Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking forward to----


We are going!

All of us!

Thank you Bank Rakyat for the credit card!

Principle hidup- enjoy dulu. Worry later.

On the other hand, now have to work hard. Or rather , work smart. DISKAUN?? APA KAH ITU????

Yikes ...


panting panting panting

Banyak ke kerja aku nih?

tak boleh habis??

Ok ok babaiiiii

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family is complete

I've got the whole family back together again.

Feels weird when one goes missing.

Yesterday Sara spent the entire day with her BFFF . I don't know whyyyy she wants to go so much. The BFF has 5 or 6 siblings, the youngest being a baby of 9 months! In terms of attention, Sara gets just about the same there as she does in her own home. I suppose the novelty value hah. Plus they have a mobile swimming pool. Fills up with water and then you empty it out. Imagine the water bill! Plus the wastage...though having the pool at the doorstep is a rather tempting idea...

When I was younger, my parents would NEVER let me sleep over or go spend any time at a friend's house. Taknak menyusahkan orang.. don't want to bother anyone. As a result the only times I managed to sleep over at my BFFF Zu's house then, was when I "accidentally" forgot to go home and have her dad call my dad for permission.Always worked. Though neither of us would not get any sleep because (a) we'd be chatting and (b) when we finally doze off she could not sleep due to my snoring and (c) as a result I would not be able to sleep as she'd hit me with a hanger.

We also collected Nadine and Dahlia. Nadine and Dahlia had been with my parents since last Sunday, following them home after dinner at our place. On the one hand mom has company. On the other, the leader of the pack not being around led to very very bored siblings at home (and clean house)

Even our cats the mastitis stricken Brownie, and the scruffy Friskie, had been collected from the vet (not before they called us 20 times)- cost was RM800 believe it or not ! That included the surgery, the medication, the homestay and the general cost of having the worry taken away from you.

I collected my daughters last night late at night from mom. Mom wanted to make drinks but i refused. I think she felt offended but at 11 at night wasn't it too late? Plus I malas basuh pinggan ha ha. And my mom memang senang senget puuuuuunnnn...

Nice to have the kids kissing you before you go to sleep, nice to hear them yak at each other at full volume, nice to hear them fight for the "best" seats in the car. How lar to send any one to boarding school?? Mak dia yang meleleh karang....

So today I expect to be called at work two dozen times today. As usual husband wants me to come home early to be with them. We shall see if it is at all possible today. Sebok lately. Alhamdulillah....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weekend Mania

So where did you go last weekend?

I was thinking of going to the beach, so I looked up Port Dickson. I know, the beaches there are nothing to speak of, but that's the nearest to us that's halfway decent. Unless the beaches in Sepang have greatly improved lah. Last time we went to Bagan Lalang Sepang the sea was murky the beach was sludge and construction was going on.

ALL the hotels in PD were booked!

Same went for the hotels in Lumut!SwissDamai had a room for RM980! Sis in law and family went (they booked earlier) and we considered joining but too late to go out . In the end we went to my mom's house.

Asked my parents and brother to come with us to PD (still wanted to see the sea) but then Dad wanted to go to Fraser's Hill. We compromised and went to....Sunway Pyramid!!.

Kids' demand, of course. Everyone wanted to iceskate. Me, I parked my bum at Pizzahut. Dad teringin nak makan pizza of all things much to the chagrin of mom , who wanted to try out the many interesting restaurants there!

Ya Allah Sunway ramai nye orannnnnngggg.. I hate crowds .Absolutely hate crowds . You couldn't iceskate, you could just icecrawl..ha ha. Ada this girl trying to practise her fancy moves (I think she was showing off haha) but then she couldn't because there were just too many people!

I noticed there were a few types skating. The couple, where the girl would be hanging on the bf's hand for dear life, and then there were the friends , who would all link hands and skate (or wobble) together , blocking everything in sight and annoying the heck of other ppl ha ha, then there were also the kids who were veteran skaters, who would just skate while looking bored. And then of course there were the experts who would run basically on the rink.

Then my dad wanted to eat seafood so off we went to Klang...on the way we stopped by to visit my husband's uncle. He has had a stroke and my parents had not seen him for a long time. My father looked affected by his friend's illness and was quiet for a while after (Not easy to get him quiet ha ha).>Thank you though to F and family as they brought out drinks etc eventhough we were there only for short while. Inilah Malaysians. No one takes "no, I won't have that drink, don't trouble yourself" dialogue seriously. Everyone just serves you drinks and food and I love that abt us!

Klang was nice, crowded again. What did I expect though for a Saturday! We went to Tanjung Harapan and had seafood by the Muara. Food was slow but the view was good-we saw ships docked and one was pulling out. The food came one by one and by the time the last one was served I was actually SLEEPING. I was so tired I could not keep my eyes open (all that pizza hah) and apparently the steamed bawal was nice.

Dropped my parents off and went home...all in all, a good day..

