Friday, December 26, 2008

Tag- 16 Random Things You (Don't) want to know about me

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog/Facebook note with 16 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 16 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don’t forget to leave them a comment or tag them in your note to read this.

Thanks to Shana, you guys will have to be prepared for sixteen random stuff about me.. here goes!

1.Hmmmm..first up apa ye..I'm very chatty? WHAT a surprise eh? I can't stop chatting and think everyone is interesting and really don't have any guard to put down or up or whatever. At the same time I'd be wishing that I am less "bubbly" and more "proper". Waaaaaahhhh!I'm screwed up!!!

2. They called me "Goldfish" at Alevel college. well, one guy did anyway and it kind of stuck. Apparently due to the plumpcheeks. You think?

3. I went to Standard 1 at the age of 5 - this was in Labuan and was obviously because I was too much for mom to handle and better off in school. Boy was I an active child- Labuan was lovely...playing football with the guys, pergi belajar sembahyang kat surau pakai kain batik (ikat kat belakang), buang rotan my dad kat hutan belakang, kena kejar dengan dentist around dental clinic....aaaaahhh memory..

4. I cut myself badly twice. Once in Labuan, trying to open my "keropok udang" with a huge sharp knife - the keropok udang was a prize for coming in 6th in a race - eh, menang gak kan. I have no athletic bone in my body is that my fault. Anyway I sliced across 2 fingers, and for the 1st finger (middle finger) they stitched it up at the clinic, but for the 2nd (index), I had to go to hospital. Second time I dropped my opah's heavy duty scissors ONTO my foot and had to again, be stitched. Operation-one for a gum that did not stop bleeding (that was when I was 6 - couldn't have been fun for mom) - one for a taring in middle of mouth, and 2 D&C

5. I have been pregnant EIGHT TIMES. When you think about it, I am such a scaredy cat , my husband used to have to take my blood for the blood tests himself when I was pregnant and yet I thought nothing about having babies 8 times. I lost 2 between Nadine and Sara and one was after Johan. I suspect they were boys.....tak kuat!

6. I wrote once, long ago- I managed to type out 3 manuscripts while waiting for SPM results - one was a soppy bizzare lovestory about me and my friend Ogy who went to this University for our summer jobs and I fell in love with one of the lecturer at this university- who was...RajaNazrin hehehehehehehe. (hey, who was ever going to read it??) The other was about me and Zu on a LoveBoat kind of scenario. All very chaste- I SO can be Stephen*ieM*eyer hee hee. Now, no more imagination lah to write anything.


7. I stayed for a year in Melaka - Kem terendak. My best friend was Hemalatha - I used to sell daun gajus - from the tree depan rumah I. Cikgu -cikgu beli. Ada yang siap nak bargain lagi. With a 10 year old? Bagiii lah sedekahkan, aparah. Best friend I masa primary tak pernah melayu.

8. I love anything paper and pen- I used to make and sell greeting cards. Sebelum I had kids I used to go read cards at Memory Lane all the time.

9. I took French when I was in Bedford with hubby- not very good at it, and husband loved to say "Robert nest pas la"(sorry Bella spelling salah) Robert is not in and called me "jambon" a lot because it sounded cute - until I put my foot down because it meant ham. entah apa apa entah.

10. I am veryyyy forgetful. "Tak balik penang for raya?" I once asked. "tak lah sebab saya orang Batu Pahat"was the answer- is one of my classic booboos. Yet I can retain useless information for years.

11. I keep trying to sew. When I was in Adelaide tunggu hubby potong a lot of possums for his research project, and taking all 5 kids with us and living like paupers ok, PAUPERS- this Philipina lady taught me to sew for a while but again, I am very bebal and tangan very KERAS so tak jadi sangat. So fiddly lah, sewing. Kenaaaaaapa lah mom tak masukkan dalam SRT.

12. I drive barefoot and I sleep naked. No I don't (sleep naked I mean) but just wondered if anyone is still reading this drivel hohum hee hee!

