memang tenang setenang tenang nye. Tapi tanah tu all NOT for sale...auntie I punye...!

Madam Tai Tai said...

Bestnya! Dapat main kat kampung. Wish we were young once again.. I just love to play galah panjang. I rasa budak2 sekarang ni don't even know what galah panjang is.

Don't forget to come to my mum's house on the 20th malam, ok.

tireless mom said...

Bilo kek Rombau... Podeh..., toringat lak tompek tompek yang menarik kek situ cam Sopori, Bongek, Chongkau ngan Chombong. Osah lah oghang Rombau, balik kampung borjalan satu pokan di pusing eh. Kek Kolumpo susah nak buek cam tuh. Jam yoh, Hari hari jam. Maleh nak borjalan.

: )

aida yurani said...

at least you ada kampung, ada jugak dekat sungai. My kampung (eerr... eeerrr... ur other kampung too, heheheh) is in Taman Ibu Kota, and takde sungai. Longkang besar ada lah. My other kampung, is opposite Taman Ibu Kota and it is rumah batu. How lah? Nak panggil Sungai Petani tu my kampung (err... current house my parents live, so can call kampung kan?) pun dalam kawasan perumahan, ada tesco lagi. Ini macam kena carik calon suami orang kampung lah, dapat gak rasa hidup kampung.

mamasita said...

This is my 2nd visit to your blog.I think the first time is when you explained kenapa you all decided to come back from living overseas.

Hope you have settled down very comfortably.

Have you been to the East Coast since coming back?
Anyway, we live in Kuantan where the kampung houses are very close neighbours with the bandar houses!hehe

Please drop by at my blog whenever you feel free ok?Thanks and glad to meet you.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Madamtaitai- yah most of the games nowadays v techno kan...our games dulu simple je.

See you on 20th!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Wah tabik lah you- ekau anak nogori rupanyo!Kampung I memang kek Sopowi. Tapi ese bolum laiee tengok yang lain!

Nanti you datang lah kampung i ok...!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Mamasita!! Thanks for coming over! I will definitely pay you a visit!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida- tu lah, kampung kita semua kat bandar nak buat camana ek? tapi dulu rumah Opah tu best apa, sungai besar gak!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...