Although my auntie fell at JayaJusco and broke her wrist so not a good day for her.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Whats ahead for Sara

I went to the school yesterday to get Sara's JSLA results. She took this exam right after the UPSR. This is the school's own evaluation exam which test the kids on their Tajweed and Islamic knowledge as well as maths and bm and english etc. There were a lot of Bs and B+ and 2 As and I saw two Cs in Maths and BM. C in Maths Sara?? When your dad is a surgeon?? (yeah you can blame your mom's genes, she did law because she was hopeless in Maths)

I really really need her to buck up. I have to go and find tuition for her lar. I know that it's not totally disastrous results but I can't really let her go on with average results like this. Especially since she is going under Malay Medium next year.

Oh yeah, the school offers Malay and English medium. Under the English medium, you do not need to sit for PMR - your syllabus would be English and you'd sit for O levels. Apparently it's harder. Everyone is surprised when we chose the Malay medium for Sara , as we did for Nadine. This is because Sara is so evidently better in English than she is in Malay!

I had a talk with hubbs yesterday. Do we really need her to go into the malay medium, are we jeorpardising her chances at success? He insists! He said she HAS to go under the Malay medium, as he wants her to learn local geography, local history etc. Otherwise when else would she learn about her own region? Enough time in the future for her to look to the Europeans, right now, look into who and what we are.

So patriotic! And I actually agree. It's just that....with Nadine, she was ok ..with Sara...i hope she can carry it. I really have to get her the BM tuition! And when I voice out my worry to the hubbs, he always uses this line- well, you have to come back early lah to monitor them! Doink. I CAN work at home, but sometimes you just HAVE to be at the office lah abang sayang oiiiiiii.... he wants me to put kids first though than work. I'm just going to find a way to do that.

At the school I paid for their swimming etc etc fees that apparently are still outstanding. The girls and the boys are now to be separated and the tafsir class that they offered is now only available for boys (no ustazah) but things may change. And the teachers there told me again abt how adamant my husband was to get the Malay medium for Sara.We want her to go to the tafsir programme as well. Tafsir AND malay?

Oh well... I guess we shall see how things work out. Gambatte Sara!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just rambling

I was thinking of my 2 closest friends when I was the Dr's-wife-and-stay-at-home-mom-of nadine in the UK dulu. Sorang cina dari OUG, WeiLing, and the other an Indian from Mumbai. Weiling , her husband Dr KC and their son Matthew, and NR, her husband and son , on a transit in the UK before they settle in the States.

We were a true muhibbah team.WL and NR and I would go shopping together, where NR and I would try to "pau" WL. WL always had loads of moolah compared to us both. And WL did not moan so much abt her husband's countless exams as NR and I did. But WL was wise to us and was frugal hahaha...

Anyway we were a threesome, but sometimes we were a 2 some. And there was one time when it was just NR's family and us, going to an expo in London. So we did not tell WL and of course we didn't want her to find out. NR's 8 year old son was given a long lecture of DONT TELL AUNTIE WL OKAY!!!

Of course, when we got back to where we were (Chelmsford) and we met WL...the first thing NR's son did was spill the secret! He said Im not supposed to tell you buuuuuttttt.....We were thoroughly horrified and had to do a lot of damage control (oh it was sooo last minute WL!, etc)

He he he...

Other memories...

me driving all of us to Laketown or somewhere and at this roundabout I told them- actually ah, I cannot see really well. And they just freaked out. hehehehe.

me and NR getting all dressed up because WL and family wanted to take us out to dinner and when we got there , me dressed in a suit, WL was dressed in a TSHIRT and SKIRT and MR WL was dressed in a TRACKSUIT! So different standards there he he) Matthew is 15, has a sister Annabelle, and NR , in America now, has another son, the "guilty" elder one on the way to being a doctor himself. Whatever it was, their friendship made it bearable for me to be without my family(read, mom) when i was such a young mom (read, hopeless cook)

By the way, I hate you Heidi Klum (stillwatching that Victoria's Secret fashion show) where does she tuck away her fat from pregnancy?? She ate it all up ke???

Infidelity and Victoria Secrets

So...met up with this friend of mine over lunch and we talked about infidelity. Her husband had an affair with a younger girl. Like all out affair- like in some countries they would be stoned type of affair. Affair is one thing, but then the girl started to send the wife sms to leave her boyfriend alone. EH?? the world has gone truly topsy turvy when the gf is the nagging one and the wife is the calm one. The friend said at first she was distraught , then after a while, she decided all she could do was continue to be a good wife, send bucket loads of prayers up to God, and basically keep cool. Never did she tell him to choose, although she was so mega tempted. She also continued to support him financially and basically did everything in the How to be Dumb Wife guidebook.

But you know what ??

He left the gf!

And the GF is now sending smses begging him to leave his wife.

Sometimes there is a happy ending!

However, is there a happy ending for our married politician? The public has so far condemned the lady actress/secret wife in question for her hypocritical stand of not wanting to hurt people when obviously, the hurt had been done allready and if you truly did not want to hurt anyone, you would not be doing what you were doing in the first place. Crying that you donot want to hurt anyone just makes everyone wants to reach for the nearest bucket and hurl. Maybe she would not be attacked so much if the "not wanting to hurt anyone" line was not used.

But , we don't know what's going to happen, let's not judge too easily. I'm sure she is not a tart nor he a dirty old man ungrateful for the support that his faithful wife has given him all these years. For all you know it is indeed a love purer than pure and they will have a happy ending...he he he!!

