Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today I read in the S*Tar about multidating. Gals who date more than one guy.At the same time. How do they do it??

They don't think they are cheaters. Nooooooo.. Because each man knows about the other. The girls justify it. They like each guy for different reasons. One girl said it's like shoes, you need different shoes for different things.

Entahlah. First of all, girl, men are not shoes. Obviously then, being slightly stupid and thinking men and women are shoes is a criteria to go for this multidating thing.

Girl Power I guess? Women now have the power to act just like the men. We have SOO progressed, kan.

But if you do marry one of the guys that you are playing with- he is going to know that you were a player and boy, you can be assured that that is SO going to be used against you!

Relationship eh....sometimes I think we women carik nahas.

I tengah tengok cita pasal some woman who is dating a married man ....not that much into him, actually but still, takda boyfriend at the time so layan je lah. The married man pulak, not that interested in having an affair in the beginning, but chuffed to have someone interested in him. So I layan you and you layan I, last-last fall in sayang. Fall in shok,lah katakan. Si mamat ada bini, and knows its wrong. Bini ok actually, nothing wrong . Si Minah knows he is married, but suka lah jugak... ada orang nak bawak makan dinner, kat posh hotel..dan sebagainye..Sebagai kawan apa, nothing wrong..If you were their friend, apa you nak advise that person? Tak yah lah kan...sebab dia taknak dengar punnnnn....Sanggup menderita, carik nahas kan ?

Carik nahas no 2- jadi pretend girlfriend. Ie , go out with me and wait for me to (a) divorce my wife (b) come to my senses and marry you or (c) get over whatever it was that I said I had to get over before we can be more serious. In the meantime, you must sacrifice your heart to me, ok tak. Its all about choice. U know where you stand with him. But you take his terms. Others can tell you to love yourself more, have morepride...but they are not you! Tak caya dengar lagu Whitney .."thouugh I try to resist...being last on your list...but no other man's gonna doooooo..cause I'm saving all my love for youuuuuu"

Sepatutnye ada one more verse..."and I really am a dunguuuuuu....!"

Can you advise your friends yang macam ni?? NOt really. When women make their mind up to be a door mat ke, to be a player ke...really there is nothing to change them. Kawan kawan dan sedara look on with despair...nak tolong tak tau macam mana. Karang aku menderem korang karang...

Tulah perempuan...softhearted and yet degil. We have really progressed.

Ok lah merapu rapu lak malam ni..apa nak buat...hubby tengah bercinta dengan telephone baru dia. Macam tak leh tengok internet kat pc...nak gak tengok kat phone. Tak sakit mata ke bang oi??


A Couple of Things

Cantik tak rumah baru I??

Ashik brooooowwwwwwnnn je...boringkan. Also, everytime I look at my blog, tengok coklat...macamana nak diet ni??

Am not, by the way. Dieting, that is. Have decided to just heck it lah.

Anyway this blogg post is to say a couple of things:

1. congratulations to Adek and Mas on the arrival of their son- I dengar nama nye Jood Amar Sulaiman. My comment was- panjang sangat but then who am I to comment with 3 kids having 3 names? (Sara Rhianna Yasmin, Dahlia Sheherazade Aishah and Muhammad Johan Sulaiman). Did you know that Dahlia now goes by the name Shehera? She told her teachers she is Dahlia Shehera. Agaknye kesian kot dengan cikgu , terbelit lidah nak pronounce. I told her its Sheikh-Rur-zard. Apa susah nye. And it was your DAD who put that name without telling me ok ,tau tau balik dari register your birth, dah ada nama tu. Nak kata apa?

2. happy birthday to Lana....!! The ever cheerful, always smiling, always anggun, and such a good cook after her mom (I'm expecting cupcakes girl heheheh). Happy 21st!

3. My heart goes out to my friend all the way in dhaka who have annoyed some ppl with her very true comments. unfortunately the person who commented could not just pick up the phone to express what she thought but must instead let it all out on the blogosphere things I'm SURE she will regret instantly. I kesian sebab my friend ni very nice and sweet! I ni kalau geram dengan family member, diam je lah. Blog world is happy happy happy HAPPY (manic grin) ! (hehehehe macam saiko lak)

Ok lah itu saja...I lah menantu tak senonoh, duduk kat dalam bilik memblogging dengan relaxnye while mom in law is downstairs in the kitchen. She has a lot of nasihat for me and kids, orang tua lah katakan, dah makan garam dulu, have a lot ot pass down. My kids pun tak leh lah malas sembayang macam normal, dok kena nag dengan atok. My hubby said- this is just like when I grew up. Mak pantang kalau tak semayang or buat lambat lambat nak sembahyang, satu hobi rumah ni. Dahlia must have felt it sebab dia tanya when atok has to go.....? but they are very close to her really and she trained them well - she is very impressed that her son's children can read yassin very well and hafal lagi and even more impressed that they sembahyang dhuha ..notice its her SON's children heheheheheheh...

My maid naik rash pulaaak. Mak is very worried . I , not so worried. Sebab kat lengan lak...allergy kat washing up powder ??

Ok ingat nak pi Kuantan esok. I miss the beach. Hence the change . Hope it doesn't rain.

Ok have a good break guys.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another attempt at Romance Shot Down

Again, I was in bed with hubby.

Again, he was being mushy. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" he said. He touched my knee. Then he stroked my calf (woooit how do I keep this up without blushing mampuih kena marah besok dengan hubby) - anyway where was i- oh yah. He put his hand on my leg. He squeezed my thigh gently, looking deep in my eyes.

Then he said...

"I think it's time to go back to the gym."

HMMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!! Banyak cellulite ke?????

Thursday, January 29, 2009


My newest sister-in-law is in labour! Her waterbag broke. All the way in Cork,Ireland. She is 2 weeks early. Her husband , my brother, has gone home to sleep for awhile.

All the best, M*a*s!

