Sunday Blues

Every weekend dok pikir...mana nak pergi ?

1. Kemas rumah sana. Dah setahun pindah tapi barang banyak lagi kat sana. Orang nak sewa pun tak lalu nak masuk, punya lah semak.

2. Pi FRIM- dok hujaaaaaaaan je?

3- kemas rumah sini- I need to sort out the clothes that the kids can't wear any more.

4. go see parents? They are at some wedding or other.

5. picnic? see reason no 2

Actually I really feel like going to the beach- maybe we can do that. Even though it may rain.


Dad of 4+1 said…
wntd 2 go frim ths morng too! we r off to pavi for lunch now n mayb kepong prk later if wthr permits.
Hi Dadof4+1- if you ask my kids lunch at pavi would be on their top list - to heck with parks! In the end we went back to kampung

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