Monday, January 12, 2009

Bye Shah! and other ramblings that have no end....

What a hoo haa this morning. Semua orang bangun lambat- shetan sukkaaaaa if tido lepas subuh teruuuuuuuus bangun pukul 7. Mana ada orang pi skolah naik bas pukul 7.30? Nasib baik lah pakcik tu tak mengamuk...

We came home late last night...we all went to the airport to say sayonara to Shah. Bye bye....By the way he is a 26 year old electronical engineer and is very cute although slightly vertically challenged.. And is available immediately. Any one??

kesiannnnnn Shah. this time around dia balik my dad was going on and on about his career and also his love life or rather lack of love life.

For his career, dad thinks he should be attached to a university. Take his Masters and then go for PHD and then baru orang tangok lah.. Got value. From my brother's expression you can tell the idea of lecturing did not appeal to him. He was getting stressed having to listen to dad whose idea of suggestion is basically - you have to agree to what I tell you lah.

Another thing was his lack of love life. Just because he is 26 dad...that is pretty young nowadays you know. Of course hubby was 26 when he married me but then he had the absolute fortune to have met me earlier hahahahahaha ..Shah said the girls in Japan takda yang menarik and did not catch his eye ..I think pretty much he is shy..tu je... Ada ke yang comelote for him?

Dad siap tengok calon menantu kat masjid,tau... pi kuliah subuh ke pi usha menantu ni , babah? Hehehe...I think my dad needs a joblah. He is so perfect as pakar motivasi or someone who lectures kids. I think I will look around.

So today terbabas...dengan Sophia upset that we did not buy her sugar paper and manila cardboard. I told her pi lah beli kat kedai buku! takda jual. Cikgu ni pun why lah make the kids do projects with stuff you can't buy from the school? So what we did was this morning we had to stop at several kedai mamak looking for the manila cardboard and sugar paper. mana ada sugar Hubby kena tunda clinic session dia, nak pi carik anak dara ni punya sugar paper. Punyelah. nak marah siapa, kita gak yang tak pi beli.

This weekend was a "what shall we do this weekend ?ho hum eh? dah habis pun weekend?" kind of weekend. We had to wait for hubby to finish seing his patients...both days dia tak da sampai lah petang...ish this sucks kan. I still can't get used to waking up not knowing where the heck my husband is. he tells me it's because I can't wake up in the morning.

My whole family came over for dinner on Saturday night- satay and lauk harihari, and we sang Happy Birthday to my brother Saiful- 37 dah..Then yesterday my husband's brother and family came over pulak. eh my sister in law has a "gallery" nama dia "jewels garland" - betulke zu? check it out at her blog -

eh I am in danger of falling asleep at the boringness of this post...Please tell me your weekend was more interesting...!!


shah said...

alo along.have arrived in my room.sigh.sejuk aa sini

ahaha.dont worry bout the gf thing.ape la nak susah2.lagipon how babah knows i never had one.hahaha.mana bley citer semua bende.

am more worried about keje.

Kitchen Guardian said...

shila...and shah,

belum jodoh, nanti ila dah tiba mas, kita sama sama boleh tolong buat bunga telor utk you shah!


tell me about the kids at school, i pi taklimat pmr khadijah, think i took more notes than she did, and worrying too. this saturday is yusof's briefing for upsr pulak, how? and last friday ib came back and said "mom dont forget to get pictures of living and non-living things"....and umar reminded me "teacher suruh you to baca this doa wt me"...khadijah suruh print in colour her seni folio, and the list goes on and on...

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