Ok me watching Victoria Secret fashion show now. Nothing in Beyonce's show can rival the sexiness here and it's Beyonce's show that got cancelled? hehehe.

As usual when I see skinny people, I get hungry. Today was supposed to be the diet day . What did I eat?

Loaf- spaghetty pesto and roast chicken
Dessert- Godiva choc mint

Then berangan lah nak tahan not eating for dinner, but hubby was hungry so- Mc D.

My arm is bigger than both these girls' thighs. sigh...


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Can I have another day off


So yesterday I went off to the kampung for a wedding....took the japanese teacher along as she'd like to see a Malay wedding. Unfortunately half of the world must have weddings in rembau as well - the jam was fantabulously long! I took a whole extra hour to get there and when we reached there it rained cats, dogs, cows, etc etc! It was certainly an experience for me as that was the VERY FIRST TIME i drove back to Kampung UluTerap, Sepri, by myself . My "steering wheel" was operating on people and said I could wait for him but no guarantees that he'd make the wedding in time lar. I made it! Yay me! (Sorry tergedik sekejap)

So anyways....We reached there safe and sound. The drive was ok bar the jam and the episode of one cow crossing the road and suddenly deciding to stop and scratching his bum for good measure as if to tell us- you can honk all you like Mister, I ain't moving until I am goood and ready.

We stayed long enough to eat and showed sensei the kampung house (and the pool- which is green. deep green) and then went home. A bit worried as my parents did not turn up but decided to go home anyway. (I'm still trying to reach them today but they are not contactable)

Today's plan- bro in law and family have gone to Jalan T*A*R to shop. Asked me what I wanted kot. NOthing worse than TAR. Unless it's Genting*Highlands. Oh sorry., Gohtohland. However, the cable car ride was soo nice and worth the heartache that we got trying to queue for the cable ride. There were a lot of tourists and they had no concept of queing up and I had to actually tell one of them- hey everyone will get a ride lah! ThankGod we were locals as I think that was the reason the assistant pushed us into the cable car when the tourists were trying to hassle us. Hallo, we had 2 babies with us, and five kids!

Once you are up there you really feel like you are no longer in Malaysia. There was no effort (no obvious effort at least) to cater for the Malays, although I notice in KL and else where there are always non halal things, to ensure that everything is fair and square. But here, the fairness and the squareness was sooooooo missing. No signs in malay, no signs for surau. Does One malaysia only work one way then?

*Edit- not true- its just upon coming out from the cable car place that you see non halal places but inside , deep inside, there were fast food restaurants we can eat at. I think. Maybe next time ibawak picnic. haha..!

Aside from that, I think GH is actually not a bad place. The rides at the Themepark were respectable although I cannot see the sense of having a rollercoaster ride where only TWO people can go on at one time. The line for that, understandably was FANTASTICALLY long. Auntie Ati and the girls queued up for the Flying C*oaster but unfortunately it rained very heavily and they were turned away...

In the end we managed to go on exactly 2 rides. For RM300 thats not exactly worth it but never mind lah...the experience is certainly worth remembering! When it's not so crowded maybe I'll take the kids there again...and then they can play. Dad came home with a pounding headache from the spinning teacup ride (you pay good money to get a headache rupanye) hahaha....

At night we rushed to Cousin Azl*inn's wedding at Felda. One hour late but at least we got there! Stayed till 12 as cousins and uncles and aunties caught up with each other's news and posed for pictures and we sang happy birthday to first, the father of the bride, then, the uncle of the bride, our pak andak, then, everyone in the family whose birthday is this month.

Phew! Need a break from all these breaks!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Good Morning

Hey are things .

We got our Dahlia back...sister in law Zu kindly dropped her off at the office. Sisinlaw by the way is on a diet and exercise routine and as a result has gone thinner . She announced the other day that she was having a personal trainer and my response to that announcement was- to go have rib eye steak at the hitherto unvisited Victoria Station ha ha. Yeah, I DO have a psychological problem with other people dieting. It makes me hungrier.

My brother in law Fa*iz and family are here together with my sis in law Y*ati! Yay!! Not an easy feat to have them come up to we were talking about places to go..Genting High*land springs to mind. GH is ok just for the cable car ride alone, I think they have totally ruined the beautiful highlands by turning it into a theme park cum casino. As i was surfing the net to read about Genting attractions, I came across one that says Welcome to the Las Vegas of Malaysia. hhe we'll be going to the Las Vegas of Malaysia on Awal Muharram then! ha ha

So yeah hor, its Awal Muharram (New Year)...Mom in Law called to remind us to not forget to recite our prayers which Muslims are encouraged to recite at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year. They are deeply touching actually because you get closure at the end of the year and you tell yourself you are starting anew in the new year. No wonder in Islam NIAT or Intention is always must KNOW what you are doing and WHY you are doing it.

Ok lah the maid has fried kueyteow but as usual, done it in her own way ie used hot water to soften the noodles and therefore making it squishy . I have to rescue the kuey teow kejap. Byeeee....

