Thursday Diary

I have not had the chance to blog at all.

What's been happening ye...

1. Sophia has got the worst version of chicken pox- she has the most and the biggest spots. I said - Sophia, you are the worst struck. Johan said- yah Sophia, you are a truck. As of today she is up and about and feeling better but boy I hope she won't be marked for too long- she is the fairest of my children pulak too.

2. Mom and Dad's house is 95 percent ready. Today is cleanup day. Hubby pulak on call and brother went to work in the morning and so did his wife. So in the end it was me, my maid and my kids. Dad was NOT happy but then when my dad does any work he usually likes everyone to be working too..heee hee sorry dad! So much to do, the workers removed the plastic covering that my mom had carefully put so that now everything is dusty and I spent the first half of the day wiping things up and arguing with my mom about what to do first. I told them just finish upstairs first lah mom. Mom pretended to agree then the minute we had our back turned quickly got the maids to resume cleaning downstairs duty

3. Now I am at home, having been chased out of my parents' house to take care of my kids and my brother's kids - my worry is the 1 and a half toddler who is now sleeping peacefully and is usually very very clingy to the dad. Oh yeah, thanks to DadofFourplusOne and KitchenGuardian who have kindly agreed to hire out their maid to me for a couple of hours. My dad buat dialogue drama pulak when I told him this - tak payah lah susah kan orang, kita ni ada...

4. I am obsessed with things Twilight,it';s supposed to be for teens and I am nearly 40 and a hopeless romantic.... so shoot me.

5. Yusuf the toddler is awake and how to take care of toddler agaiin?

6. Oh yeah we were talking about having no 6- if it is a girl we'll call her-- Nisa Selena... in honour of our carr....hehehehehehe.

ok the crying is worsening...byeeeee


kay_leeda said…
Hi Superwoman,

Missed commenting in your post on the blogger meet. Read it and thought I'd come back to say something later. Then came work, the rest faham-faham je lah. have 2 kids down with chicken pox and helping out with hse reno as well. CONFIRM Superwoman!!! And thinking of no 6 too??? That upgrades you to SUPER DOPER Superwoman level girl!!

You have a good holiday dear :)

p/s I have a "nissa" too at home. My no 3 :))
ms hart said…
Hi SW,

I was telling Mr Sor about your 'struck' and Johan's 'truck'. Then I went on telling him about the number of kids you have, he was like "Haa? Lima?" and I added "Tu pun they don't mind another one. They love kids. In fact siap nak ADOPT." Our son chipped in "Habis tu, dia dapat tak DOG?" Aiyoo....satu kereta bergegar with our laughters!!!
ayo shila,

my kids thought i send my maid home yesterday, ribut jugaklah time dia tak dak...and hajar dah tak tentu harah....

shows how much am dependant on my maid!!
MrsNordin said…
Met Kitchen Guardian yesterday at GE Mall. She told me about the pinjam maid part. I hope your children are feeling better already.
Hi Kayleeda!!
Yah, had to surpress the excitement I still felt over the meet because work hit us with a vengeance.

hee hee- makbapak hippy tu yangsemua time to manja manja too much. Nasib baik the chkn pox dah subside sikit..
Ms Hart

hee hee! Terkekek ku disini- your son is so cute..nak gak laah contribute walau pun lari sikit..heheheh
yah KG- you dontknow how bad I felt about them sending the maid late and my mom kept scolding me about not telling her that we have to send wayan back early! I really really really really am sorry adn we really really really really appreciate it and hope what we gave her is enough- although I think the person deserving payment is you le!
MrsN-yah, terpaksa lah- my dad dah bisiiiiiiiiiiiiing sangat tak cukup orang lah etc and my aunties tak tolong lah etc. Last last depend on other ppl ...what to do.
Dad of 4+1 said…
Woo hoo....No..6!!!!
aida yurani said…
Hahahahaha, ini nak gelak ni. So I asume YOU had to do all the work lah ye. Nape paklong tak kasitau awal2? Dia ni suka tak bagitau, pastu komplen, ape lah. I can imagine paklong mengemas rumah baru, ended up mesti mommy yg buat semua kan? Hehehe.
Jap, yasir & yusuf with you ystd? withouty their parents? biar betul? itu 2 org bnyk hyper!
Btw, I hv loads of unpacking to do, since I tak jadi pindah rumah baru, wanna come to my house to help unpacking the boxes and the big bags? Hehehehe.
Ummi365 said…
i tell you the last who got chicken pox in the family will the one yang got big spots.. i kesian my son masa tu 13 yrs old.. sampai tak boleh nak duduk and baring.. all over the body, bird pun dah tak rupa bird dah.. sampai dah tak malu bogel depan I untuk sapu calamine lotion..
tireless mom said…

I rasa yang ribut ribut selalu at the house, mesti coming from yours. I think you are destined lah to mengalami all these bruhaha, and you do it so cooooool. No wonder you are superwoman and no wonder you dok ingat romance, something to release the stress. ; ) Hope Sophia is much better now.
Hi Aida..

tulah,tak berterus terang mintak tolong lepas tu harap orang tolong faham faham sendiri ...mana lah orang tau kan....rupanye merajuk apa lah...

yah, yusuf and yassir were here nasibbaiklahhhhh my dahlia is actually older than she looked...she was my chief babysitter ler.

their mom came soon after sebab yana the eldest complain of breathlessness and she did not take her inhaler so mak dia kenalah datang and then terus tak balik pi rumah mami dah hahahahaa- tolong kaklong buat kari udang.

Mom and dad makan sini in the end walaupun ada dialog jugak tu..hihihi
Ummi- ye lah sure dah tak tahan gatal or sakit kan, my boy bila kena pun bukak je selamba apa nak buat...kita letakkan lah lotion tu.

Kesian Sophia, besar betol- orang pandang pun ada chance takut...but kids . hope they will recover fast! (before school , anyway)
Hi TM- thanks. yes she is loads better although she is abit annoyed as she is still quarantined.

yah, how DO you do it, you pun ada 5 tapi macam okaaaaaaayyyyyy je??
Hi haq- ye lah tu woohooo...i no 6 you pun kena match ok...!!!

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