Happy Anniversary Dear!!!


Happy Anniversary to me! 15 years and going strong.... I am sooo lucky (don't vomit) to be married to you, honey, so thank you for marrying me. As my dad said, i was very clever when i chose you - yah, you are my retirement plan hahhahahahaha...

no free internet yesterday so cannot blog.

Now at Botanical gardens with hubby, having our brunch . Me blogging and he's reading the Time Magazine. Soooo romantic, happy anniversary to you too dear heheheh.


[new hotel room-yay!]

Well, yesterday was a better shopping day as in, I didn't die halfway. I checked out of Linkhotel in the midst of like 2 busloads of frenchtourists and then went off to Grandcopthornewaterfronthotel. Dumped my (suddenly 3 when I came with 2) bags at the hotel and then off I went to OrchardRoad - the other direction was wonderful! Stopped first at this chinese named stall selling fish balls and ayam goreng and it says its halal so I makanler sorang sorang tepi stall tu...(one pigeon teman I, but I suspect it was the chicken and mushroom ball that he's going for)

[me at paragon]

Then went to Paragon..alamak Big mistake. I have stopped converting in my mind so was going "ooh not bad the harga!" so much choice lah, unfortunately (or for my wallet, fortunately) I was too FAT for the things I liked. They make clothes for midgets or anorexic ppl, obviously. Jacket yang fit, had too long sleeves. I did manage to go into all the shops like Marks & Sparks, BananaRepublic, Metro, LaSenza - it was my anniversary after all. Got FOUR lingerie for the price of 2 (hubby nowhere to be seen at this point)

After trying on those lingerie, (which is in itself amazing because I hate to try things on) - I have come to these conclusions:

1- I need an immediate boob job. Our friends have gone south. Way way south.

2. Sexy does NOT equal practicality and if you can actually sleep in the lingerie then it would have defeated its purpose. hahahahahahah (ooopps).

3. I also need liposuction


Then went to Cova to sit down and have tea. Really posh looking cafe and I opted out for imperial tea set only to find out that the sandwich would include like-ham and beef so I went for the pastry set instead (and forced myself not to be thinking about what kind of pastry!!!!!) Is it SOO hard to make everything halal here...????

Posing at Cova

Anyways Bakerzin I did not try because there were loads of pork stuff there and I want to assure you that I am that same person who lived in the UK for more than a decade and I do not know why I cannot suddenly eat food at a restaurant which menu include ham bacon pork etc. When I could in the Uk. I guess because now I know better or else I know that here there is a choice.

Hubby joined me with the robotic rep, and we belanja her coffee . And then we went to Lucky plaza for Ayam penyet and hubby makan dinner like no one's businss- nasi sampai 2 pinggan, lauk daging 2 jenis, dendeng and rendang, sayur pucuk ubi masak, lemak, gulai ayam, soda bandung and air limau. Yuuuuummmm. Me, I makan, ayam penyet, nasi lembik and KICAP MANIS...my favourite..!

[after dinner]

Then we went off to takashi*ma*ya - memenuhi permintaan hubby . He wanted a pair of shoes for me, we went off to see BrunoMagli- ok lah if you don't mind paying SGD700 per pair. maybe I can go find this Bruno guy so he can make me a pair.

Then we went off to see shoes for men, found one that cost -SGD8888!!!! More than RM20k- makk datuk. it was a pair of churches. Ada ke orang nak beli????

Then we went back to the Grandcopthorne...was given a room on the 10th floor but then I forced myself to ask them if they can give us a "honeymoon" type of room, then they gave us the one on the 30th floor. Executive floor, man.. view fantastic .....macam ni lah hotel..at least got room to move. (However Link Hotel, kecik macamana pun dapat free paper and free wifi)

Pagi ni macam malu sebab I expected free breakfast rupanye only the room was upgraded...bf still kena bayor...For SGD29 per person, baik takyah. we are now at Botanical garden makan roti perata and mutton and crab mertabak, 2 cups of coffee and coke, and it is SGD10- OIIIII BILA NAK STOP BUDGETING NI AAAH BANG??? I think even if kaya raya pun my sense of value will still not change- would YOU pay SGD29 for buffet yang tak leh makan apa except for cereal toast and fruits??

[view from room]

Oklah now we have to start DOING stuff now. this technology thingy is soo distracting.

Byeee will update later. With pics once hubby finds the cable.


Dad of 4+1 said…
ey..y r u bloggng on ur weddng annvsry? happy 15th annvrsry 2 both of u!
OMG, you pun anniversary in january?mine wld be on 20th jan.my birthday 21st jan.this way, i dpt 2 pressies.hehe..we just got back from pangkor, then i said to him camna ni, sure takde budget la for our aniversary and my pressie kan?he said, tryla get booking for cameron and pangkor again, maybe kena bawak la the kids..hehe..then i read u r in singapore, hey!we can go there ..accomodation free coz bestfriend there, but then mahal kan?ish ish..how la..but must go somewhere la kan..hehe..may pegi jakarta (cheap air asia flight book last year)..eh..sorry la hogging ur space..
MrsNordin said…
Happy Anniversary!!! Having lunch at the Botanical Gardens? That's so romantic!
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! And it must have been Old Chang Kee you were talking about. Karipap dia sedap, you know!

fulltime mom
happy anniversary to you and jab...i agree wt you on the lingerie bit, now i got lah lace lace one...errr eheem eheem!
tireless mom said…
Dear SW

Happy Anniversary dear. More reason to shop cos you will remember this Anniversary forever. Dun worry about kurus, just enjoy.

