Thursday, January 29, 2009


My newest sister-in-law is in labour! Her waterbag broke. All the way in Cork,Ireland. She is 2 weeks early. Her husband , my brother, has gone home to sleep for awhile.

All the best, M*a*s!

The exact thing happened to me for Nadine- except it did not take me by surprise, as, ever impatient, by the 8th month I was allready anxious for baby to make its appearance and kept imagining that the braxton hicks pains were real labour and nagging hubby to please send me to hospital NOW. Hee hee. I don't remember water ever breaking lah, they had to break it. I never felt anything worse than discomfort until am about 8 cm dilated and then whammo pain but thank god only briefly, before the little tyke came out.

To go through it again at this age...I don't think so lah. I was yearning for a baby and went through days of "should we? Should we not?" and torturing hubby. Then God the Great settled the issue- I got THE Most godawful cramp due to food poisoning the other day, I now remember what labour pains felt like and probably got cured of the baby fever permanently. But I still love holding newborns! Any one need baby sitters?


Still on the subject of babies- CONGRATULATIONS TO NOR AND ANNE, my sister in law (hubby's sister) and my cousin in law (wife to hubby's cousin almost like a brother as he grew up with them).

Amazingly the 2 girls were delivered within 12 hours of each other and will celebrate their birthday the same day. One is Nur Irdina and one is Aina. Nice names.


Mother in law at my house now, waiting to go to Nor's house to look after her in confinement. She is now being looked after by her mother in law until Sunday. My MIL will go on Sunday I think she feels shy- is segan shy in english? Anyway it's been fun having her around, I think she likes our house. I think je lah. Although now she is all alone with the maid as we are doing work (yeah, work) here in the office.


Johan is with me now. He threw up in school so we had to take him home. And I thought he would be better off with me . His symptoms of fever etc disappeared instantly.



Ezza Aziz said...

Tahniah aunty SW...dapat dua anak sedara..pompuan pulak tu..lepas ni boleh shopping baju baby..banyak dan cantik cantik for girls ni....

Akak pun baru menjadi nenek sedara buat Atiqah niece baru jer bersalin..belum dapat pi tgk lagi ni...may be thid weekend laa

cakap pasal labour pain ni...aduhai...memang ler sakit..rasa nya tak mau beranak lagi...tapi tahun depan beranak lagi kan..sakit2 sambal belacan laa....

Take care ...suka sangat baca cerita you...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tahniah Kak Ezza tak sangka lah dah jadi nenek ye..tapi masih cun melecun lagiiiii

Tu lah kita kan superwoman hahahaha beranak is our specialty...tapi bila teringat sakit tu, baru seriau sikit

Kitchen Guardian said...

hmm, thanks for the generous offer, i know who to look for when this new stork arrive in July :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Ye lah very kedekut wit your kiddoes ...huhu...

Anonymous said...

saja sibuk nosy because i suka baca cerita2 you...your brother yg dah jadi father tu supposedlynya buat majlis kahwin last Dec kan??


Superwomanwannabe said... nice to see you here. Yes, that's theone! tak sempaaaat nak reception.

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