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Husband was reminiscing about his 2 years in public school and how he was lucky that he had great teachers etc who helped him enjoy the stay**...and then guess what! The very next day, his old teacher, MR GREEN, hantar email!! Eeery or what eh??? The power of thought betul..Ok here's one I'm sending toooo- tooooo- (er siapa ye)-- Robert Pattinson. Hi there Robert! (he he he..I'm forty, not dead)

(** on an aside, according to him, he was this short boy in huge specs that one science teacher thought was too dumb to join his class, until he showed this teacher up by becoming the best student there and also how one of the teachers (MR Green specifically) gave him all the sports equipment, season tickets to theatres, field trips,etc that he wanted , and then claimed it as school expenses from JPA- which maybe explains his loyalty to the government to this day. Personally he sounds like he was really spoiled there and I'm sure not a little bit annoying!)

Anyways...husband then mentioned - nak gi London tak?

WaheyyYY! That sounds so GOOD kan!! heheheheh...except that it will cost a small fortune to transport my FIVE kids, 2 of them full paying kids, to London. Bayar sendiri mahhh...takda conference this time around. Tapi tempted gak lah..and I have been checking out the fares and Air Asia seem to be the (haha!) cheapest with RM20 k for all. Put in perpective, some people use RM20k tu, nak start business tau....kita ni berangan nak habis kan je hehe.. I have 2 sides of me now warring with each other- one going- ingat lah anak baru nak naik nih, banyak lagi nak beli.(kids are still young, so much to buy)...etc etc and the other saying- alah, you can always find money, enjoy while you still can!

Apa yang dirindukan di London nih? What do we miss ? Not London per se, since we were never Londoners. I would probably go round all the tempat I bersalin (ha ha nostalgic tu!) and then show the kids our university there dengan harapan depa motivated sikit (woah mahal nye)

Alternatively we were thinking of joining sis in law Nor in her family trip to Kota Bharu instead..jauhnya beza hahah but I'm sure more enjoyable as (1) accommodation is available (Yati, husband's youngest sister is there) and (2) food is halal....and (3) duit sama currency.

Eh I have to go sat..sambung later...bye

Ok back now.

Baru sebut pasal Yati, husband got a call to say she is coming over to stay tonight!

Boy eerie ..

Ok lah, mana mana pun you all pergi,be safe, and enjoy your holidays

And don't forget to recite your prayers for the end of the year and the new year tonight!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kittens cats and tomcats

every day I tell myself that I will be more productive and not chat and finish the work at hand and go home at 4 to play with my young kids. Sometimes I get it, sometimes not. Ah the peril of working moms eh

Anyways the hols are here and they are bored. Bored and thoroughly bored. So bored that they are actually-- gasp! playing with each other. My cat , which had given birth 7 times over, has gotten mastitis..her nursing area was red for a long time and I was telling hubbs that this must be the reason the kittens have been mewing so loudly. Hubby kata- takdalah! Tu! Dia menyusu okay je!!


I called the vet to come. Ok very mengada of me but I was NOT going to deal with any pecah perut cat ok with some half eaten kittens. It occured to me though that my kids, being MY kids, may have exaggerated a teeny bit so I asked them to go check. True enough the eaten kittens were alive and well and hiding behind the boxes and the mom did NOT have her stomach cut open by that vicious biawak that everyone says they see but it was the mastitis . Vet took her to the - er- vet. Siap bawak van puteh lagi. Tak cakap bye pun terus blah je...Later when we visited her later I was told (in a TSK YOU BAAAD OWNER!! tone of voice) that the cat has mastitis, she needs an operation, its really big the wound is, and let her stay there for a week at LEAST. Kaching kaching kaching!

Tulah may be the surgeon but I'm the mother who has gone through painful boobies when breastfeeding ok..we women know these things...

Apa nak buat..kesiannnn Brownie...we are sorry now we are the new mommy of the 4 kittens - siap beli nursing bottle lagi.


Ah yes! On the subject of cats, my long lost ginger tomcat, who is every one's favourite because he is so damn manja and tak tau malu go and gesel hiimself to you for affection, has come back...he was lost for about 2 months I think....and suddenly he came back..Yay! He's still the pengecut cat that he was...when we give him food I've got to make sure he eats because if other cats come and grab his food, he will just watch and let them..hey! This must be MY Cat! hehehehehe

I now have 4 kittens, 3 young cats, 1 adult tomcat pondan (ashik nak meleset je) and mummy cat with her dangling boobs (nenek lah katakan) -- anyone interested in the kittens???

Ok wanna go home now..bye...

Monday, December 14, 2009

pukul 3 petang

I nak jadi madam tai tai boleh tak...boringks ler.....pening pening pening. Dari pandai terus jadik tak pandai....dari paham terus jadik tak paham.....dari ok teruuuuuuuuuus tak ok. dahlah hujan kat luar tuh...bengong oh bengong

I heard this joke (i'm amending it a bit) last night ..courtesy of Mak Z:

Are you on Team Jacob or Team Edward?