The exact thing happened to me for Nadine- except it did not take me by surprise, as, ever impatient, by the 8th month I was allready anxious for baby to make its appearance and kept imagining that the braxton hicks pains were real labour and nagging hubby to please send me to hospital NOW. Hee hee. I don't remember water ever breaking lah, they had to break it. I never felt anything worse than discomfort until am about 8 cm dilated and then whammo pain but thank god only briefly, before the little tyke came out.

To go through it again at this age...I don't think so lah. I was yearning for a baby and went through days of "should we? Should we not?" and torturing hubby. Then God the Great settled the issue- I got THE Most godawful cramp due to food poisoning the other day, I now remember what labour pains felt like and probably got cured of the baby fever permanently. But I still love holding newborns! Any one need baby sitters?


Still on the subject of babies- CONGRATULATIONS TO NOR AND ANNE, my sister in law (hubby's sister) and my cousin in law (wife to hubby's cousin almost like a brother as he grew up with them).

Amazingly the 2 girls were delivered within 12 hours of each other and will celebrate their birthday the same day. One is Nur Irdina and one is Aina. Nice names.


Mother in law at my house now, waiting to go to Nor's house to look after her in confinement. She is now being looked after by her mother in law until Sunday. My MIL will go on Sunday I think she feels shy- is segan shy in english? Anyway it's been fun having her around, I think she likes our house. I think je lah. Although now she is all alone with the maid as we are doing work (yeah, work) here in the office.


Johan is with me now. He threw up in school so we had to take him home. And I thought he would be better off with me . His symptoms of fever etc disappeared instantly.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Meeting

I have not had any chance of sitting at the pc since last Friday.

Update on meeting- went well! Only 6 parents turned up though, not exactly the FIFTY i was expecting!! Lots of kids though.

Did not make Nasi MInyak. It was Nasi himpit, ayam masak kuali, rendang paru and limpa, sambal ikan bilis, lodeh kering, kue teow goreng, grapes,mandarins- My mom made - made ok- karipap and talam ubi. They started to come from 8 onwards. Some just got back from work hence lapar, some were surprised at the type of food - "Ni Hariraya ni!".

The first 2 hours we were getting to know each other and basically finding out each other's life stories. It seems like they ALL had at least 4 kids each! One lady came with 4 kids and apparently that was only HALF! And she's only 41!! Wow.

Then the meeting started. Some of the parents have had experience with class clubs . One of them (who is now my friend in FB!) is more organised than the others. One parent took the opportunity to grill the very cute ustaz (he really is in a holy sort of way he he) The concern was with the cafe in the school which overcharges- ie very expensive for students. But the argument put forward by another parent was that the cafe is not meant for students but for visiting parents and therefore the price is justified.

Back to classclub, (meeting was very disjointed, me and this other lady trying to get some order into it- correction, she was, me was cracking jokes). So the normal stuff that parents would do include painting class etc. I think it'd be a waste of money to paint the class if there is no need for it. I said that I think it was better if we put up loads of posters on the wall and don't care about the paint. Atlas ke, map ke, whatever lah. Mirror ke.

Ustaz mentioned that some classclubs would get together and buy carpets for the class.

Then we discussed carpeting the class. Interesting discussion (yawn) on types of flooring. Linoleum? One parent suggested laminated timber strips. Wow. I told my MIL this later and she said - when did you start discussing stuff about their studies??

She has a point!

Books and library I totally support and of course I would want my kids to be comfy but this class is newly renovated. Should we care about the floor ? One parent told us how horrible her daughter's class last year was- so there are cases when you need to deal with the condition of the class. (same parent who proposed timber flooring- god I so hope no one discovers this blog-= you do not know me ok)

Anyway we all decided to meet again next week but no chance of makan makan- it's going to be at the school. to assess the need for the carpets and painting.

My contribution? "OUTINGS!"

In between jumping between the nonexistent agendas, we managed to elect committee and also decided to collect RM50 per person first.

Parents are not all glad to know.

Mak put us way up on the "fantastic hosts" list by handing out tapau in neat plastic bags- mak will do this every time. Terperanjat gak the guests but that's a nice touch. hehehehe...Mak's policy- food is best shared and given away as much as possible. You nak makan breakfast besok- kita masak baru. My policy- Mak is always right.

But that is another post.

Friday, January 23, 2009


What a to do!

There is chaos in the house. My mother in law is panicking.

My hubby, one week ago, had volunteered to be the coordinator of Sophia's classclub. He also volunteered our place to be the place for the first meeting , to discuss activities for the kids in Sophia's class.

What was in my mind- maybe I'll get satay. Me and Satay eh..Maybe for 20 ppl?

So tomorrow (today) is Friday. I have a meeting in the morning. Sophia had handed to me an A4 size memo which was done by one of the parents, with bold prints INVITING EVERYONE IN HER CLASS TO MY HOUSE. It's addressed to parents and every parent was given one. Apparently her classmates are excited about coming over to our house. Ustaz Ali Akhbar pun akan datang!!

Eh - meeting ke kenduri nih??

The memo..was unexpected. It said that we are launching the classclub, support of parents is important etc... I totally support this.But I'm the hostess (named in the memo) but there are 22 kids in her class. 22 kids times 2 parent- 44 adults. Plus 22 kids. And maybe siblings of the children?

Mom in law panicked.

We have had experience having loads of ppl in the house before but never something that takes you by surprise. The volume (or max volume) was what took me by surprise.

So now, we are thinking menu. As it is after Isha' I thought, dinner would be too heavy. MIL wants to make NASI MINYAK. Called my mom for advice (MIL insist that I speak to MY mom too for ideas). got my dad first. he said- Coffee je girl, nanti kalau sedap sangat food, everytime ada meeting it'll be your house. he he.. My mom said either nasi, or light food. Kalau light, apa?

Soto? Meehoon?Kueyteow? Nasi goreng? Pasta??

To be me, ringan ringan je lah. that doesn't mean serving kueh raya je..but macam not so heavy le.