In case you dunno, there is Indon restaurant kat basement food court at Paragon, the tahu telur and gado gado are nice. Tak silap at Lucky Plaza kat atas , third floor kot, ada Thai restaurant yg halal. Royal Plaza @ Scotts (depan Hyatt), think the name is Carousel punya buffet only SGD50, also halal and it is really out of this world. Value for money cos buffet and you can eat as much as you want. The lobster... yummy. Ada a few more halal restaurant at Orchard but cant remember the name. Otherwise, you can try New Victory mamak walking distance from Bugis and halal Chinese restaurant near Intercon also. fast food as long as ada certificate from Spore Moslems OK punya. A few jugak dah ada certs ni.
MRSHUSiN said…
To Kak Long & Epi...

alhamdulillah, dah 15 tahun dah... =)

so nice, celebrate @ Singapore lagi!
have fun you kiddoes! hehehe...
NUR said…
Happy Anniversary!
Ezza Aziz said…
happy anniversary to both of you.

And happy makan makan too
kay_leeda said…
Wahh...15 years and going very strong!!! Happy Anniversary to you guys :)

No need to diet lah, mai kita sama-sama bulat..(ehem...betul tak Kak Ezza??)
RSA- go go go go- just go anywhere - you need the downtime..sometimes we are too bz in our daily lives kan,

anyway happy anniversary in advance!
RSA- go go go go- just go anywhere - you need the downtime..sometimes we are too bz in our daily lives kan,

anyway happy anniversary in advance!
Mrs N- thank you! Yah, ravenous! (for food I mean hahaha)
Oh my gawd yah it was OLD CHANG whatsit- u know i sat there for a loooong time. tapi karipap je tak ku try- next time.!
Hi Kitchen guardian....heheheh really really?
TM- thanks for all the suggestions- I will definitely print out this list and then try each and everything out - next time with the kiddoes though!
MrsHusin- thanks Izan....it was fun..have to come again...
Noni- thanks v much-!
Kak Ezza- terimakasih- last last beli barang buat sandwich tau..makan sendiri kat hotel hahaha
Kayleeda! You are not bulat..yah but let's be happy with our size ..
thankfulme said…
Gambar kar Paragon tu macam cun sangat..ala ala model gitu...and you look slimmer. The gym is working for you eh?
hahahaha thankfulme-tu namanye posing habisan ....the gym ..er ...boleh lah but then it requires will power...which i dont have...so now fighting to remain at current weight...
amboi..so nice the photos..esp of you with the hanging lamps behind u..so cantik.and you look great in those hot white capri and matching sandals..very the hip!
then the picture u took in your earlier post, yg gambar u kecik cute miut tu, so funny..coet je gambar u..so funny.
then ur photo wiht ur sunnies on pandang belakang on the cafe chair, nampak like Datin.hahaha..
all n all, great photos..
LifeBloom said…
SW - loving the Elvee....cantik siot....!! Happy Anniversary - thats no mean feat - 15 years! Semoga kebahagiaan berpanjangan hendaknya..InsyaAllah.
RSA- tu lah baruu dapat letak gambar...biler lagi dapat posing habisan hehehehe....

I love the capris- over here ada jual ke? kat mana? sesuai untuk kita yang vertically challenged but anak I maybe marah lah sebab tak tutup aurat.
Hello Lifebloom apa kabar you....

terimakasih atas doa you moga mogadimakbulkan....
ada byk jual kat padini, seed or better still pegi jusco, ladies section, kadang2 dpt yg 70% disc...as cheap as RM29.if I tak pakai tudung, memang I'll go for capri too..so stylish and yet covered...(though not as covered as your children would like you to be..hehehe...)
MrsNordin said…
Very style lah you posing kat Paragon tu! You should wear more capris!
myheartbleeds said…
Hi SW -- agree with everybody, the capris look good on you... and lurvee the pout!! so vogue!! :-)

about anak2 marah tak tutup aurat -- read in one of your previous entries about your girls wearing hijab outside of school dah now, ye ke? My eldest whose going to be 10 wants to... I said ok... on your 10th b-day (in May). Yang 8 years old I said nanti dulu...(one of the reason sayanglah kat those dresses, t-shirts etc yg still boleh pakai setahun dua ni)
aida yurani said…
kaklong, noted the lasenza punya paperback. banyak ke borong? Hahahaha. Good to know you had a great time.
Hi RoyalShoppingarcade

Ye ke ada ? Ok will look for them.RM29 is soo cheap kalau nak banding kan dengan how much I paid for mine ler (SGD49)

Thanks very much- my eldest daughter is wearing it permanently and so is the second one, but the others tu tengok mood. takpa lah kecik lagi.
HI Aida- sampai 4 pasang...jangan marah...
Laaa Dadoffourplusoneplus

Sorry ler i tak perasan your comment...yalah...got to check those emails everyday...
Lan0stZz said…
Happy belated Anniversary Kak Shila & ChePi!!

U definitely know how to pose in the pic with lantern background, i like!! and gambar u ngan chePi cam tgh dating22 zaman bujang gitewww, sgt cute :)

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