Sunday, January 18, 2009


I am supposed to be at A*dni today. Now , actually.

There is a briefing on Standard 6 UPSR. Also there are classclubs meetings/formation to take place for each level. I and hubby are supposed to go to the classes - class club is where parents take charge of what the kids do and how the class look and what the facilities are etc. Teachers do not get involved in classclub- ala ala pta lah but broken down to each level.

Anyway why am I stillhere ? Hubby has decided to help Sara with her homework. Hubby, to whom Maths is alah senang nye, cannot understand why his daughter cannot grasp certain concepts. Dad, if I yang kena sergah, 2x1 pun ada chance salah. Cepat lar....!!!

I am hovering to ensure that the tempers are under control and the tears are kept at a minimum.

I think we can't be too harsh on them as we don't actually look into their work every day. If they are weak, I take full responsibility. I should have forced hubby to help them more and I feel responsible for not doing that hahahahaha..kidding. Of course I should actually get the books out instead of just yelling at them etc.
Dahlah Singapore syllabus. They need help...!

(proof that children of excellent students do not necessarily become stars- although Dahlia and Nadine get concepts faster)

We are so going to be late.

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