Monday, January 05, 2009


I am now in L*ink*Ho*tel. Just had breakfast and now pondering whether I should (a) explore the hotel or (b) go back to bed. Hubby has left for N*U*S for his training- main with his toy! Breakfast- we avoided anything fried, even though halal, somehow the fact that there was bacon (of the pork type) put us off ler.Call it conditioning. So had lots of croissant and bread and congee.

We arrived late last night, almost midnight. Flight was supposedly at 6, so we were fretting about leaving at 4 pm, dengan buku tak wrap lagi (laaaaaaaaaaaaaast minute best kan). But heard that hubby's colleague travelling with us pushed his flight to about 10 pm - didn't know you can do that, thought they had fixed programmes. So...kitorang pun moved our flights lah to 10. Took cab at just before maghrib with the world's coolest slow and steady.

Found out we were in business class. As I don't travel for work, business class flights don't generally come my way so I was very jakunnns... that was the first time!!! best giler and kalau I ada duit definitely (no, cancel, if orang nak bagi free) I will NOT choose economy again! ( kalau I ada duit Im not sure if I want to indulge in a flight ticket - er yeah on the other hand, i probably would)


Little stuff makes the difference- first, where I check in ada CARPET, hee hee. Then, we got to go in first into the plane. (Not that it mattered as I was too busy saying bye bye to the kids)

Then, they call me by my NAME. Also, there is so much legroom and space! I tak biasa lah, have to lean so far to get my handbag, kinda miss having it squished to my face as normal. He he. Then, they feed us proper food! Ciabatta and chicken. dah nak habis baru teringat- eh halal ke??? Apparently yes. Tulah, we take these stuff for granted. I even had FOOTREST.

It was really nice..sigh.. only thing was, just as I was getting settled, we ARRIVED! Hee hee...hmm wonder if there are any conferences in say...UK ke, or mana mana jauh ke...

Let hubby talk to colleague. Biarler kesian lak mamat tu as (a) I'm not supposed to follow anyway and (b) he has just lost his wife. You know some men macam tak comfortable kalau borak dengan girls? I get that vibe from him. Not that he was rude or anything, but I just get the vibe that he is "traditional" and would not appreciate me interrupting their conversation (so I pretended to sleep)

So here I am , this hotel is a "boutique hotel" -euphimism for small.and narrow. Rasa macam duduk apartment- very nice but SMALL. Facilities top class and Nice though. 2nd floor so when bukak tingkap nampak apek kat kopitiam - dia pun tengok kita he he. Not fullerton lah ok. Ada free broadband -great! Will catch the shuttle to Orchard Road a bit later. Have all day to myself. Will tote around the laptop incase some URGENT matters come in...probably not, sadly.Woit, send more work my way!

I miss the kids lah. Dahlia and Johan are especially very affected.I got an email from Dahlia in fact.I talked to them this morning. but JOhan didn't say much. Macam tahan nangis je..One thing good- Mom and Dad and Brother at home- thank you ye!

MESSAGE TO KIDS- call me when you get back. Have a bath straightaway , don't wait till maghrib baru nak mandi. Don't miss your prayers. .Do your homework. And go to sleep at 10 latest. OK????



MrsNordin said...

I thought you were leaving today! Rupa2nya dah sampai...

Wah... bestnya! You have the whole day to yourself! Go lah window shopping.

I don't want to say much, but I hope you two will have a GREAT time over there! You deserve it, girl!


Superwomanwannabe said...

Sudah sampai...thanks for keeping me company via this blog...nak tido too excited..lama dah tak sorang sorang. best gak...

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