Last last mom in law decided , she is going to make Nasi minyak. They (MIL and FIL) are so sweet,they are allready planning to go to shop etc. I tell you I am the worst DIL, as she told me to carry on , go to work while she COOK (but please send my mom over lah) - Hope mom comes! DadInLaw just had chest pains lak tu..hope he takes it easy. Everytime I say aloud- abah ok ke abah nak angkat? MIL would say- Abah ok tu..

Just like MY parents hehehehe.

WHAT TO DO.....??? Now talking about taking the china out. Ha..tu dia class club Sophia.

Sapa suruh volunteer ......

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Warta Tengahari

Dad in law was complaining of chest pain. Since last night.

We didn't know until this morning.

Last night our partners from down under came and wanted to take us out for dinner - the thing is, I felt reallllyyyy bad for leaving my in laws at home. But no choice,had to go. And then hubby came back realllllyyyy late because he was chopping some- er , operating on some poor people right after he finished his examining of third year kids right after he attended some meeting at the other hospital. As soon as he walked in, I had to make sure he had his food (penting ok , saya isteri mithali) and drink, then my ride to the dinner ie DOFplusOneplusOneMore came and then we went off to the dinner .

Dinner was Carat Club. Food was fine dining which meant a lot of wondering on mypart whether porcini is a mushroom or cured ham, and whether it is safe to assume that anything with the word "blanc" at theback would be alcoholic. I tell the very least C Club could have put a note - not halal. Betul tak.

Dinner was verrrry filling - ended with 4 types of dessert including the Supermisu Tiramisu. Try it.

Dinner was also on our friends (next time our turn ok) but we were destined to PAY as we lost our parking ticket AFTER we paid so we had to cough up RM50 to get out. And we had searched everywhere - we here are Kitchen Guardian and me-= balik tumpang dia pulak. She came later from office. Sorry lah mates, I will soon get a car, I promise.

Balik je, everyone was sleeping so had no clue until the next morning (today) that Dadinlaw could not sleep. Hubby was about to leave for GH for the exams (today final day ke?) when I said eh we have to go send Abah to hospital , if anything happen to him and you are not with him you will never forgive yourself.

That kind of menyedarkan dia that SOMEONE else can cover him for the examining thingy and off we went to I*JN. He was eventually seen and the result is- he needed to increase his ubat....which he was advised to do in Johor but then he had refused now terpaksalahhhh ..Sorry ah Abah.

And I'm the worst kind of daughterinlaw because I was not at home last night. Sorry also because your son crashed out totally instead of going to send you to the hospital . thank goodness everything turned out allright.
Ok byeee

Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh you must hear this

I told my husband I was so going to blog this.

The other day, we were lounging in bed. I was next to hubby and Sophia was by my feet. Dia pun nak sebok. Anyways hubby decided to stare into my eyes and tell me how gorgeous he thinks I am. Yes, he was not wearing his specs at that time. Hahaha. Actually (YUCKINESS AHEAD) I tell him he's cute all the time (a talent of seing him with eyes of 20 years ago, helps) and he tells me he's so lucky to have married me (it sometimes sound like he's trying to persuade himself hahahaha)- So that's basically what we do. Mutual admiration society (usually early in the morning or weekends hahaha.other times we rush through the day like normal headless parents)

Anyway embarrassing confession over, the story goes like this.

He was staring into my eyes. "You are soo pretty" he murmured.

(this reads like a bad M&B)

His finger traced my eyes, and nose, and cheeks. I held my breath (wooot!)

After a minute of softly outlining my features, he said.....

"We're aging, aren't we."


And then he went on and on about ELASTICITY OF THE SKIN.

Oh well. You can't have it all I guess hee hee..

New Routine

Kids got up really early today. Ie 6.20. This is early ok as before they have been getting up at 7. Mana ada orang pi skolah bangun pukul 7? I used to have to wait outside by half past 6. AFTER I ate (or pretended to eat) my 2 hardboiled eggs. (Usually I would leave it by the sink JUST before I go on the Landrover) .My breakfast sometimes was nestum, roti, etc . Mom was a very handson mom. NOoooo letting maid to take care of kids.

I'm going to make this their new routine. Enough living like Gypsies. Now , mealtimes you are going to eat together and no one eats in front of the telly ok...And let's try to solat together at least once a day.

semalam ok lah kena paksa tido pukul 9...very early by their standard. Instead of my usual leter, I just went to bed, turned off all the lights and told them to sleep - it worked! For the first time, they waited for Pakcik.

Am so pleased today.


We were talking about the Israel Gaza conflict.

Ok that's propaganda right there. Why is it a "conflict"- that sounds so tame. If it was the other way round I'm sure it would be called "slaughter" or "massacre" or at least "hugely onesided murder". Instead we have "Military Action" or "crisis". Have you seen any "crisis" that kills 1000 ppl and injured 5000 something and kills arbitrarily?

Anyway suddenly Johan asked "mummy who is Ismail?"

He thought we said "Ismail" rather than "israel" haha bless him.

went to McD last Sunday. Kids nearly killed me. I was hungry ler...but they told me this is in the list of boycott..I told them that boycotting McD in KL will only affect the locals...if you really want to be effective write a letter or better yet, grow up to be immensely rich so you can defend these people. But I understand that we have no other venue to express our disgust.

I said to dad what Israil is doing is pure evil, but then is it really Islam vs Jew. Dad said the land issue is an excuse for Jews to attack Muslims.

Anyway...let's not go there.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am supposed to be at A*dni today. Now , actually.

There is a briefing on Standard 6 UPSR. Also there are classclubs meetings/formation to take place for each level. I and hubby are supposed to go to the classes - class club is where parents take charge of what the kids do and how the class look and what the facilities are etc. Teachers do not get involved in classclub- ala ala pta lah but broken down to each level.

Anyway why am I stillhere ? Hubby has decided to help Sara with her homework. Hubby, to whom Maths is alah senang nye, cannot understand why his daughter cannot grasp certain concepts. Dad, if I yang kena sergah, 2x1 pun ada chance salah. Cepat lar....!!!