Im on Team Hapseng



Yeah, better go and do my work.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Blog (before the madness sets in)

Best sebenarnye ada blog nih, you can talk to yourself and membebel entah hapa hapa and no one is going to yawn in your face, or as happened to me , have your friends start mumbling to themselves while you are trying to tell her how cute you think that classmate of yours is (he's gone on to be a film director and no , he is no longer cute- his paunch is bigger than my husband ha ha) Anyways...blogs are fun too because you get to pretend you are that hotshot author which you would be if your parents had not persuaded you to be a lawyer (thus saving you from the certain rejection by publishing companies and heartbreak)

Aside from Blog I guess everyone is FB-ing now. FB is fun too, the only thing is, not everyone of your "friends" are friends you want your status to be shown to. I've just discovered that if you comment on someone's status, all her friends who you do not know , will also know of your comment. So FB is NOT a place to put comments that you do not want others to find out or make fun of, I think lah. Unless your "Friends" are really your friends. Eg- "Nak carik girlfriend lah!" says my cousin- when his Friends include his relatives and uncles and cousins hehe. Or "Boy, Clients SUCK big time!" when, said clients are ALSO on your friends list. You CAN stay away from updating your status box but I just cannot resist that blank space ..just waiting to be filled up.

You can tell this is going to be a merepek post too huh. I lost a follower today waaaaah, (sorry I am vain like that). I'm waiting for a decent hour to go fetch my kids from my brother's place- they've been there FOUR dayss..dah lah tu. Of course, Johan did not want to come home, he's having too much fun with Yasser and his PSP - so you know what I did?? I told him we were going bowling ! Now he wants to come home! I have stooped so low....

My other kids are ok - Sophia lately does not want to follow us unless we can tell her where we are going. She'd rather be on the computer checking out what Myley is doing. Sigh...They are so spoiled..last weekend for her b-day, we took Sara and her friends to AEON Jusco Setiawangsa- eh not bad lah. Got SongBox, got Baskin Robbins and most importantly, got Bouncy castle that if I was allowed kan, I definitely would have gone in. Definitely. Also got BigApple donut. The kids (I had 12 with me then, ok) all watched the mamak bangla buat donut..somehow after that i terus taknak makan donut haha. Not racists tapi macam tak bersih lah depa buat. dengan kain buruk, dengan tepung kat tu ke?

Maid is ok, bossy as always. She can't stand that I have a lot of food and I don't finish them before I cook some more. sometimes kids don't want to eat the rendang so have to cook ayam goreng or something liek that.She was telling me don't buy more fish if you have not used up the old ones- I told her, have to lah, otherwise I will not have the time and the fridge will be empty if I wait until everything is finished. She is generally okay, but irritating lah sikit because she knows all kan. And today she burnt my pants - I keep reciting to myself- "otherwise you'll be doing laundry yourself, otherwise you'll be laundry yourself"

oH! She has a health problem lah..without going into too much details, she needs to be checked out. I just hope surgery is not involved or else I have to either treat her here (which is probably possible) or send her home (which seems quite heartless to me but maybe practical)

Ok lah. Now that it'snearly 7 I can get ready to go to my brother's house without him thinking that I am an overprotective anxious mom.


Tuesday, December 08, 2009


EDIT- I would like to say that I do take this seriously, I am having fun and I do have more knowledge that I actually let on. heheheh..this is because reading this post, I realise I sound like a total airhead! Why do I do that- so-so Japanese !


Why is it when I am so busy masa tu lah dapat inspirasi to blog???

there is no justice in the world

I wanted to tell you abt my mengaji test just now. Semalam ada reading and today ada writing. So I am now in Iqra 3. I allready ponteng so long during ramaadhan that I thought I sure tak dapat masuk balik infact I sendiri sendiri go and cancel myself. Sekali my friend sms- USTAZ suruh datang.

I pun meekly ikut...

So here I am end of Iqra 3 without doing half the book. Semalam reading and I have to pick out the hukum in the in dalam sentence ni, mana hukum dia. far we learnt mad badal, mad silah, mad asli and hamzah domir, etc. As per my legal training, I go for another mad- mad bedal.


So the atmosphere in the room before the exam =- macam law degree. You have the makcik makcik reciting the rules fervently. As per my time in the Uni,. I go and kacau orang- eh Mad badal apa ah?? Hish hish anyway I was revising along quietly (read- I was listening to everyone else reciting the half remembered rules) and then we have to go one by one to the office to read. I read in front of a different ustaz who said to me, ok , where does the Mad comes from- Huruf mad keluar kat mana.

Ustaz!! No fair! I didn't remember that! Why don't you ask me where is the makhraj for RO or other letters- I can impress you with my memory powers..but that was such an unexpected question so I go -heh?? In my mind I was thinking- from the mouth?? (which turned out to be half correct ) , Suffice to say I bullshitted for England as they say and he sighed and let me go.

Today was the writing = 30 marks ok, and here I was grinning because hey, the questions were not that hard...until i flipped to the back which says- explain what you understand by mad badal and mad asli and tell us the difference and also give example.