13. I cannot eat hot food. I had tonsilitis since I was young and always had to miss school and it was always "we'll operate when she turns 12" and then I turned 12 and then the thinking at that time mercifully changed to NOT operate on tonsils. Hubby does not believe me as he say adults do not have tonsils. I do, so there. Lauk lauk I semua "putih" ie tak da cili.

14. My thumb can bend backwards. This is verrry fascinating to my husband who thinks I'm a freak. Sophia can do it too. I can't roll my tongue though. All my kids can.

15. I nursed my children until they were past 1 year old. All of them. Nadine was the longest. Sorry.Johan was the longest. Hence the outofshape boobies heehheheheeheh. Plus I used to raise the kids from one handbag- botol pampers etc semua sumbat dalam myhandbag. No such thing as baby bag. Hippie.

16. I got kidnapped kat Pasar borong when I was four, while mom was pregnant with my brother Saiful and also while I was waiting for her to buy kuey teow. I got dumped in a corner and mom eventually found me. And I love kueyteow.

So there you are. 16 things...if you read it all the way through, thank you. Who do I tag?
(mainly my cousins)
1. Aida
2. Azwan
3. Izreen
4. Izan
5. Lana
6. Noni
7. Aishah
8. Haq
9. Kitchenguardian
10. Fulltimemom- can do it in FB what....
11. ThankfulMe
12. RoyalShoppingArcade!
13. You, AnONY!! come on, Manveen you can do it!
14.Lala in Lalaland
15. Mumsie!!!!!
16. My husband if he ever has the guts to appear online hee hee hee.

Ok hope everyone will oblige- then we can learn more about each other!


tireless mom said...

Dear SW

# 5 - Confirm you are my specie. 8 pregnancies! Mine was 7. Close but you win!

# 6 - There again, you are such a lomantic person.

# 12 - Salah ke sleep naked. Ooooppss!

IBU said...

Whoaaa... I love no 12!!! hehehe... I drive bare foot too... I don't usually sleep naked. But a lot of times wake up so. AHAHAHAHA.....

p/s Apa ni? Kena kidnap tapi kena dumped kat one corner? hehehe... ishh, but thank god nothing worse happened.

Superwomanwannabe said...

TM- haaaa tak salah , tak salah..hee hee. Panas pun Malaysia ni kan??

I never knew you lost 2 too- wow imagine our life if semuanya ada kan..sure havoc..

Superwomanwannabe said...

Woooo Ibu- yaka?If I wake up naked it's usually accompanied by a lot of banging on the door by the kids!

Yah,I was standing around waitin gfor my mom when I was about 4 at pasar borong chowkit when this old lady took me. She held me and brought me somewhere but apparently (i tak ingat) i cried sooo loudly that she had to put me down. My mom found me that same day 3 hours later , at the local pondok polis. Someone must have sent me to the police pondok. Mom told me it was an attempted kidnap cause masa tu a lot of kids were being taken and "sold" to Thais.

wanshana said...

Thanks for doing the tag, dear :)

Tersembol bijik mata I when I reached #12. Hahaha! And even more tersembul when I read Ibu's comment on the same. I can just imagine - going to bed fully-clothed, and waking up the next day not-so-fully clothed...Hehehe!

And #16 - is scaaaarrryyyyy, maaan. Syukur alhamdulillah you were left there and tak dibawa lari entah ke mana-mana, kan?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana- no worries- not really an effort to talk about self hehe.

yah Ibu so terror ....!

The chowkit incident-yah it must have been scary for my mom too- i would just have freaked out if I was her.

Royalshoppingarcade said...

hi,alamak, 16 random things about me..hehe..wait , let me think.hehe..u are hilarious!i will do the tag, tapi where shld i put it?takkan dlm my royalshoppingarcade blog..habisla my customers lari.hahahaha..
will definitely do it , nak kena pikiaq dulu..interesting ni..
eh..nasib baik u tak kena kidnap kan..

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