I am hovering to ensure that the tempers are under control and the tears are kept at a minimum.

I think we can't be too harsh on them as we don't actually look into their work every day. If they are weak, I take full responsibility. I should have forced hubby to help them more and I feel responsible for not doing that hahahahaha..kidding. Of course I should actually get the books out instead of just yelling at them etc.
Dahlah Singapore syllabus. They need help...!

(proof that children of excellent students do not necessarily become stars- although Dahlia and Nadine get concepts faster)

We are so going to be late.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ranting !!!

I am not in a good mood today. Sometimes I wish I have a rotan.

(By the way the teacher replied you know, to my question as to why Johan was caned - he said sorry he thought it was because Johan was late in giving in his Arabic work- way to make Johan love Arabic , teacher. I'm still pondering my reply).

But I'm now seriously seing the benefit of a lonnnggg cane to wave about at my kids who practise selective deafness when I ask them to have a bath or do their bloody homework allready lah!!!!! Grrrrrr why are you still in your jammmies in front of the telly at 11.00 am??

Maybe I should relax.. let them be . So the eldest is playing terminator vs hulk wrestling match with the youngest. So Sophia is suddenly having a baddd cold that necessitated her lounging around in the said jammies feeling sorry for her self - gave her calpol and told her to freshen up. I have not seen her since. I suspect she is happily in bed with the damn PSP.

Of course lah Hubby is on call. I amm getting frustrated to be honest with you. He says he's on call like it's a shield. "Where shall we go for CNY?" we ask. "I'm on call". Full stop and slightly tainted with relief .

Okaylah you are on call but contribute lah to this discussion..bagilah idea ke apa ke. Ni tak. On call= Defence shield. Grrrrr.

I am very annoyed anyway today, Semuanye I rasa nak terkam. 2 of the things:

1 The stupid laptop- touch pad cannot be disabled so everyother sentence the cursor go and lari ..It's lenovo .

2. MAS- I checked the dates within the promotional period. Everyone of them. Takda pun low??? Con! Must I go during school days- u telling me to pull kids out?? u penalising us parents ?

3. Hubby- do we need to be admitted to GH or other hospita to see you?

Ok lah I will stop ranting...I'm sure I will be ok soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


1. Sophia has asked us to buy for her various art stuff, like manila cardboard etc. Now we had to get her hard paper. Which we did not get so at 1.16 pm just now I got a call from a number I didn't recognise and it was her going- PLEASE CAN YOU SEND THE HARD PAPER NOW BEFORE ZOHOR OTHERWISE TEACHER WILL BE ANGRY WITH ME WAAAAHHAAAAAA

I did the only thing a responsible mom would - I called the dad.

"Eh I have to see at least 20 gazillion patients, you know! One of whom is related to the Sultan of Dingdong's brother's nephew's sister!" he said,"You take the car and go lah!"

Making a mental note of "I am SO going to buy a car just like I have been saying countless times yet never do" , I started thinking how to do this- if I were to take a cab, chances are I would not be there in time.

Just as I decided to take a cab anyway (and cab must be willing to detour to KLCC to buy Hard Paper) , Hubby called. "Have you gone?"

"er no" I said "but I'm trying to call the ustaz to find out if I have to go or can she give it tomorrow"

"Takpalah I will call him" he said. No he didn't -actually he said "OK, I'll see you " but I went "eh he's an ustaz and probably will be more segan of you, the Man rather than me, the Mom so can you call him then?"


later I checked with him- Ustaz said ok..he will talk to Sophia and she can give it tomorrow.

Sophia will NOT be pleased. When it comes to her Art and Craft...don't play play!!!

2. Johan came back casually telling us that he got rotanned yesterday and come to think of it, has been rotanned (caned) since school basically started.


I asked him very very casual like - WHY??WHAT DID YOU DO? DID YOU FIGHT WITH ANYONE???

He said something about being late for something something. tak faham. Is he slow in giving his work? Is he naughty? Thank goodness he was not the ONLY one getting caned (penting tu ok)

So I wrote in his communication book- "teacher I was informed that Johan was punished by cane, could you please advise what the exact nature of his offence was so I can take steps to prevent any further misbehaviour " (and by the way I'm available for any similar sounding letters for a small fee) heheheheh. What I really wanted to write was - Teacher! You caned my bayBEEE??? how could you??? What did he do????!!! Shriek and general hysteria.

Hahahaha no lah, I AM however concerned that he is not taking skipping standard 1 well..I am totally okay if he has to go back to standard 1 - (no I'm not) . I'd rather that than him being slow academically.

We shall wait for the ustaz's response.

3. Dahlia cannot sleep without me. At 8 years old she is still equally babyish as Johan. She got really ill when I was in Singapore and cried everynight. I love that!! hehehehehe ...kesiannnnn

This morning I heard her (from under my duvet) talking to sara in front of my dressing table

sara: Dahlia!! Why are you putting on mummy's day cream on your LIPS!!!

Dahlia: My lips are dry!

Sara: yes, but use LIPBALM not mummy's day cream!!!

Dahlia: I allready asked mummy and she said never mind she will go and buy but in the meantime she said I can use her moisturiser to put on my lips.

Me: er...sheepish...will go buy lipbalm for daughter.....

4, Nadine- wellnadine..what can I say. If she comes out of her room more than 20 mins I would thank god. And if she can mandi or makan or do anything she was supposed to do within 24 hours of her being told to do so, I would also be happy...As it is, if I come home, she would be nana-nini ing in her room and I would only see her at 10 pm coming down for DINNER,which she would sheepishly admit that she has not eaten yet. Aisay...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In the course of hubby's job, he has received a few gifts from his grateful patients. Mostly chocolates, sometimes shirt and tie, and once, a set of plates, and also, a shell thingy you hang on the ceiling

Never has he received a - guitar.