Another "que?" moment. Or rather- NANI? Por favor?? APA BENDA? (me, the multilinguist)

So , with what I remembered, I managed to waffle for a total of FOUR paragraphs (they only gave 2 lines) ha ha...I don' tknow , siap ada note- please refer to the page below etc. Hope its not too wildly different from the answer the ustaz had in mind

The ustaz is rather scary. he is so small and tiny but he is rather ascerbic ...many ppl tak tahan and quit, ye lah dah tua kena marah, tak best lah kan..Segan gak. Depan dia, "ba" boleh jadi "ya", So scared I am of him that I write out the sentences in RUMi (roman) so that, when we get called to read, I would not suddenly forget HOW to read. It's been known to happen. I'd be very smooth 2 seconds before and even perasan enough to correct my neighbour's reading (eleh- tu pun tak reti ke) then it'd be my turn and hah kau ..tunggang langgang. or else tergaga

So just now I was trying to change my slot is Monday to Tuesday afternoon. Ive missed quite a few on Tuesdays so I asked if i can do morning instead. The plus side would be I'd get a nicer ustaz he he..The management said ok, I can go on Monday 8-9 am- just tell yr ustaz.

When I TRIED to tell him..he said what is your problem. And I said sometimes I can't make it in time (because I'd be eating , Ustaz , is what I neglected to tell him) - usually because I'd be doing work he said it's ok, you can still come even though you miss a lot of classes, just don't leave this class. (and he was so nice abt it pulak)

And I said- ???what do you think? I said - okay lah ustaz..nanti I cancel with the other ustaz okkkkkkk

I have no backbone....

Ok lah back to work


Friday, December 04, 2009

Sara's 12 today!! (and kids in the house)


12 YEARS DAH you ni...sob sob..I no longer can get child rate for you sob sob..(hee hee ! Takda lah)- can't believe my daughter no 2 ni dah besar..soon akan jadi "lady" ..waaaa! They are aall growing up too fast!! I'm going to die alone!! waaaa! (ok where did THAT come from he he)

Anyway Sara is really special. She could not wait to be born and shot out at a few minutes to midnight and then worried me sick as she proceeded to froth at the mouth from minute 1 to until she was about 2 days old ! I had wanted to call her ZAHARAH. Mom vetoed it. Rhianna was because she was born in Shrewsbury near Wales and Rhianne is quite popular there. I nearly delivered her AT HOME ok, because our car was at the workshop and we had to get a lift from our neighbour (but he had an Audi so that was cool)

Sara-- as per 2nd born- is a MINAH KEMEMEH. Cembengggggggg je. Always admiring her big sister. She has her own strength and is very creative. She has a temper ! She also got hot tea poured over her when she knocked the jug over about 3 years back and still has the scar to prove it. Boy that was horrible, She was in so much pain.kesian dia. Sara is sensitive, and you cannot simply accuse her of whatever misdemeanour she would really try to stand up for herself. Standing up for yourself is really not a good idea when your mom is tired and has a headache, I keep telling the kids. All I want to hear when I am berletering /nagging is- yes mom, sorry mom.

Sara can sing too! She has a good voice and she is responsible towards her siblings. I have a feeling it would be Sara who looks after us in our old age ..

All in all. happy birthday Sara. we love you so very very much! And welcome to the world of big girls!

Yesterday there were nine kids in the house ! Can you imagine! On top of that, of all days, the TV died! And, the WII is still in the workshop! Plus! There was no Milo, biscuit, bread and JAJANs in the house!Plus! Gas habis!!! How how??

I was at home, drafting something that really, should have taken me half a day to do rather than the 4 days it did (not counting the weekend ok since it was impossible to cram work into the khatam!) . I was not satisfied with the work and kept going at it and tinkering with it until I thought it was the closest to what my client wants! In fact if I had more time I would have tinkered with it SOME MORE! Since my lunch meeting panned out (due to my client's meetings which did not finish in time for lunch) - I ended up staying home the entire day! Which is probably a good thing since it was very meriah! Genki desu! Kaid was up and down sweeping and cleaning ! Dia kan pengemas! Without the TV the kids got very creative and there were skateboards flying in the living room,camping using towels and sheets over chairs, spa and hair washing sessions going on upstairs and even papier mache!

Later that night we took the kids (sans Umar, sorry Umar) to Karaoke- redbox sogo. The reason being- TAK MASAK! Redbox came with dinner and for RM200 for 9 of us , not bad lah kan. The kids conquered the mic, and knew the lyrics to all the songs I chose for them and even asked for some songs I have not heard of - and they had a ball with Black Eyed Peas. I ingat our family je lah yang bawak budak..rupanya RAMAI BUDAK...Bapak dia,TIDOR . He has been so busy lately, baguslah dia dapat rest .

I tried singing gak lah..suara dah takda ..ada hati lah nak nyanyi lagu Aishah...Terlanjur Bercinta..which in 1994 I sent to my husband through the post when I was in Malaysia waiting for him to come back and marry me allready. Recommended song to send to bf yang susah nak commit ni- it says biarlah beralas adat ...basically sampai billa nak berendut ni, you usung I kiri kanan..oi, kawin je lah. Something like that. heheheheh

Today I just sent Zu (sisinlaw)children to their grandmother's house. So my kids tinggal berlima (ooops sorry ada Umar, KitchenGuardian's son) I wonder what activity they will think of today. TV dah ada pengganti but WII still in the shop. Plus it's raining. I'm sure they will get creative

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shock Horror

Today's STAR:

Transvestite may face action if he returns


PUTRAJAYA: A Malaysian transsexual, who married a 30-year-old man in Britain, may face action when he comes back if he has been found to have violated immigration laws.

