Thursday, December 11, 2008

Stuff that happenned in our house.

Hari tu kitorang pergi KL Tower

Sorry lah sebenarnye camera dah rosak so tak da gambar. I think kena beli baruler-- how much was your birthday pressie Izan?

Anyway tak lah plan nak pergi, dah nak maghrib pun. We were around my old school the Bkt Nanas area and dah nak balik, but entah kenapa tiba tiba husband terbukak hati turn the car to KL Tower.

Seronok sakan anak-anak I. Thank you adalah 1000 kali.

Best jugak kat atas, maghrib so the sun was setting and the citylights were being turned on gradually. It was really pretty.

KLCC look so close! Especially seen through the binoculars . Nampak balcony semuanya. Maid tangkap gambar pakai her handphone.

Of course, tak makan tak sah kan, so we got the kids and maid hot dogs each.

After one round I dah penat (laa..) so nak balik.. I sempat gi masuk the duty free and bought the teddy bear yang amat lah cute - siap pakai jaket lagi . Since I cannot buy for one kenalah beli 5 - nasib baik RM10 each- and Johan gets the biggest one (sebab ada 4 different varieties of the smaller ones so each girl got one type)- I told him he has to share with me.

They all pun namakan the teddies- entah apa apa nama- booby lah, harry lah etc. Johan's was Harry. So anyway the next day at work I got this call and Johan nangis teresak esak. I sampai tak dengar what he was saying. it turned out, his teddy lost its nose. Ada ke? Then after 5 minutes of this very menyayat hati's cry, he quieted, Kak Ning has found the nose.

When I got home, he said, the glue that he used was not strong enough. Dahlia then said she has a superstrong glue. Laaa awat tak kata. So I told her, lend him the glue. Ok lah, semua beres.

5 minutes later Johan datang lagi kat I.. complain...Dahlia glued the nose upside down!

Dahlah, I told him its ok and it was only his imagination that it was wrong. he is now clutching the bear whereever he goes.

He has never had a bear before. Hence the extra kejakunan.

Whereas the other mini bears?

Sophia's under the chair. Memang lah nak bagi mummy naik hangin.


This morning one of our MANY MANY cats hurt its tail. My husband told me and I refused to look at it.. After the gym we went (sans me) to the vet and was told that his injury in the tail is now infected, there are maggots in it-- eeeewww and he may have to have the tail cut off a bit. And he's staying in the hospital of course. Husband kata ni mahal ni. ye lah , better cat than kid right .

This is the cat yang gender confused. Dia menenen other kittens even though dia sebenarnye JANTAN. I read it up, its normal.


The other night hubby picked me up and we went to - RE*dBo*x . Hee hee...rasa sungguh naughty since the kids thought we were caught in the most godawful jam.
EMPAT jam nyanyi ok...makan and then nyanyi some more. sampai serak -serak. The other other day , we checked into Traders for the night. Mengambil kesempatan as hubby has conference the next morning nearby. Ahhhhhhh bliss to have the bed to myself.


Baby Alive dah mati- erps takda bateri. Now in Dahlia's cupboard and not Sara's as Sara has sent her there and call it her "hotel". Hari tu I balik, mengamuk as the Baby Alive pakai plastik bungkus ayam. Rasa macam dah cerita je? Anyway soon after that they put the clothes back on. And dahlia kata Sara made her scoop back the "poo" out of the potty into the bowl as the poo is the food that comes down je, and she did not want to waste. Hee hee. pandai anak mak.

They complained that the baby is so needy. Dah makan, sebok nak wee wee. Pas tu nak hug all the time. Tu lah, nak jaga sangat.



MRSHUSiN said...

kak Long, my camera is cheaper than kak Zu's so i think for a dslr ok kot! in the market it is rm1999, dapat 4GB memory card. u should get it!

hahaha, & funny abt the cats. kucing pun ada yang gender confused ek? ingat kan manusia je... ;P

Superwomanwannabe said...

can be perfect anniv pressie for epi.

yah, the cat now is in hospital, confirmed that the tail has to be bobbed a bit, sbb maggot dah makan banyak....kesian dia...

Royalshoppingarcade said...

god..byk benda funny happen in ur house house pun but no time to blog about it..
so romantic a..happy2 with hubby nyanyi and stay one nite at good..

rosesNtheboyz said...

hi kak long..

nice blog posts... i hopped here from mrshusin's blog..

keep wannabeing.....


Superwomanwannabe said...


tulislah,sure riuh kan? yalah kena lah romantik curik masa...dah everynight tidor satu katil 6 orang ,macamana tu hehehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi RosesNtheBoyz! Welcome and thanks for dropping by! Come again ok!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...