His patient was the owner of a music school and decided to gift a guitar. The logic is simple- you would need the lessons right. The pesanan was "Hope your kids can take up music"

So the kids have been playing. No one knows how to play obviously but everyone know how to "gaya" or pose with the guitar. They strum, they hum, Johan even has compositions of songs that mostly goes like this - "I love my mommy....I miss her madly..." etc etc. Sophia cannot mandi without playing first (her excuse).

I guess we do have to take up lessons lah eh. I was saying to hubby at least guitar tu practical lah , boleh bring to picnic, etc. Imagine if he had given you a piano or a violin. Not so sociable instruments eh

We are bad parents in terms of sending the kids to music school- we don't. Too much money and also where is the time. They come home allready at 5. We are too kedekut with their weekends hahahahah . sara has expressed her interest in violin. Maybe this year eh sara. After we all learn the guitar.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Bye Shah! and other ramblings that have no end....

What a hoo haa this morning. Semua orang bangun lambat- shetan sukkaaaaa if tido lepas subuh teruuuuuuuus bangun pukul 7. Mana ada orang pi skolah naik bas pukul 7.30? Nasib baik lah pakcik tu tak mengamuk...

We came home late last night...we all went to the airport to say sayonara to Shah. Bye bye....By the way he is a 26 year old electronical engineer and is very cute although slightly vertically challenged.. And is available immediately. Any one??

kesiannnnnn Shah. this time around dia balik my dad was going on and on about his career and also his love life or rather lack of love life.

For his career, dad thinks he should be attached to a university. Take his Masters and then go for PHD and then baru orang tangok lah.. Got value. From my brother's expression you can tell the idea of lecturing did not appeal to him. He was getting stressed having to listen to dad whose idea of suggestion is basically - you have to agree to what I tell you lah.

Another thing was his lack of love life. Just because he is 26 dad...that is pretty young nowadays you know. Of course hubby was 26 when he married me but then he had the absolute fortune to have met me earlier hahahahahaha ..Shah said the girls in Japan takda yang menarik and did not catch his eye ..I think pretty much he is shy..tu je... Ada ke yang comelote for him?

Dad siap tengok calon menantu kat masjid,tau... pi kuliah subuh ke pi usha menantu ni , babah? Hehehe...I think my dad needs a joblah. He is so perfect as pakar motivasi or someone who lectures kids. I think I will look around.

So today terbabas...dengan Sophia upset that we did not buy her sugar paper and manila cardboard. I told her pi lah beli kat kedai buku! takda jual. Cikgu ni pun why lah make the kids do projects with stuff you can't buy from the school? So what we did was this morning we had to stop at several kedai mamak looking for the manila cardboard and sugar paper. mana ada sugar Hubby kena tunda clinic session dia, nak pi carik anak dara ni punya sugar paper. Punyelah. nak marah siapa, kita gak yang tak pi beli.

This weekend was a "what shall we do this weekend ?ho hum eh? dah habis pun weekend?" kind of weekend. We had to wait for hubby to finish seing his patients...both days dia tak da sampai lah petang...ish this sucks kan. I still can't get used to waking up not knowing where the heck my husband is. he tells me it's because I can't wake up in the morning.

My whole family came over for dinner on Saturday night- satay and lauk harihari, and we sang Happy Birthday to my brother Saiful- 37 dah..Then yesterday my husband's brother and family came over pulak. eh my sister in law has a "gallery" nama dia "jewels garland" - betulke zu? check it out at her blog -

eh I am in danger of falling asleep at the boringness of this post...Please tell me your weekend was more interesting...!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Congratulations to a friend for her EXCELLENT news! Don't be scared ok insyallah everything will be ok .....


Congratulations to the Israel government for being excellent at bullying! Yah, those women and children were really a threat to you and you're doing great at killing them! Doesn't it get tiring to have the world hate you?'s hard not to be affected.


Friday, January 09, 2009


We came back to our kids yesterday..

Of course I have loads more pics to post and stories to tell..Nanti

A Quick Summary of What we Did

basically we spent the entire anniversary day at the Botanical Gardens, totally enjoyed it, was positive the management employ people to polish each and every leaf there is. No dead leaves or darn it, stray orchids, on the ground. The orchid garden was fantastic and so beautiful. How the heck did they manage to get the orchids to bloom like that. How I managed NOT to pluck one (and no one else did either- kalau kat botak ke?) And then just as I was getting hot and bothered (it was humid) there was this place called "Coolhouse" ie a cool greenhouse (covered) and temperature set to mountain- with plants you can expect to find on mountains lah. Very nice and again, all very healthy. Now Im positive that it's against the law lah to be an unhealthy plant hahahaha.

Walked around Cluny Park (next to the Gardens ) and bought stuff for dinner at ColdStorage before we hailed a cab. Cluny Park was very quiet and posh.

In the evening we walked to Clarke Quay. Was transported to a time 20 years ago when I was sufficiently in lurve to ignore the fact that I hate walking, and took loong walks with hubby in Nottingham. We walked for about 20 mins along the (disgustingly clean) river towards the quay and passed a lot of bars and pubs.

we got on the riverboat and had a nice leisurely (ie i got to sit down) tour of the sights- saw Fullerton (must go there) and also the Merlion. Nice at night. Riverboat cruises ni buat malam lawa sebab everything was lit up.

Then we walked around the buzzing and happening Clarke Quay - it was Wednesday but there were so many people! Ladies' Night, I heard. We stopped at this kebab place and had our shawarma and watched (ogled, rather)people walking by. Orang tak kerja ke? I felt sooo old hehehehe.

Once We Got Back

Kids basically ransacked our bags. then Sara said, teacher said, don't buy C*oke, Nes*tle, er and many other things. I gave her a humoungous Nestle choc so how?

Explained to all my kids the conflict in is about opression and right to land. It's about dignity, it's about the right to live in peace. On both sides. it is NOT about the right to practise religion. Although of course our holy mosques are desecrated on a daily basis. We object very strongly because they are our Muslim brothers and sisters. I don't want my kids to learn to hate blindly. I don't want them to think that only one side is true. Listen to both sides. Both sides are not angels.Both sides are not exactly of a gentle and forgiving nature. However !!!!!I totally object the way the retaliation is being carried out. It is disproportionate inhumane and nothing short of MURDER. Self defence kepala hotak diorang.