Immigration Department director-general Datuk Abdul Rahman Othman said it could not take action against Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari as long as he remained in Britain but would investigate the case if he was deported home.

He said it would have to study Mohammed Fazdil’s travel documents to ascertain if he had committed any offence.

However, he declined to speculate if an offence had actually been committed.



Monday, November 30, 2009

the Khatam!

How was your hari raya korban? Or as they say, Eid ul Bakri?

I am so proud of my daughters, they had a khatam ceremony on Sunday. Which is basically them reciting the last verses of the quran in front of others, who would read the last verses together. The girls, together with their cousins, Camelia and Camarina, all sat in a row with NO practice ok and takda cikgu training pun! hee hee.

The Pictures are HERE

[Warning! Proud mom about to gloat now!]TURN AWAY NOW :-)

My daughters did so well! They read very well and the seasoned ladies had their socks knocked off! They had been to so many kids' khatam and normally the children would just read normally and my girls were a refreshing change! Apparently they hit all the right notes and knew all the right rules and pronounced them perfectly.! Hee what do you expect from cucu Cikgu Rodiah, I think the grandmother was also gloating.

I have not been raised the Johorean way. Marhaban , berzanji, tahlils etc were not part of my childhood and as a result, I always feel a bit out of place . So when fate decided that I shd marry into a Johorean family part of me just went -waaaaaa!! It was like dumping me onto the land of a lot of traditions - but now I feel comfortable (ish! I still prefer to hide in the kitchen) and I wanted the kids to be familiar with the customs as well. And alhamdullillah they take it in their stride. That same day that mak did the khatam for her grandchildren, she invited ladies to recite "asmaul husna" . Problem was although I know of the asmaul husna (recitation of 99 name of Allah SWT) I have never heard this particular brand of asmaul husna, It must be quite common as there is a BOOK that they read from! ( I saw from my position in the kitchen) . I had nooo idea what they were going to recite - and I strongly recommend that for every recital we have an english translation. Barulah OneMalaysia babe! When the ustazah started reading this unfamiliar chant I thought "Just when I thought I had nailed it, they came up with a new one! " ..he he he.

Zu and I stayed in the kitchen , cutting up fruits and attending to my mother in law's last minute instructions (of which they were suddenly many!!! I think I lost 10 kg malam tu but then she is a lovely woman and that is all I am going to say here) he he. Takpa, kitchen belakang je, so dekat.

It was very long, the asmaul husna, and by the time they finished it was past 9. Kudos to the kids who managed to stay awake ! Dadinlaw chastised mom in law later for having such a long procedure before the khatam and in the end mak confessed that she had to invite them because they had the microphone! hahhahahaha! Kelakar nye mak mertua I nih. We could have rented one had she only said.

Anyway I also am grateful to the neighbour who responded to my mother in law's SOS calls to attend to the telur etc - just felt bad because we had been asking her if we can go and get the eggs and she said No, and we had asked her whether we can put up a stage and she said No need, and we had asked her what needs to be done and she said she had catered so no problem. She had everything under control. Heheh so we went out to shop for the girls' jubah for the night lah!

Imagine our shock when we came home, to be greeted by the sight of my neighbours, who were pulled away from their lepak moments to help, hanging curtains, lending cushions etc and basically decorating a stage-Sorry lah Lin and Jun!

Ahh it's so funny how different my mominlaw is from my mom. It's like me and my work partner. very last minute and one very organised!

I just KNOW that our reputation is now shot to pieces he he ...I'm sure Zu and I now qualify for the worst menantu in the region he he he...but we bought my neigbour a cake anyway .

Anyway I am glad that we did it, and next year, Johan will go through the same thing (he has 200 pages to go) and no sweat Johan you are only 7 woit!

Although next time maybe I'll bring over the stage from home..hehehe

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

me in primary

Random memories of school (BOSS- this was done earlier ok)

Standard 1

best friend - Norliza Ghazali. Held hands all the time, hide under the table when called by teacher (macam dia tak nampak!). Had to go buy teacher kuehs all the time at recess. Also had 2 admirers, Fauzi and Adnan (see, THEIR names I remember. Selective memory or what!) Went to school with landrover. This is all in the island of Labuan btw. Was very clever. I can remember my dad pleading to put me in school at the age of 5 plus plus - boy I must have been a real handful huh. Always got No 1 (alah what's so hard abt Standard 1) . Had forty sen for spending money. Want to buy asam laksa for 20 sen but can't take hot food. Upset because Saiful got more money than me when he went to school. Mom said it was inflation. I insist it's favouritism.

Standard 3

left Labuan for KL- had to go to Padang Tembak 2. memory of school but remember I stayed in this house in Jalan Kent kejap. I remember having friends next door and they threw me a birthday party on my birthday- alah abt 4 girls giving me pressies of kacang cap tangan or something.

Wait a minute! I remember school! This girl was absolutely vicious to me- she made fun of my name . I was a prefect I think. And I could not play with them as I didn't know how to do galah panjang or rounders.