Not buying coke, etc etc...the US products. My kids need to know why we are doing that and whether what we are doing, is justified and has a basis in truth. Of courselah I as a mom happy sebab coke etc is junk right (says the former coke addict)

Ok pixs coming up....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Happy Anniversary Dear!!!


Happy Anniversary to me! 15 years and going strong.... I am sooo lucky (don't vomit) to be married to you, honey, so thank you for marrying me. As my dad said, i was very clever when i chose you - yah, you are my retirement plan hahhahahahaha...

no free internet yesterday so cannot blog.

Now at Botanical gardens with hubby, having our brunch . Me blogging and he's reading the Time Magazine. Soooo romantic, happy anniversary to you too dear heheheh.


[new hotel room-yay!]

Well, yesterday was a better shopping day as in, I didn't die halfway. I checked out of Linkhotel in the midst of like 2 busloads of frenchtourists and then went off to Grandcopthornewaterfronthotel. Dumped my (suddenly 3 when I came with 2) bags at the hotel and then off I went to OrchardRoad - the other direction was wonderful! Stopped first at this chinese named stall selling fish balls and ayam goreng and it says its halal so I makanler sorang sorang tepi stall tu...(one pigeon teman I, but I suspect it was the chicken and mushroom ball that he's going for)

[me at paragon]

Then went to Paragon..alamak Big mistake. I have stopped converting in my mind so was going "ooh not bad the harga!" so much choice lah, unfortunately (or for my wallet, fortunately) I was too FAT for the things I liked. They make clothes for midgets or anorexic ppl, obviously. Jacket yang fit, had too long sleeves. I did manage to go into all the shops like Marks & Sparks, BananaRepublic, Metro, LaSenza - it was my anniversary after all. Got FOUR lingerie for the price of 2 (hubby nowhere to be seen at this point)

After trying on those lingerie, (which is in itself amazing because I hate to try things on) - I have come to these conclusions:

1- I need an immediate boob job. Our friends have gone south. Way way south.

2. Sexy does NOT equal practicality and if you can actually sleep in the lingerie then it would have defeated its purpose. hahahahahahah (ooopps).

3. I also need liposuction


Then went to Cova to sit down and have tea. Really posh looking cafe and I opted out for imperial tea set only to find out that the sandwich would include like-ham and beef so I went for the pastry set instead (and forced myself not to be thinking about what kind of pastry!!!!!) Is it SOO hard to make everything halal here...????

Posing at Cova

Anyways Bakerzin I did not try because there were loads of pork stuff there and I want to assure you that I am that same person who lived in the UK for more than a decade and I do not know why I cannot suddenly eat food at a restaurant which menu include ham bacon pork etc. When I could in the Uk. I guess because now I know better or else I know that here there is a choice.

Hubby joined me with the robotic rep, and we belanja her coffee . And then we went to Lucky plaza for Ayam penyet and hubby makan dinner like no one's businss- nasi sampai 2 pinggan, lauk daging 2 jenis, dendeng and rendang, sayur pucuk ubi masak, lemak, gulai ayam, soda bandung and air limau. Yuuuuummmm. Me, I makan, ayam penyet, nasi lembik and KICAP favourite..!

[after dinner]

Then we went off to takashi*ma*ya - memenuhi permintaan hubby . He wanted a pair of shoes for me, we went off to see BrunoMagli- ok lah if you don't mind paying SGD700 per pair. maybe I can go find this Bruno guy so he can make me a pair.

Then we went off to see shoes for men, found one that cost -SGD8888!!!! More than RM20k- makk datuk. it was a pair of churches. Ada ke orang nak beli????

Then we went back to the Grandcopthorne...was given a room on the 10th floor but then I forced myself to ask them if they can give us a "honeymoon" type of room, then they gave us the one on the 30th floor. Executive floor, man.. view fantastic .....macam ni lah least got room to move. (However Link Hotel, kecik macamana pun dapat free paper and free wifi)

Pagi ni macam malu sebab I expected free breakfast rupanye only the room was still kena bayor...For SGD29 per person, baik takyah. we are now at Botanical garden makan roti perata and mutton and crab mertabak, 2 cups of coffee and coke, and it is SGD10- OIIIII BILA NAK STOP BUDGETING NI AAAH BANG??? I think even if kaya raya pun my sense of value will still not change- would YOU pay SGD29 for buffet yang tak leh makan apa except for cereal toast and fruits??

[view from room]

Oklah now we have to start DOING stuff now. this technology thingy is soo distracting.

Byeee will update later. With pics once hubby finds the cable.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Tak leh betul masuk Amazingrace lah.

Sikit sikit penat.

Yesterday when hubby caught up with me at Orchard Point, I was allready more than a hundred bucks poorer and ready to sit down. I liked what I bought so much I changed into it straight away- I'm all about instant gratification , me.

Anyways, apparently, it rained. When I went out, the rain had just stopped.

We stopped by for a coffee at the Coffee Coinnosseur. really nice and different coffees...puasgaklah posing sana.

This is me posing at the coffeecoinosseur. last last minum hot choc.

Gambar later ok..tak bawak wayar nak transfer.

Pas tu...tangkap gambar kat peranakan pubs. The lady there came out ingat kita nak have a drink. But we asked her to take our pics instead. We were so obviously tourists, with our bags and our umbrella and me trying to look cool while my poor hubby lug bags behind me...ish ish.

It would be nicer if I didn't get the runs . Must be the latte and hazelnut eclair. the ladies loo in Plaza Singapura is verry nice- on all four floors.

Discovered that I had walked down the wrong direction of Orchard Road! no wonder I had reached Dhoby ghaut MRT and still did not see Tangs or Takashi. Today, I will tackle the other side.! Loads of windows to buy! (get it??:-))

Hubby's idea is for us to go back so we can shower and then go out again for dinner. Anyway it was Maghrib time .

Once we arrived back to the hotel was the Mummy Return on the telly, the shower was nice and hot..the pillow was very comfy....MALAS nye nak keluar , In the end lapar gak so keluar pi carik makan...where else but Lau Pa Sat....

Only here ada stall "nasi padang" bertentangan dengan "Pig Organs" .

Ok je lah food....dah makan baru perasan ada sate..sate Babat tu apa? Lemak lembu??

If I was not a whiner about my poor feet lah my tummy lah etc, I think we would have jalan to the Quay. As it was, we went back to the hotel and ----- crashed out.

Tu lah...tapi takpa..lepak is also an activity cuti right


Monday, January 05, 2009

Minah Mereng di Singapura (part 2)

Hi am back again

Now in Burger King.

lamanye nak dapat online- rupanye kena register

have been to Spotlight---now carrying 22 metres of cloth with me. Aisay...

hubby will NOT be pleased

Now looking for suit.
macam kl takda suit

EH Singapore ni ramai tol orang ye....kat burger king ni, dah pukul 4 pun penuh

and budak2 sekolah ramai..

lama tak tengok budak's uniform yang nampak peha


Anyways...have been sitting here for the last hour, on the net.

I am a man, i know. I'm missing the vital shopping gene.

Ok lah wll haul myself off this comfy chair, will fight this urge to return to hotel and sleep, and will get off to do some MORE window shopping. got my wedgies shoes .

Asked my dad what he wants. He said:Kau jangan buang duit lah girl tapi baju babah size M" you loads, dad.

Client calling...oi, aku bayar roaming lah!!!

Anyways hubby just sms- he is DONE and is going back to the hotel. Where shall he meet me?

Are you kidding? here lah....!


Minah Mereng di Singapura (part 1)

At about 10.50 , caught the bus to town.Had a long chat with the bellboy(?) En zul before that. Mana nak makan etc . Ok ok... I would talk to the houseplant if it'd talk to me. Anyways found out that there are melayu places to eat. And that he just came back from KL and he thought KL sekarang ok lah- dah modern, macam Singapore. Laaa selama ni I rasa kesian kat Melayu singapura rupanye diaorang look down kat kita ke?? Tulah, tak perasan he he. Eh - I lowyer tau. Penting tau. Heheheh.

Anyways then took the bus, dropped me off Orchard Imperial bustop(?) Kat mana ni? Which shop to go too? Ada centrepoint, should I go in now, or keep on walking? Passed a peranakan place. ada coffee connoisseur.Is it too early to sit down? called Irms, my friend, WHERE am I. to walk or to shop now? You are at the boring point of Orchard Road, she said. There's this fabric shop you might like (I LIKE!!) and its called S something, its Australian. Later she said it's SPOTLIGHT. Oh my gawd . My haunt in Adelaide. berapa banyak kain dah dibeli kat sana. She thought it might be in Orchard Point?Orchard plaza?

Went in Orchard Plaza. very seedy full of tailors. I asked one man, mana Spotlight? he said Plaza Singapura. Kept on walking. cars here very shiny and new. Is it against the law to drive buruk cars here? Also no motorcycle so far.

kept on walking. blardie laptop feeling very blardie heavy in the lv bag. Held the bottom of the bag takut robak karang sebab dalam ada (a) camera (b) berus (c) wallet (d) laptop (e) wayar laptop (f) surat kabar (g) notepad and paper. Malu lah kan??? Sekarang sudah panas.No more shops, have walked past them. And where was I, now passing some green park. How come Singapore gets to be green. And I think there must be a law against the trees looking unhealthy.

Panicked. Maybe sesat. hate to be alone. Actually love it, but wish I have a friend to bore. So, have started to talk aloud. People next to me turning. Agaknye pikir, minah gila mana ni.

Found another row of shops yay!! Plaza Singapura!!But wait!!! there is a coffee place. Now 12 something, justified to stop. Kaki dah sakit. Baru setengah jam jalan....camana ni??? Eh I sorang suka hati lah nak buat apa kan....Have to check email. Damn actually GOT an email about work. Ok ok- reply cepat cepat.

So now have downed Icedcoffee and ate hazelnut eclair....yummms! Dessert halalkan? Will finish blogging and buy fabric. Thank you VIsa for increasing my credit limit without me asking you to, JUST IN TIME even though I think credit cards are evillllllll!!!

Will update at the next coffee stop (ie in half an hour hehehe)


I am now in L*ink*Ho*tel. Just had breakfast and now pondering whether I should (a) explore the hotel or (b) go back to bed. Hubby has left for N*U*S for his training- main with his toy! Breakfast- we avoided anything fried, even though halal, somehow the fact that there was bacon (of the pork type) put us off ler.Call it conditioning. So had lots of croissant and bread and congee.

We arrived late last night, almost midnight. Flight was supposedly at 6, so we were fretting about leaving at 4 pm, dengan buku tak wrap lagi (laaaaaaaaaaaaaast minute best kan). But heard that hubby's colleague travelling with us pushed his flight to about 10 pm - didn't know you can do that, thought they had fixed programmes. So...kitorang pun moved our flights lah to 10. Took cab at just before maghrib with the world's coolest slow and steady.

Found out we were in business class. As I don't travel for work, business class flights don't generally come my way so I was very jakunnns... that was the first time!!! best giler and kalau I ada duit definitely (no, cancel, if orang nak bagi free) I will NOT choose economy again! ( kalau I ada duit Im not sure if I want to indulge in a flight ticket - er yeah on the other hand, i probably would)


Little stuff makes the difference- first, where I check in ada CARPET, hee hee. Then, we got to go in first into the plane. (Not that it mattered as I was too busy saying bye bye to the kids)

Then, they call me by my NAME. Also, there is so much legroom and space! I tak biasa lah, have to lean so far to get my handbag, kinda miss having it squished to my face as normal. He he. Then, they feed us proper food! Ciabatta and chicken. dah nak habis baru teringat- eh halal ke??? Apparently yes. Tulah, we take these stuff for granted. I even had FOOTREST.