Standard 4

went to Malacca. My house was lovely, long and cool and behind it it had this huge shady tree under which I would lie and day dream everyday. Main tikam tikam with the things I beli while waiting at the landrover. I was a class monitor or is that my faulty memory??. Sold some gajus leaves to teachers. Who asked for half price discount. Ada ke?Budak 10 tahun nak buat business terus terencat semangat.

Standard 5 and 6

returned to KL. Stayed in Sg Besi camp and this time, Padang Tembak 1. Did I also stay in Bkt Ampang? Tak ingat. Was average student je lah...peaked too early . Menses came when I was 11. Kau! This was the time I remember going to school with the girls from CB*N. Terus trauma jadiknya. I remember sitting for MRSM exams. I think I actually failed. Although I did act in this drama as Kasim Baba's wife , jealous of the lovely maid, Marjina. AHAHHH!!! NOW I SEE THE PATTERN!! he he he..

towards the end of the year, went to the states for 6 months to follow dad. I shd have taken his offer of a piano. At least I would still have the piano now. he he.

so you can see...not much memory of me er..studying. I remember playing outside a lot, soccer with the boys, bijik saga with the girls, main masak masak and kawin kawin...

So, can I still nag my kids??? :-)

Cacar marba post.

I just got back from fetching my daughters from their sleepover with their cousins. They spent 2 days in Sepang. Thanks Sis in law and bro in law for putting them up.

Of course , we missed them and by the 2nd day the father dah chomping at the bits, wanting to get them.So just now after work we came home, ate dinner and drove to get them. The drive is far but not long- thanks to Mex Highway. I spent the entire trip sleeping with a duvet! So tired today.

On the way I heard Johan borak with the father. I love the way he speaks, you should talk to him. He has some interesting views and says some interesting things. He was saying to us that there was a girl in his class who had no parents and is an anak yatim piatu. She liked him so much she drew his picture and told her family (she's staying with her grandma) about him haha. The thing that caught my attention in my woozy state of mind was when he said he pities her. Because her parents have-gasped- died. Kids pun paham compassion. Apparently the girl also asked why , since she is also a nice person, didn't she get to be a prefect (he's been selected he said) . I asked him, do you want to be a prefect. And he said yes and he hopes he can one day be a headboy. Wahhh so ambitious. I asked my daughter daya- don't YOU want to be a headgirl Daya? The answer was -NO.

I was at their award ceremony /performance day last week ...held at the glorious Masjid Wilayah. Masjid Wilayah is very beautiful from the outside but I am very very DISAPPOINTED that the toilets and the ablution areas are SO POORLY MAINTAINED!! Let's not talk about achievements lah if simple stuff like DOORS ON TOILETS can't be mastered. I loath to be government bashing but seriously can't they put more effort on maintaining it???

Anyway the award ceremony went smoothly although a bit behind schedule- it ended way after lunch and since lunch was not provided kids were running around restless. On the whole the performances were very good and creative and impressive. We have some very talented kids at Adni. Sophia got best in English, Dahlia got best in english and no 3 (or , Outstanding achievement award. no 1 is most outstanding achievement) you gotta love the school for effort not to make kids feel the pressure . Nadine got best in class and also in 4 subjects. Go kids!

What the chairman of Adni said got to me- the basic message being- hey, we can only do so much at the school, we teach them certain values, you parents follow through lah! No point learning Islamic values at school only to abandon it outside right or not! Sending the kids to this school means that you want your kids to learn the beautiful way of life that is Islam right. No point treating it as a correctional school for kids and parents don't even try to change themselves. Macam hypocritical lak

Also he said. academic achievement is not their only aim. Appreciation of knowledge and learning for learning sake is, and academic excellence will follow suit. A 19 year old former Adni is now going to cambridge for his PHD (can I squeeze in that he did his Masters in Notts U (malaysia lah tapi) ) heheh..this boy is still very much a 19 year old boy but we are of course proud that he has achieved so much, He also credits God for being there in his moment of need- he did his Midnight prayers in times of stress and yeah lah- if you don't yoller for help, who's going to help you? Oh well...I hope kids will just turn out to be "orang".

I got this book at the Awards day that is for once , very very easy to read. It's called "Let's be Muslim". I am a very very bad Muslimah I think.. and there is soooooo much I should repair but this book talks to you in a very funny, logical way and makes you face the extent of your faith. Is it just lip service? Kalau christians can love their religion so much why can't we? I mean where is the actual immersion in it? We could have been born into other religions, we were blessed to be given the gift of being born into this religion so why do we take it for granted. It also asks how do we say we are muslims when our actions don't differentiate us from the kafirs? Plus if a man flicks through a book of medicine expecting to be better we'd think he was mad, but we do the same with the Quran, ie we should practise it lah. Food for thought. I don't mean to preach, god no. .I am always full of good intentions which fall by the wayside as life happens, so books like this brings you back on the right path and shock you into thinking hey what heck are we doing and where the bejeebers are we going ni?? Dah 40 plus masih perangai cam tu lagi?? Something like that.

Ok then..catch up with you later.

Ps I am really really really missing Karaoke...!! Isabella is playing in my head now.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...