It was really nice..sigh.. only thing was, just as I was getting settled, we ARRIVED! Hee hee...hmm wonder if there are any conferences in say...UK ke, or mana mana jauh ke...

Let hubby talk to colleague. Biarler kesian lak mamat tu as (a) I'm not supposed to follow anyway and (b) he has just lost his wife. You know some men macam tak comfortable kalau borak dengan girls? I get that vibe from him. Not that he was rude or anything, but I just get the vibe that he is "traditional" and would not appreciate me interrupting their conversation (so I pretended to sleep)

So here I am , this hotel is a "boutique hotel" -euphimism for small.and narrow. Rasa macam duduk apartment- very nice but SMALL. Facilities top class and Nice though. 2nd floor so when bukak tingkap nampak apek kat kopitiam - dia pun tengok kita he he. Not fullerton lah ok. Ada free broadband -great! Will catch the shuttle to Orchard Road a bit later. Have all day to myself. Will tote around the laptop incase some URGENT matters come in...probably not, sadly.Woit, send more work my way!

I miss the kids lah. Dahlia and Johan are especially very affected.I got an email from Dahlia in fact.I talked to them this morning. but JOhan didn't say much. Macam tahan nangis je..One thing good- Mom and Dad and Brother at home- thank you ye!

MESSAGE TO KIDS- call me when you get back. Have a bath straightaway , don't wait till maghrib baru nak mandi. Don't miss your prayers. .Do your homework. And go to sleep at 10 latest. OK????


Saturday, January 03, 2009


Unsettled is what I am feeling.

One more Day to School!!! So many more things to do and settle.

Nadine is going into Form 2 Sayutti. Sara is going to 6 Uthaimin. Sophia is 4 Zahrawi. Dahlia is in 3 Qayyim..and Johan is in 2 Idrisi.

I have no clue where each of the classes is! And I won't be around to check!

Unsettled also because wondering if everything is allready bought.

Schoolbooks have been bought. Brand new because of course no free or even handmedown books for Adni (I wish they'd start!)Is there a forum for Adniparents? Can we share? The only books I can handown though is Johan's though.

Bags- check. Firstly what happened to their bags last year? Makan ke? But, start school, daddy said buy new bags. Mummy thinks its a waste of money.Anyway - off we went and since the local OneStop shop is not good enough, we went to KLCC. My first bag was a checkered suitcase type bag - red and black checks. Sensible. Sturdy. Their bag has stars, girls, pink and silver swirls and letters like lulubelle hello planet etc. Also matching pencil cases which cost half as much as the actual bag.
I drew the line at matching tupperware.

Shoes- check. Went to Tesco and then kicked self for not going there earlier as
things are soo cheap! I think we spent 4 hours there and half of that was in the stationery section, Daddy lah dok pilih and pilih. Eh a pencil is a pencil lahkan what lah so pening to choose right. I memang sungguh TAK SUKA shopping, I hate shopping. With kids. In a crowded place. My ideal shopping malls are half empty and cool and full of cafes.

The shoes we got were black slip ons. One good thing about the school is they ask you to wear black shoes. Practical lah black ni. takyah nak polish. Drama sekejap kat Tesco- Dahlia nak kasut ada ribbon and bow and then merajuk bila mummy said NO. Nak gi sekolah ke nak gi party?

Socks- check, then uncheck. Dad bought them socks. Balik baru discovered that they had picked out MEN's socks. gaduh dengan sophia as I said NO WEARING DADDY's SOCKS and by the way daddy , you now have 10 pairs of new socks. Why lah did you let the girls choose their own socks while I was with Johan choosing his pants? Sophia upset because she liked the fact that the socks were long and comfortable. I am NOT having my daughters go to school with the heel of the socks hanging halfway on their calves ok. So socks still have to be bought. Black, long socks.Tights tak leh ke? Jarang, kata Nadine.Fussynyeeee who is going to check out your heels lah.

Also have replaced the fiddly buttons on their sleeves with poppers (what do you call them?) - they complain that its too fiddly when they have to take their wudhu.

Now have to wrap the books in plastic. Have yelled at them to put their names on the books. Also have to deal with how many books they have to bring on their first day.

Am very anxious also as not going to be around this Monday to see them go off. We'll be off to Singapore - hubby attending a Robotic Surgery Training workshop - apparently his hospital has bought a RM9 million robot to help the surgeons (and they pay the surgeons TOO??) and everyone has got to go for training. I am tagging along because its also our 15th Anniversary and he has no time to take me to an island paradise (there is always the 16th Anniversary)- we are staying 2 extra nights and coming back on Thursday .

Although we both are looking forward to our trip, we are both quite sad to leave the kiddoes. I had actually bought a ticket to fly on tuesday so at least I can see off the kiddoes but since that flight leaves in the early hours of the morning, hubby thinks its safer if I just go with him instead of take cabs at 4 am etc.

Plan now is to have my parents stay over. My brother is also back so that should be ok , he has promised to go see the kids get into their right class. Adni is like a rabbit warren. takda ke Pak Arab nak donate proper school land for them? Kena duduk dalam apartment like building, seriously fire hazard. Hope he doesn't mind,I have also asked DadofFourplusOne to keep an eye on Johan especially. He has 3 kids going in as well.

For today, diary is pretty full. Hubby is at the hospital (sigh ...I am SO looking forward to spending time with him when he is NOT preoccupied with patients or hospitals) . Anyway. once he is back, we plan to meet SIL and BIL family in Nilai Springs club for swimming /tennis. then petang got tahlil at Lin's house- her hubby left us one month ago due to lung cancer...I wonder how she is holding up.

Oh yeah, big thanks for MakB and Uncle M for dropping by last night and bringing food! Really enjoyed the sate, kueyteow and migoreng...

Ok...tata have a good weekend all. Sorry for babbling on and on and on and on.....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...